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  1. I don't mind what team he picks but the performance has to be much better. We need to start scrapping - as this shit could get very real very quickly.
  2. f**k me, it's not been torrential. Is noone actually working on that pitch? What a fucking shambles. The last call off was completely justified but this is shocking. Minter indeed.
  3. Seriously? Jeezo. There was a guy that got caught a few weeks back when he put pics on his social media page - and the hairdresser called him a numpty. The under-cuts look really fresh and sharp, and although that is do-able if you've got a fair bit of skill I'm guessing it's not home done.
  4. Ultimate yer da here but the fucking brass neck on these players who are clearly breaking restrictions to get their hair done. f**k me. Even during a global pandemic when everyone is suffering to some degree you can't play football without having the latest trim. Gareth bale is the player that caught the eye. If he's married to a hairdresser I'll send him a personal apology letter but what a c**t!
  5. Kelly just didn't have the toughness to beat that guy. After the first 3 rounds the writing was on the wall.
  6. It's not good, that's for sure. I'm not in a 'punt him now' place but that might change if we need a bounce to maintain our status in the league. I still think we'll be OK, and it's no time for panicked judgments, but the trigger finger should be starting to sweat a little.
  7. When dre Wright failed to show for the half time interview they got Lauren to sit in - but the guy that does it was flustered and opened with that line. To be fair to Lauren, she just gave him a weird look and handled the interview well. Aye, but I'm hoping he's got a telling contribution in this match, as he's played reasonably well when on the ball. f**k...
  8. Never perform with children or animals?? Ffs man, get a grip of yourself.
  9. I'd argue Smith has done the least. Walsh has been our best creator by a mile - but it's just not falling for us. Don't think we've played badly, but they scored a great goal.
  10. Oh that was close. Very little in that, and a superb delivery from walsh.
  11. That's the worry, as everyone knows ict will have the advantage in the second half. Did we choose to shoot this way first half? Murdoch and Chalmers playing really well, and there's some lovely one touch stuff up top. Need to keep it on the deck, though.
  12. False 9 surely today, the old 4-6-0? We've got so many attacking options and I'd stick moff up there with his back to goal linking the play. But i know f**k all so hopefully kerr has a better plan. Mackenzie get a chance maybe?
  13. Add me to the lovers fan list. He was my favourite player when i first started going to games on my own (what a season to start... 01-02). Absolutely loved the passion he showed as the teams team out.
  14. So what are the normal icu numbers for this time of year? I'm looking for a permanent (or certainly long term) shift in the capacity of the nhs to cope with covid. How long will that take? f**k knows, but it's where we should be pouring resources now. More specialist areas, more staff trained etc. Nah, mate, you're not alone. Far from it. I had an argument with my dad the other day as he seems to think anyone who is pushing for the easing of restrictions is a right wing b*****d who only cares about money.
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