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  1. Have a feeling that the first half might just be a speed bump for Rangers
  2. Haha auto correct spelling and alcohol clearly don't mix
  3. Inverness Caledonian whistle football club must be a but of a pain in the arise to fit into a song. Thistle* edit for spelling
  4. I can see a clear comparison. Yes Deilawon the league and continued our success on that front and Warbs doesn't look likely to win anything this season there is clear similarities. 1. Deila took a lot of flack for under-performing against teams in Europe that we were expected to do better against- similar to rangers in the SPFL; 1. they both stick almost religiously to a system and seem unable to change the shape of the team during a match when required; 3. Both appear to be a bit out of their depth at the size of club that they are at and struggle to cope or turn it around when the chips are down. The big difference is that deila still acted in a dignified manner and most people would say that he was a decent enough guy that was maybe just in a bit over his head. Warburton on the other hand seem oblivious to his own short coming and prone to lash out at anybody that challenges him. In other words he spits the dummy.
  5. I'm interested to see how big a crowd you take to Ibrox. Must fancy your chances of getting something out of the game there for the first time in a while.
  6. He tried a similar thing with Svietchenko against us. Don't think it will be long before he gets a rep for it and in this country + you get the same refs much more regularly than down south due to the size of the league so they will be watching out for it.
  7. From what I've seen of Rangers this season Waghorn looks out of his depth stepping up a level, Miller is still not bad but his age is catching up with him and Garner offers little other than being a red card waiting to happen. Mackay was the only one that looked like he might do something but i suspect once all the teams have played against him once they will figure out how to contain him better. Combined with their piss poor defensive line I suspect this kind of result or lots of 1-1 draws will be almost the norm for much of the season. If this lit finish above Hearts, Aberdeen or St Johnston I will be pretty surprised.
  8. Absolutely buzzing for Hibs. Fair play having their pitch invasion. FA cup final feels a bit flat now though
  9. Win the league and a cup, beat Newco in the matches against them and either champions league group stage or last 32 of Europa league. Play more than one up front at least most of the time in Scotland and forget to bring Efe ambrose back from pre season
  10. Its not going to get me running round the living room doing helicopters with my knob but realistically it was likely to be the best we were going to get I'm happy with this appointment. He is getting slagged off for not winning anything but if you look at the alternatives who has? He has had relative success managing at decent sized clubs at a high level. I would much rather take a punt on someone like that than another guy plucked from obscurity.
  11. Hibs fans leaving the stadium they are that comfortable according to the radio. a wee tenner on an equalizer seems a safe bet now
  12. It too early for that yet. Saving it up for Accies of Kilmarnock.
  13. At this point I don't see there really being a big rush to bring in a new manager. I'd give Delia until the end of the season and give the club time to find someone that will be a suitable replacement. David Moyes or Malky MacKay seem to be the obvious choices that are out of work at the moment, Steve Mclaren might also sneak onto that list but hopefully not however Id much rather take a punt on someone like Lars Lagerback or Christian Gross though. I just want a manager that has been around the block a bit on the European level and managed to get success out of teams with limited ability. The truth is that where Celtic are just now and due to the finances of football just now we are unlikely to be anything else for a long time to come.
  14. Love how half the crowd seems to made up of the Police
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