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  1. That's it. The frozen bat has gone in the bin. I'm not eating it.
  2. Not enough about capital punishment and Brexit in this post. Good point. What do you make of someone who buys a coat from Italy instead of one that is made here? Hanging too good for them, eh? Does that help?
  3. Even if the SNP got more coverage nobody is listening. Down in England Brexit has been linked to patriotism and it is seen as anti-British to complain about it at all. If it is something to be endured then so be it. I find that attitude bizarre. Brexit was not meant to be the equivalent of the blitz. It was meant to be the equivalent of V.E. Day.
  4. She wrote "A good heart" as a swipe against her then boyfriend Belmont Tench. In turn, he wrote "You little thief" as a swipe against her. They then got Feargal to sing both songs Thus his relationship counsellor/singer role began. Not sure if any other couples used his services in this way.
  5. IMO It is not really about Farage at all. YouTube are running an algorithm to test how quickly people will click "Skip ads". Obviously the most odious person alive would be required for this test.
  6. Garden Centres used to sell seed boxes where you would place light bulbs in a box, cover them with a tray and then fill the tray with soil and seeds. In other words, deliberately designed to take advantage of the inefficiency of these light bulbs.
  7. The original trophy was actually a soup bowl. Nobody wanted to admit to it. Bit of a long story.
  8. Kent is a lovely place. They should turn the whole county into a National Park. Oops. Did I say the wrong thing? 🙂
  9. You never know. Maybe there is someone in Vancouver who yearns for something more concrete.
  10. Say someone who lives in the most ethnically diverse city in the world. I bet these CANZUK fans have never been to Toronto. "Oh my. This is my first time here. Why is it so full of people who look so ... different?" 🙂
  11. Some pictures I posted were solved too easily by the globe at the bottom right (page 2) or who took the picture (page 23 Jon Scheyer Pitcairn Island). The Stonewall Jackson one was tricky. It was on North Braddock Street and Winchester is one of the few places to have a street like that. The sign out front says Stonewall Jackson Museum. I should have paid more attention to the Pizza Parlour. The museum has old wallpaper in a sealed unit (again the poison thing). Stonewall Jackson suffered the same fate as the casualties on Kiska. Blue on Blue. ..or should I say Gray on Gray. Incidentally the civil museum in Winchester indicated that it took a while for the two sides to agree to uniforms that were totally different and flags that were totally different. Imagine Celtic playing Buckie Thistle if you might. Winchester is the original home of Patsy Kline. No interest to me apart from a brilliant song by Ricky Warwick. Harper's Ferry and Winchester do have something in common. I will leave that one with you.
  12. Oh blast. People actually know that place. Any guesses the connection between this place and Harper's Ferry? BTW. It is not Patsy Kline. Correction. How bloody stupid am I. A simple google of Pizzoco Pizza Parlour. Dumb.
  13. Yes. That's one. So what about the second? Clue: Also similar theme to another one of my puzzles.
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