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  1. f**k. First man down. 33-1. No collapse please. Keep the heid, now.
  2. It's something to do with how many fielders you can have outside the circle (i.e. in close to the wickets). It encourages the batters to hit boundaries as there are fewer fielders out there to save runs. But it can lead to more wickets as well as more fielders are in catching positions. Tl:dr powerplays keep it more exciting.
  3. A much better definition. I somehow forgot about bowled, stumped and lbw.
  4. This. Come on Scotland. Steady start so far. Keep wickets in hand, but keep it ticking over at no less than 5 an over.
  5. A ball bowled where you can't be out caught. You can still be run out but you can try and belt it as hard or as high as you want without the normal consequences.
  6. It was a shite ball so there should be no complaints. Apart from a few fielding issues, this has been a very impressive innings so far.
  7. Seriously? That's fucking shit. I presumed it was a tv game. I'm back at work on Monday and now that I have to commute there's no fucking way I can make a midweek game. I hope the radio have full coverage.
  8. 13 off that over, which is a bit of a shocker. A wicket would be lovely. What's a comfortable chase for Scotland? 140?
  9. What's the deal with moff this season? Has he started any of our games? The team is screaming out for a playmaker of some description and moffat certainly is that. I know the legs have pretty much gone but surely we've got enough piano-carriers to find a space for him? He can't be any less effective than afolabi.
  10. Gutted i won't be making this game. A derby under the lights is something to behold.
  11. Really? I thought he had quite a poor game on Saturday. Yes he took his goal well but I didn't see much from him other than that to get me excited. He certainly wasn't alone in that regard. This team is screaming out for a playmaker. Afolabi is utterly gash and Salkeld just runs about a lot. We've got a very decent striker but not much to feed him with.
  12. Are we honestly saying that it's incompetence and not corruption that's led to that decision? I'm not having that. The boy accepted the decision fairly well, and that told me that he knew he wasn't going to win tonight. He was collecting his money and being a good boy.
  13. So has Hearn bought this fight for Hatton then? Who's making that happen? (I know it's the ref's decision but who's really called the shot?) I saw a tweet which had the In-Play betting as 16-1 for Hatton's opponent during the 5th round of the fight. I'd have lost a small fortune if I'd seen that - but the bookies obviously knew what was going to happen.
  14. Apologies folks as I've been off the grid for a couple of months guys but has Duffy ruled himself out of the permanent job? Or are folk just generally against him getting it long-term?
  15. The P&B app is no more and hasn't been available for ages now, you can access it through the Tapatalk app. Cheers. Is that pretty easy to use?
  16. That's what I though too. I reckon if Hatton had shook his head and raised the other guy's hand he'd have become a real fan's hero - showing some honesty rather than going along with that charade. I've only got into boxing in the last couple of years and I've never seen anything like that. I don't want to fund nonsense like that.
  17. Folks I've changed my phone but can't seem to find the P&B app to buy in the play store. Am I missing something? And if I can't get the app is there anyone who accesses the main site from their phone? Is that an easy thing to do (right now I'm using my laptop)? I know these will seem like stupid questions but with my old phone the app was perfect and really easy for me to use.
  18. First game back for me this. Can't fucking wait. My wee boy is going in the away end with his gran, and I'm returning to the home end. Obviously we'll get pumped, but still, it'll be good to be back.
  19. I don't think 5 or 6 seasons would change it. And mccall was obsessed by attendance because that's a pretty big factor in determining his budgets. What accies have done, year after year, is nothing short of miraculous. They're very much the exception.
  20. Mccall took us as far as anyone can in this day and age. He had us playing great football and challenging at the top of the championship and yet we struggled to get much more than 2000 at home games. That says it all. I hate to admit it but if dunfermline, partick, or even fucking morton are playing well and being successful then more fans turn up. The town and it's surroundings has too many c***s that prefer rangers. It's depressing but it's true. Now we've got a much more limited manager and he's assembled a pretty bang average squad. At the moment the team are playing ugly football and not getting results. This can't last long. If he can somehow get some results then enough fans will overlook the style and give him time but the turnaround needs to come soon. I'm thoroughly depressed right now, and that's without watching the highlights.
  21. That was an excellent afternoon's cricket right there.
  22. I'd give anything for a manager of the calibre of the Campbell brothers at the moment. They know the game well and generally get the best out of what they've got.
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