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  1. Not so sure convenient if you were going through airport security or passport control. I would advise against it.
  2. I'm confused. Theresa May survived a vote of no confidence and was safe for at least a year but was gone before it. Similarly Boris Johnson. This rule is as much use as anti-torpedo paint. If they want her gone she will be gone.
  3. Utterly bizarre. The UK voted for Brexit. Stop talking about it! If it really was a great success they would be constantly talking about it. WW2 is over. Have they stopped talking about that war?
  4. Moderators This automatic thread contributor feature appears to be malfunctioning yet again and is repeating itself and reciting gibberish. Can somebody please investigate.
  5. I remember my first job included the word Junior in the job title, same as two of my colleagues. One day the boss called us into his office and proudly announced that the word Junior would be removed from our job titles. No salary increase. Nothing else changed. He thought we would be more impressed.
  6. So a party that includes people who don't believe in God and don't believe in the Monarchy is singing a song about both. They don't believe in Brexit either but now they have to pretend they do because that is how the vote went and it is unpatriotic to disrespect the vote. This is to appeal to voters who thought Johnson was being patriotic by wearing a Union Jack suit while getting stuck on a zip line. Bizarre. Meanwhile the rest of the world is looking on and laughing.
  7. They should use it to develop a thriving multinational that employs thousands and teaches the world we are not to be messed with. "From small seed to mighty oak ..." I thought that was obvious.
  8. Now you can have 3 Ferraris. That in turn leads to the 3 Ferrari problem - namely what colour to have each painted. Obviously the only solution is to have 6 Ferraris. Isn't it nice to have a chancellor who would understand this sort of dilemma.
  9. I have been self employed for years so I guess I am the sort of person he is talking about - that if I want to grow my business then the government will help. Most governments would offer this sort of help. Also, I went self employed after several years when I had been doing this work long enough and realised I did not a boss other than myself. I certainly could not have done it when I was 25. Nor is there the same motivation when you are on a salary and nothing you do will improve that salary and the salary is really not enough to overcome your financial worries. In other words, he is talking crap.
  10. #Worldle #246 1/6 (100%) https://worldle.teuteuf.fr
  11. "The Making of Full Metal Jacket" was also interesting. R Lee Ermey was not the original choice for the role he made famous. He was a real Drill Sergeant and when he was used to audition the other parts he could ad lib better stuff than any scriptwriter could think up. The original actor for the part got to be the helicopter gunner instead. Also "Vietnam" is actually the East End of London with some palm trees.
  12. After he died, Channel 4 did a tribute documentary on what a great guy he was. Only a few days later the truth came out and his reputation became what it is now. I bet that documentary has been erased from history now and nobody will admit to be involved with it.
  13. Some people in the Labour Party think FPTP is the only way they can ever win a whopping majority and implement their radical agenda. Unfortunately they have to avoid being radical to ensure they win and in any case the next Tory majority government can simply undo all of it. Corbyn was perceived as hard left. If he won, maybe we would supposedly only be friends with Venezuela and Cuba and no one else! Now we have a Tory leader who is not sure about being friends with France and wants to leave the ECHR. I would describe that as hard right.
  14. I think it might work. Lengthy presentation, there is only so much that anybody wants to know about Fibannaci numbers. I suspect they will just cave in.
  15. Given how bad it has become, might be better if they were silent for the entire show.
  16. Question 1: "Following the death of the Queen, should we follow the advice of Liz Truss, in her younger days, and get rid of the Monarchy?"
  17. I watched it on the George Lucas news channel. All the marchers were replaced with stormtroopers using CGI and the service was read by Darth Vader. Very touching. I also liked when the hearse stopped. The Ewok appeared from nowhere. They said "Oooh Queen", then somehow they got her out of the hearse and carried her into the church. Must have been heavy for those little guys.
  18. For me, the highlight was when James Bond interrupted the service to shoot Blofeld with a crossbow.
  19. "Well that is it. The end of a phenomenon the like of which we will never see again. The Queue is gone. Long live the Queue." "You mean the Queen". "Er, her too I guess".
  20. That was a good test. #Heardle #208 https://spotify.com/heardle
  21. The Americans will be fizzing. All that time and effort to put a man on the moon and now they have been beaten by this.
  22. I told the story before of going to Leicester Square in the days before mobile phones. There were three public phones with a huge queue for the one on the right. So I tried the one on the left. Not only did it work but it gave me my money back. I told people in the queue but they refused to believe me. I came back later in the day to use the phone on the left again. The Queue for the one on the right had hardly moved.
  23. That's okay. I was clapping and booing at the same time!
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