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  1. And this becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Both my kids love football strips and so searching ebay for cheap ones has become a hobby. But it means i end up getting them a psg neymar strip, or juve Ronaldo strip - just because they're the ones that are £15 all in.
  2. They might not be the best people to take the movement over the line but dismissing their entire contribution is absolutely ridiculous. Internet culture seems very keen to write people off entirely, if they dare to veer off the 'right on' path (or had something in their past that doesn't fit with the current narrative). Salmond, macaskill, and sillars are still legitimate voices in the movement. I'm glad they're no longer leading it - but quite often when you're out of the top jobs you have a freedom that allows some important truths.
  3. Aye, that's the one. I'm not sure what your point is. I don't agree with everything he says or everything he's done but Margo and him did a huge amount to bring the movement to the point where it is now.
  4. Dundee certainly did this, and no schools were allowed to submit unrealistic grades. My issue is that our higher results have been stung because they've obviously decided across the board cuts - which is horribly unfair on the individual kids who never got the chance to perform (or over-perform) this year. The overall grades might be a reasonably balanced prediction across the country, but plenty of individuals are going to have been shafted here.
  5. You've just written off some of the folk who've carried the movement to the place it is now. Disagree and argue with their views, but we're close to independence because of folk like salmond, sillars, and macaskill.
  6. This should be in the unpopular opinions thread. Definitely not the calling card of a moron.
  7. Pretty much this for me, too. I budget for a tenner a week, and any winnings are a bonus.
  8. Who's the very softly-spoken (not sure if I'm allowed to use word camp when describing voices) commentator on eurosport?
  9. Shit we've got two nights in a lot cabin in Stonehaven starting tomorrow. Fingers crossed it doesn't happen, or that it only includes Aberdeen itself (he says, clutching at straws).
  10. Quite glad to see this. Don't mind murphy too much, despite his god-bothering early doors, but the tournament needed a shock.
  11. That sounds like an amazing first half session
  12. Just seen a guy in his 40s finish a cup of coffee and throws the cup down on the street. I haven't seen that kind of manky behaviour for years. It wouldn't have surprised me when i was younger but it did there.
  13. Silent all the way through? Aye there are a couple of irritating shouts but the atmosphere just now is cold and it feels very empty. I'm still glad it's on, obviously, but like the football and cricket - it's definitely lacking something.
  14. I understood your statement (but thanks for the condescending attitude) - i was looking for some reasoning. Atmosphere in sporting events adds loads to an occasion, and i genuinely can't think of a single benefit from having no-one there. The tension last night would've been ramped up a few notches.
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