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  1. Hearts will get pumped on Sunday, absolutely rogered by Aberdeen on Wednesday and Levein will still be in charge when we go and play St. Mirren next. I am sure Levein did say that we would be challenging for the League, he just didn't say which League.
  2. This is Ziggy the Cat doing his impersonation of a poisonous, vile, scheming prck.
  3. Hearts will shitfest themselves to a 1-0 win the goal coming from a shot that is deflected three or four times and dribbles into the net. Craig Levein to proclaim afterwards that all is well, Hearts are moving forward and that this is the start of the good times.
  4. We are getting the train from Waverley right to the Airport which going there is part of the holiday experience. The train back after an eleven hour flight is a bit of a pain though.
  5. I am off to Puerto Vallerta on the Mexican Pacific Coast in the first two weeks of November. 30 degrees, little chance of rain and probably cheaper than Turkey. The only hassle is having to get to and from Manchester Airport.
  6. My Mum has just moved into a Nursing home and I am sorting out all the paperwork that is needed. I received a letter from The Prudential asking me to complete a form to say that she was no longer at her home address. Someone at the Prudential obviously does not like working for the Prudential.
  7. It's a hard life being a Cat.
  8. Today's Cnut on the train is having as loud a conversation he possibly can, waving his phone about to emphasise whatever shitey point he is trying to make whilst walking about the train just to ensure that he pissses of the maximum number of people. Even with earphones in I can still here every word the Cockwomble is saying. A swift boot to the pie may be administered shortly.
  9. 'Mon, squeeze that fart oot.
  10. Lukaku and Burke could swap sides and Scotland would get the worst of the deal.
  11. Has he not chosen to play for England rather than Scotland?
  12. If travelling by train from Edinburgh you go through to Glasgow and vice versa.
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