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  1. So those of you who've been following boxing for a while.... Does aj v fury go ahead or not? I'll be really fucking annoyed if it doesn't but I've got no clue either way. Presumably this kind of shit isn't new??
  2. Oh Christ no Gordon. I expected better from you. The divider should always be put up by the person who's just put their messages up, as a courtesy for the next person in the queue.
  3. I'd be delighted with conway. He's shown some good flashes for saints in the Premier league this season and I'm sure dropping down a level would improve his game. Loads of know-how and probably a great role model for any of our youngsters.
  4. Real bird song is fucking glorious. Fake bird sounds are annoying.
  5. As a Dundee-based ayr fan it's a bit of a win - win for me. But come on to f**k Dundee get those c***s doon.
  6. 3 big players down the spine can transform any team. Even ours.
  7. You absolutely knew Dundee would do this to their fans. It's the Dundee way...
  8. That's harsh on the fa cup final. I get the point you're making but compared to some others that was a belter (wonder strike, great saves, proper drama at the end, real fan emotions, and some great celebrations). I've really enjoyed both games so far.
  9. A still image doesn't do this guy justice. He needs gif'd
  10. I've got a btts coupon in the bin because of that but Leicester absolutely deserve it. Better team on the day and generally a better club. But get var to f**k. It creates scenes but it's fucking awful. I'd absolutely hate to have that experience of a last minute equaliser stolen like that - and it's also a weird way to celebrate for those who benefit. Fans deserve better than that.
  11. Not in this game he's not. He's been dreadful.
  12. Eh? Vardy has been his usual threatening self - an absolute pest for the defence. Iheanacho has been useless. He's done f**k all other than a few dives.
  13. What? Am i being whooshed here?
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