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  1. Watching newswatch is quite interesting. The vast majority of their most recent complaints are from people who think they're too critical of the government. A lot of folk (particularly in England) want the bbc to back the government during this pandemic, with much less dissention from the likes of burnham or starmer (not that the latter is doing much opposing). It never fails to amaze me just how small c conservative much of England is.
  2. They could've made the added crowd noise more accurate by having celtic fans boo the minute's silence.
  3. Definitely lacks something when the 2 duncans aren't on. Still the best football show on tv though.
  4. I don't like this feeling... ICT on the coupon - and hoping it bursts it.
  5. He's just a trolling c**t. But i wish it would top him into supporting independence - as that pressure would build and johnson would be more likely to make the process smooth.
  6. There's no doubt the way things have played out have helped him. Corbyn completely gazumped him when he was running for the leadership position, as he was probably favourite for the centre left support in that race. Since then, he's taken up a very good post, as he'll get a lot of local support, and things like this crisis give him the opportunity to look like a leader on the national stage. Add in the horribly robotic centre right starmer and it's came together nicely. He'll be in a great position to pick up if starmer fails. Playing the long game well.
  7. Are they any further forward in working out who the super spreaders are? They thought it was genetic in some way - but some c***s spread this like buggery.
  8. He wants a tough lockdown - but only if those at the bottom of society are looked after in terms of government support. That's not the ridiculous position you paint it as. If you're not providing support for the poorest, then let them keep going to try and keep their jobs and pay the bills.
  9. It's high up on virgin media - the 8th channel essentially (108).
  10. He's not judging it on one or two scenes you old fanny. He's watched it from the beginning, and that was the scene (which wasn't early on in the series) he's finally came to his judgment.
  11. I think burnham has looked like genuine opposition, and i wish he was leading the labour party instead of starmer.
  12. The opening scene of the show was excellent, as was their handling of the gabby giffords shooting. Fully agree that the bin laden stuff went too far. But it had some good bits overall.
  13. Is that because they're explain the juxtaposition? I'm playing devil's advocate here but i think they're giving the British government it's place at the top of the tree - and then pointing our the regional differences (as opposed to showing pro tory bias) .
  14. He regularly comes across like this. The way he responded to the Hillsborough enquiry calls was very impressive back in the day.
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