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  1. Drop Andreu and play Murray even further out of his natural position. Hiya Mixu, hiya pal.
  2. It'd be unfair to change the shape for Murray considering we don't have the players to play two up front. McKinnon clearly built the team to play one upfront and should have brought in a striker to play the role.
  3. At least Murray has a trade f**k nose what Spittal is going to do.
  4. Ffs it's not because Murray is playing up front on his own, it's because he's terrible, how people still can't see this is beyond me, especially McKinnon.
  5. Gunning was a total boss for us at the start tbh. You've been warned!
  6. Remember when we thought Gunning was pretty good! Enjoy the coming months
  7. Murray chat needs to be dropped. It's not he can't play upfront on his own, he can't play full stop. He brings nothing but a half hearted headless chicken routine. He plays like an 18 year old, however, he's 24. No doubt we'll continue to fanboy him though!
  8. Quality get the corner bets out lads. Imagine how dodgy this guy will be with the lack of cameras about. Nae luck.
  9. The only decent memory of have of Kerr is when he scored a raker against Rangers (r.i.p) little bit of history.
  10. Rankin can't get a game before Mark Kerr... That's brilliant! He tries though?
  11. How did we win that game! Hopefully that's Dixon's last chance, no idea how he was picked over Robson based on the pish he produced last week. Murray must be the only player to score and you still want him off immediately. We're not built for the championship at all.
  12. He was United's hide and seek champion for the past few years. Absolutely fantastic at hiding on the pitch. On his day though he's a bit... meh.
  13. The headless chicken shitebag act does f**k all for me. Murray is and always has been in the get him to f**k club for me.
  14. Dixon was terrible. No surprise that all their success came down our left with him and the pop star on. Hard to judge the new centre backs seem comfortable on the ball. Tony looks player. Need an actual striker big time Murray isn't good enough to play professional football.
  15. If this is true Ray can pack his bags now. Gross misconduct if I've ever seen it
  16. The same shite from the same shitebags as last season. Donaldson and Murray would struggle at junior level. Fair play to Raith decent away crowd, two cracking goals and the better team for most of the game.
  17. Has Gary Harkins ever turned up against us? I can't remember a single decent performance. Hope that continues. Boooooooooo
  18. John didn't get an experienced partner and still has plenty potential I'm really not sure what you mean?
  19. Selling Souttar now is incredibly short sighted. A couple hundred grand now can easily be a mill or two in the next few years. What we should be doing is signing an experienced cb and playing him beside Souttar. It really can't get any worse than what we have at the minute. Only a fucking moron would sell a young 6ft 8 monster for 6 figures.
  20. Lets just be honest, we now have a grand total of zero strikers at the club.
  21. At least your sentence isn't missing as many words as you're missing brain cells.
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