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  1. In 2017 there was some allowance made for the possibility that Corbyn would win against all predictions and expectations. Maybe unlikely but May was devoid of personality and I am sure some journalists had written article about how they had predicted it all along. In 2019 Jeremy Corbyn was a proven loser going up against a more formidable opponent. Nobody expected him to pull a rabbit out of the hat. No rabbit food had been ordered. Actually I think of Corbyn as someone who has made a career of protesting about one thing after another. Nothing wrong with being a protestor but has he ever won anything as a result? Just asking.
  2. Absolutely. I can remember Enoch Powell. Some people might say he was a good debater but it was regarded as eccentric to agree with him on anything. "Steady on. You are beginning to sound a bit like old Enoch." If the same had been done to Farage he would have disappeared by now.
  3. Maybe the fact that Corbyn hadn't changed despite losing the previous election was a factor. Did you ever consider that?
  4. You are ignoring Events. Such as when the Brexit transition ends and everything hasn't gone as smoothly as expected. Or the unicorns don't arrive. Or maybe other events that nobody is thinking about. Labour needs a leader that non-Labour voters don't mind. That does not mean they have to be Tory Lite. It does require a leader with the occasional positive approval rating from time to time. The Tories under May imploded but Corbyn was more unpopular so they survived.
  5. Fullerene


    X Files was filmed in Vancouver so you need to watch out for aliens, UFOs and other unexplained phenomenon.
  6. Liam Payne was born Bill Window.
  7. This is nonsense. Harry Styles was born Harry Stiles but he got tired of the old joke "so are you in Steps?" and so he changed his name.
  8. Visiting Reading in Berkshire just now. Apparently twinned with Writing, North Carolina and Arithmetic, New South Wales.
  9. Just realised it has been a while since anyone post on this one.
  10. IIRC Churchill really did not like Ireland being neutral during the war and offered the North up as a sop to get them in. However given the recent history there was no way De Valera could go for it. At best Ireland was neutral in a way that leaned towards the Allies. Downed British pilots where repatriated but German ones were not. 16,000 Irish citizens voluteered to fight the Germans and the two secret services worked closely together though secretly at that. Also a weather station in Ireland advised when D-Day could go ahead. Nonetheless De Valera still sent his condolences to the German ambassador concerning the death of Hitler.
  11. Yes it is a photo opportunity and in the USA even the most unpopular president will get a cheer but generally it has no long term benefit. In the UK, most people would say that Jeremy Corbyn showed more empathy for the people of Grenfell then Theresa May did but it did not help him that much.
  12. Fullerene


    Vancouver to Calgary is 11 hours without stopping. It is spectacular scenery so obviously you will be stopping from time to time. I thought Salmon Arm was a nice little place about halfway between. Kamloops is also nice. On the way there are some unusual bridges across the road covered in trees and grass. These are to allow the wildlife to cross. If you plan to do any hillwalking then remember there are bears. In some places you must walk in groups of 4 or more - it is the law and it is enforced. These areas are signposted. Banff and Lake Louise are in a national park that charges a tourist tax. The toll booths are located on the highway and you get a sticker to put on your windscreen (a.k.a. windshield in Canada).
  13. In all fairness this is a solidarity thing - letting those in the disaster zone know that the rest of the country is aware of their plight and ready to help where possible. The Prime minister/President/other recognised person is just a figurehead.
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