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  1. So come April I can tell Levein to GTF, and when he gets there to fck off a bit more then?
  2. Heights. I once took my daughters to the Ratho Climbing Centre for a go on the aerial obstacle course. It starts off with a zip slide and then you start walking across logs and the likes about 200 feet up. I managed the zip slide, got two or three steps on to the first log, looked down and that was that. I gingerly took a couple of steps back to solid ground and refused to go any further. Someone had to come and remove the harness from me and I made my way back to ground level. Meanwhile my daughters, age 11 and 8 completed the course and took great delight in my abject failure. Even now, 12 or 13 years later they take great pleasure in reminding me of this particular failure.
  3. When he did his summing up rather than tear a pretty flimsy prosecution case to tatters he rambled on about 12 Angry Men and Henry Fonda. And what was with the script that he carried his laptop over to the stand when he went to question a witness. Him getting telt by the English Teacher was superb.
  4. I have just become a Grandfather for the second time.
  5. Sorry for being pedantic but the nights are actually getting shorter. It happens every year about this time.
  6. I was at Tynecastle last night and someone was waving a huge yellow and white vertical striped flag with "The Popes XI" written on it. The missing apostrophe annoyed me much more than it should.
  7. The sun setting over the Pacific Ocean in Mexico. No fancy camera, just a Samsung Galaxy phone.
  8. Una Stubbs only has sex in the missionary position and does not indulge in any sexual deviant acts.
  9. Station to Station but probably 10 minutes late. David Bowie
  10. Station to Station but probably 10 minutes late. David Bowie
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