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  1. What's the best snooker club in Dundee? We went to a new one last night and it was really good. Can't remember the name of it but just wondering what the top club is in terms of quality.
  2. At this stage slipping out of the playoffs is not the worry - it's slipping ever closer to them.
  3. This is sarcasm, right? Yeah, it is. It has to be. (Trying too avoid being whooshed)
  4. Holy f**k. I'm starting to genuinely worry. We've done our usual - but can Kerr get is out of it? Pressure has to be coming on now.
  5. Are you just a Tory mouthpiece now or do you actually think critically about stuff. You might not have noticed but the NHS already has an increasing private element. I felt on iv feeding deliveries and it's all private companies. And what about the 4 year old on a corridor floor? Are you going to say that was staged, or think stop and think. The attempted cover up is a fucking disgrace.
  6. What's the score here? Was there a 5pm inspection?
  7. Do you favour grammar schools then, and maximum paternal choice? We've definitely for some big issues in Scottish education but I can't for the life of me see how widening the gap between the richest and poorest in society will help.
  8. Holy shit man, I feel for you. It sounds like you're doing everything right, and that he would be better off (not financially) with you and your wife. Like kincy said though, a lot depends on the reaction of his mum. That's going to be the crucial factor in whether this is a smooth process or not. Keep us updated though, and just remember that kids are bloody resilient wee b*****ds.
  9. I thought I did that but I'll need to try again. Cheers.
  10. f**k, what did I miss. Actually, never mind. I don't want to be in this thread any more than required. Off for a wee gander at rangers media though.
  11. Folk (I) want the old stuff. I thought this would be closer to it than it is, and they were just marketing it differently to save face.
  12. This is high quality stuff. Maguire basically needing to clear up to win frames. But he's rising to that challenge.
  13. That's just daft. Yes Celtic showed a lot of grit but rangers did everything but score. They had a huge will to win and I've got no idea what football knowledge is even supposed to mean. Ultimately it just so happened that all the big chances fell to the one guy, who despite playing very well, didn't get the job done. It took a huge performance from the keeper as well - but Morelos just had one of those days.
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