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  1. European Election - 23rd May 2019

    f**k the polls. A green vote at this time will do the job, as more people see climate change as a factor than Scottish independence (for the European parliament I mean). Definitely green for me, and anyone I can persuade to vote today.
  2. European Elections voting thread.

    Greens by the way, they've stolen the good guys mantel in Scotland.
  3. European Elections voting thread.

    Where? Strathmartine church, Dundee When? Post tea time Transport? Reluctantly walk (by the time I put my seat belt on I would be starting to park). Make n model? Reebok classics, as always. Scent? The heavy scent of a hard day's graft on an inservice day. Attire? Cazhhhh. Drink? Good cup of tea and a French fancy (Aldi version, but they're pretty good).
  4. Twitter

    I know. I think he was being clever in the words he chose but that's what I figured. That's outrageous levels of cuntery right there. What is it with TV chefs? I was gutted when the Yorkshire guy that did Saturday kitchen came out as a giant Tory a few years back.
  5. Twitter

    That doesn't sound good. He's pretty adamant that he doesn't support them at the end, but I'd hope for a better answer to that question than that. Aye f**k it, he's a bit of a c**t then. (And the lamb rump fiasco was his fucking fault)
  6. Twitter

    So there's no concrete evidence he's a Tory and the biggest thing folk hate is his wean's names, and that his chain restaurants are a bit shite?
  7. Twitter

    I'm not convinced. Or at least I'm impressed by the fact he's actively trying to change things for the better. He made genuine connections with some of the dinner ladies and kept it going after the show ended. Yes he came up against some schemy b*****ds that were passing junk food through the school fences but I don't know how you deal with that without coming across as a bit judgmental. He certainly criticised the Cameron government for their fakery around the issue.
  8. Twitter

    Really? Where you getting that from? I was meaning his campaigning to take on the sugar industry and improve school dinners. The diet of secondary weans is a massive crisis in this country.
  9. Folk are having a holiday chief, give them a break. As others have mentioned, we have a few players signed up and that's probably more than most. McCall is experienced at this, and if there's a gem of a signing, he'll have as good a chance of finding him as anyone. I'm pissing myself at all the dundee fans up here, who now know that John fucking Robertson was their number one target. That's an ugly knock-back right there.
  10. Can you seriously just f**k off from here please. Literally no-one on this thread gives a f**k about your wee argument.
  11. Twitter

    That seems a tad uncalled for. A fortnight ago I ruined a good lump of lamb by trying to do one of the fifteen minute meal things. I didn't blame Jamie though, it just made me feel inadequate.
  12. Twitter

    I know it's not a popular view but I don't mind Oliver, both in terms of his cookery and his politics. This enterprise has obviously got too big for him though, and it's just a fucker for the 1000 folk that are punted from a job. Hopefully the catering trade has other opportunities but it's never good.
  13. John Deere 5 deck cylinder mower for sale

    Disappointed by the lack of "at that price you can't turn it down" comments.
  14. Debate Night

    The standard is so much higher than Qt. Another impressive programme for BBC Scotland.
  15. Twitter

    Society will always have an element of violence, but the reasons for violence matter. Stealing food to feed your children is different from stealing 'just for a laugh'. Context matters. Democracies have to protect minorities, and hate crime legislation is an awkward way to do this. I understand your point, but on the whole I agree that racism/homophobia can be challenged in this way. It highlights to people that these extreme views will not be tolerated.