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  1. First game back for me this. Can't fucking wait. My wee boy is going in the away end with his gran, and I'm returning to the home end. Obviously we'll get pumped, but still, it'll be good to be back.
  2. I don't think 5 or 6 seasons would change it. And mccall was obsessed by attendance because that's a pretty big factor in determining his budgets. What accies have done, year after year, is nothing short of miraculous. They're very much the exception.
  3. Mccall took us as far as anyone can in this day and age. He had us playing great football and challenging at the top of the championship and yet we struggled to get much more than 2000 at home games. That says it all. I hate to admit it but if dunfermline, partick, or even fucking morton are playing well and being successful then more fans turn up. The town and it's surroundings has too many c***s that prefer rangers. It's depressing but it's true. Now we've got a much more limited manager and he's assembled a pretty bang average squad. At the moment the team are playing ugly football and not getting results. This can't last long. If he can somehow get some results then enough fans will overlook the style and give him time but the turnaround needs to come soon. I'm thoroughly depressed right now, and that's without watching the highlights.
  4. That was an excellent afternoon's cricket right there.
  5. I'd give anything for a manager of the calibre of the Campbell brothers at the moment. They know the game well and generally get the best out of what they've got.
  6. United looking good so far, and certainly stifling rangers. Mulgrew is organising the back 4 well, and fuchs and harkes have been excellent in the middle. Need chalmers on the ball more though, and if clarke can do something that would be great.
  7. So far so good. England lead by 24 at lunch, and sibley and root still there. Root is due a century, and sibley needs to just hang in there.
  8. I wad genuinely raging that I'd lost the best part of 3 hours of my life to it. Walken is tremendous, and a few scenes have become iconic - but f**k me it's a shite film.
  9. All on sibley and root now. If they can get a 60-70 lead then england will have a chance, as the middle and lower order will slog a few. A lead of 200-240 would lead to an interesting finale in this match. But can root continue his solid form, and can sibley save his test career? If they both get half centuries then the game will be on.
  10. So only for home fans? That's pretty crap.
  11. I think it's only 'most young folk' that don't carry cash.
  12. I watched this a few years ago and was massively disappointed. I'm obviously not cultured enough to appreciate the hour-long wedding scene at the start of the film.
  13. A very generous voucher - so yes. Women colleagues tend to be much more generous than men.
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