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  1. Buncey is calling you foolish for having it that wide. He can accept the 115-113 but no more than that.
  2. I had a fiver on Richards and listening to the radio it sounded like i had a chance. Was I robbed?
  3. You're underestimating the beauty of the humble egg. I don't get to eat properly due to having a fucked up gut, and so I hook up to a drip every night. Eggs are generally a safe food, and so I've taken a great deal of time to learn the process. I'm pretty sure I've watched every YouTube clip by every chef and wannabee chef on scrambled egg technique and omelettes. It's done, and there's a wonderful science to it. I've also recently come to appreciate the joy of egg mayonnaise (a touch of mustard is the key).
  4. You're worrying too much, mate. You've got the experience, so trust your judgment. Very simple rule in life. Treat folk the way you'd want to be treated yourself.
  5. They look so toothless up front. Edited to say rangers, but same could be said for Frankfurt.
  6. Absolute peak Pie & Bovril right here. There's a common narrative out there and so the done thing on here is to take the exact opposite view. A right hot take. Campbell has done a fantastic job with lower league clubs for years. He's not perfect by any means, but he's old-school, and deserves the little bit of limelight he's had this year.
  7. There are always some weird laws. It could've been that you had to remove a player in order to bring one on (unlike this case).
  8. You can't say anything these days mate, eh? [emoji57]
  9. You can't say anything these days mate, eh? [emoji57]
  10. That's unreal. I love how the commentator's voice breaks as he was clearly caught out by the late run. You can't really blame him, though. In
  11. We all know that Harvey has a giant cock.
  12. West ham seem to have a right mare the other night. Moyes battering a ball boy with a volley wasn't a great look. Now there's footage of Declan rice accusing the ref of taking a bribe.
  13. The f**k is this? Did you seriously just get me to watch a fucking advert? It's about as funny as gonorhea.
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