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  1. Is Jack one of Hearn's? That's fucking shocking if he is.
  2. Football is fucking brilliant at that! So many times teams that look like they'll have a good season turn to shit, and teams that can't buy a goal suddenly go on a run. I love that we've got a clear strategy at the club again. A young manager, some young players with sell-on value being signed up on long term deals (in comparison to previously), and a lot going on off the pitch. We'll no doubt go on a losing streak soon but I'm going to enjoy this while it lasts! We've made good appointments, let's stick with them.
  3. No sign of another forward signing yet? f**k sake, this is taking a while.
  4. It's fucking unbelievable. Absolutely no sense of decency or intelligence, just rage-filled neediness.
  5. Bryden should not be a regular starter, and I think bullen knows that. When he came on against annan he turned the game, and that's how he should be used. But until we get someone in the options to partner dipo from the start are limited.
  6. It's not just about having a moan, though. Absolutely slating the manager and players is a lazy approach, and adds nothing. No-one was happy with our league cup results or the fact that our squad is clearly still short. But bullen and co are doing their best to address that - and the players are clearly giving their all. Players like McKenzie get absolutely slaughtered - and I'm so chuffed he helped turn the game. He's limited, but always gives his all, and has came through the ranks. A wee bit of perspective is all that's needed.
  7. Folk just love to overreact. We're not a good team, obviously. We need a couple of players in, obviously. But keep the fucking heid and support the team. Bryden, McKenzie, O'Connor etc are not regular match winners but they can play and they're clearly giving their all. They'll have shite games and we'll lose plenty this season. But constant bitching and moaning brings nothing positive to the table. That result has put a smile on my face and it will continue to do so all weekend. That's what football is about. Come on Ayr!
  8. Was he on the pitch when he threw it? That's even worse than the usual shit attempt at an over the head throw.
  9. Have a word. I've lived here for 15 years and love the city, but my freezer always has west coast rolls. There are a few shops sell them here but they're like gold dust.
  10. I've got 2 tickets for Billy Bragg tonight at the band-stand in Kelvingrove (Glasgow) if anyone can make it (free to a good home)? I'm too ill to go.
  11. Sunak is destroying her in this debate. As others have mentioned, I'm not sure the Tory members will see it that way - but this is the mauling that was anticipated. It's strange having been so used to leaders like Johnston, Trump and Biden, to hear someone who actually sounds like he's on top of the detail. Truss is just floundering with soundbites.
  12. The good thing is that the expectations for this team are rock-bottom - and as anyone who's watched this glorious game for any amount of time will tell you, it often has the ability to throw up surprises. There's nothing worse than buzzing for the start of the season with heightened expectations that turn to shit once the real action gets going. Maybe this lot (with a couple of additions) will surprise us.
  13. I don't see anyone saying we played well today. The most positive reports were from Duffy and Foster for Sportsound. I think they were looking at it from the POV that we were away against a side in the top division and we were the better team in the 2nd half. I don't necessarily think that's unfair, as we probably shaded it. It was a poor game, though.
  14. Also - what's the pronounciation of Dipo? Dipo or Deepo? I heard a fan shouting Dipo all day and that sounded cringey as f**k. I'm in the Deepo camp until shown clear evidence to the contrary.
  15. Griffiths is never the right decision for our club. Bullen is trying to build a young team who work and learn together. Whether he manages it or not - I'd rather that than try and sign fannies like Griffiths.
  16. I thought we were OK today - very similar to Tuesday. First half - they were the better team, and generally controlled the ball. We looked comfortable at the back and knocked it about but really struggled to get anything in behind. One big chance came when Houston bundled his way through and Ashford somehow missed when it was easier to score (think he hit the keeper with his snap shot). Saints should've had a second a few minutes later with a great ball in from the right. Second half - we were slightly better and they offered very little. We still struggled to create chances other than a few openings that led to corners. The big chance came late on and again fell to Ashford, and instead of passing for the easy finish he blazed over. The defence looked pretty good today. Musonda is very impressive, and could even be one of our most creative players as he breaks from the back. Young Finn was caught defensively a few times in the first half but came on to a game and linked well with Mitchell-Lawson in the second half. Houston had a decent first half and seemed to be more negative in the second half - always choosing to turn back. He gets a rough time from folk though, and I thought he defended better than Eccrepont today. Midfield looked tidy, although Smith often looks back to keep possession rather than looking forward. O'Connor offers very little for me. Flashes and that's it - won a few corners today. It's like he's a poor man's Declan McDaid in terms of end product (and he wasn't exactly great at delivering the goods). JML looked tidy enough but didn't really create much. Ashford was anonymous in the first half and although he put himself about a bit more - somehow worse in the second. The two misses weren't great, and he didn't seem to offer anything (I might be being harsh but he was our worst player I felt). Dipo held the ball up pretty well but was feeding off scraps. He can clearly play but by god he does he need a goal. Not sure he's getting in to the best of positions but we don't deliver much in to the box. For me, the biggest issue is how we break-through teams and create chances. O'Connor, JML and Dipo are not really delivering on perceived potential. I'm not entirely sure what Ashford offers at all as a striker.
  17. Let him go but create a wee secret code between you and him to get it up them in their own patch. Tell him to secretly give pitch the middle finger / stick his tongue out / w****r sign (delete the inappropriate). Promise him a quid for every goal they concede. There's loads of wee secret codes you can create to show the world that you and him are Ayr fans forever - but that he can still go and see other games.
  18. That was Lisa Faulkner's character, and she was/is absolutely stunning. I watched that as a student with my pal (mainly just for Lisa) and we were fucking horrified. The scene comes from out the blue. Her head gets dipped in the fryer a few seconds later.
  19. Did anyone else see Maryland on BBC 2 earlier? I caught the last 5 minutes and it was fucking amazing. It was a kind of performed poem about domestic abuse (which doesn't sound particularly special but f**k me it was powerful).
  20. That's crossed the line to bring a lazy b*****d, though. You never want to cross that line.
  21. I disagree about the goal but there's a lack of bite on some of our play. We showed it in glimpses in the second half after the subs, but seemed far too lax when we got the lead. A manager needs to have that level of determination and I'm not sure bullen instills that in our players.
  22. Sums up the start to the season and the mood around the team at the moment. Fucking awful. Really fucking awful.
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