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  1. Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys was drafted into the Vietnam War. He didn't like it apart from one local delicacy call Vib. Fortunatelly, the army liked it too. Brian loved it when they gave him some good Vib rations. In fact he wrote a song about it.
  2. The problem with the IRA was that these were not somebody else's terrorists. These were people terrorising Britain. It was probably one of many issues were Corbyn gave the impression he wasn't always proud to be British. Not a good idea if you want to be British Prime Minister. By contrast, Boris would probably suggest that the British Empire was jolly good fun and nothing to be ashamed of. I think that people are often looking for someone new who will change everything for the better. Tony Blair became Prime Minister in 1997 but only a few years earlier nobody knew who he was. Was Jeremy Corbyn offering something new? Some would say yes - a radical agenda that was neither Tory nor Tory-lite. Others would say no - the same tired ideas he had been chasing for decades. Thus he was a very polarising figure. Labour's mistake with the EU referendum was concerning the first one. Play it quiet, hope Remain wins, and that way you can avoid upsetting anyone. That backfired. The second referendum came across as simply wanting to reverse a vote that had gone the wrong way with no real explanation why it had become a more important issue after the first vote when it was not that important before it.
  3. Pizza is generally priced according to the diameter. The bigger the pizza, the more you get for your money.
  4. Historically the Liberal Democrats mopped up the wishy washy vote, the "sit on the fence" brigade. Depending where you lived they were either sort of like Labour but without the bad bits or sort of like the Tories but nicer. The Nick Clegg came along, sat on David Cameron's knee and ruined this perception for years. They betrayed the sentiment of a lot of the people that voted for them.
  5. It is now 74 years on from the Hindenburg disaster. Why did a big balloon full of inflammable gas burst in to flames? Was it somebody protesting about Hitler? I am told he had enemies. So many unanswered questions.
  6. The Neil Morrisey character in Men Behaving Badly and the Neil Morrisey character in Line Of Duty are actually the same person. Apparently Tony changed his name and got all bitter and corrupt after joining the police force. Not a good career move.
  7. Not sure if I can be bothered watching this tonight. No. Just kidding. 😂
  8. To vaguely quote Donald Rumsfeld, their world contains a lot of unknown unknowns so, yes, they do know everything.
  9. Don't bother looking for these. They have been corrected. The car was supposedly on Severnaya Zemlya in the Arctic Ocean! The Greenland Graffiti photo has been replaced by this one but I seriously seriously seriously doubt these people are located at this place in Greenland!
  10. Not that difficult to explain. The Royal Shakespearean Company used to make an annual pilgrimage up to Dunfermline to perform one of Shakespeare's lesser known plays about people living a grim life somewhere in London. Why Dunfermline I have no idea but it was a popular event that eventually stopped when somebody demolished the theatre they used to make way for a football stadium.
  11. Considering that the show is filmed in Belfast, I quite like how the Belfast connection is still a mystery. A bit like filming at the base of the Effiel Tower and wondering if there is a Paris connection.
  12. Diane Abbott was friends with Jonathan Aitken before he went to jail. Maybe it is easier to be friends with a politician from another party that isn't chasing the same votes and your main opponents are rivals in your own party.
  13. A very heavy emphasis on wrong place! I seriously doubt these photos are where they claim to be!
  14. Welshbairn's rare mineral one is still unsolved. Looks like a motor bike and a buddhist temple somewhere. I have ruled out Antarctica but apart from that I have no idea.
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