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  1. We fair enjoyed that, although it cost me £23 - £12 of which went to my daughter's piggy bank for coming 2nd.
  2. Have those at the top taken a pay cut to try and cover the club costs without going with a begging bowl to the government? Celtic pay huge wages in comparison with other clubs in Scotland, and have considerably more financial clout. They should not be close to needing a bailout.
  3. https://www.football365.com/news/feature-premier-league-player-wage-cut-matt-hancock Fantastic article and pretty much spot on.
  4. There's very few respected professionals of any political allegiance suggesting anything else, other than more severe restrictions - the exact opposite to what your sources are suggesting. If you could find respected sources of information then folk would take them more seriously. But the main criticisms of our government's response is to go in the opposite fucking direction to you.
  5. That's a bold prediction. The rate of increase has been really fucking steep recently.
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/apr/03/mask-wars-coronavirus-outbidding-demand?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_WhatsApp Don't know if this has been posted before. Some staggering parts to this story. It's the wild west.
  7. They should as well, and I'm sure they are, just not on this thread. I know Branson and virgin were getting grief, and that pressure should be continued. But I'm slightly concerned that your first response to this was one of whataboutery.
  8. Cheers chief. I've had a decent couple of days since the scary Wednesday night. Football manager allows me to pass hours without thinking about food or drink. It's when i try and help out with the kids or with the housework that it's so hard to resist. I'm only sipping water right now - everything else is off limits and that's insane, and be far the worst I've ever had it.
  9. I was quite impressed with him, actually. Seemed to be both genuine, and on top of the detail. He's unbelievable bad. It's a fucking disgrace that c**t has so much influence right now.
  10. I'm not the pt so can't be arsed with this. I would otherwise though.
  11. Loads of kids perform at their best in the final exam, when it actually matters. They're being robbed of that if they stick close to prelim evidence (I'm basing my increased estimate on evidence that they're sending me, or did in the last week before closure). It would be very harsh on a lot of kids.
  12. We usually underestimate because prelims are tough and results are usually better.
  13. Yeah it's been discussed on the main corona thread. It's morally corrupt - and also such a huge embarrassment in terms of pr. Absolutely shocking.
  14. Has that been announced? That's strange. Surely they should've marked what they had to add it to the estimates?
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