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  1. Why does Scotland celebrate Gary Lineker's birthday?
  2. Delicate question. I watched a YouTube clip that suggested window cleaning was the preferred occupation for Jehovah Witness. I am not religious and don't give a shit but it might provide context.
  3. Historically Ireland was wee compared to the UK. Whatever the UK decided to do, Ireland would do as well. The Irish punt was pegged to the pound throughout its entire existence. The assumption was that if the UK decided to leave the EU then Ireland would do so as well. However with Brexit, Ireland saw the EU as an opportunity to ditch its colonial status for good and that changed everything. Just my opinion.
  4. It was Scrabster where they gaffer taped that Canadian woman to her office chair for a laugh. Caithness is a strange place. Only two roads in. Caithness is an island.
  5. I read about the Vietnam War where it was very easy to spot the enemy. They would run away as soon as you started shooting at them.
  6. The Jackson Five had great success with the song ABC. Not so for follow up songs DEF, GHI or JKL.
  7. .. nor is there ever a suggestion that those that can should put more money into the household kitty. The household analogy only seems to go one way.
  8. I posted same on Coronavirus thread. It is actually an exclave. Campobello Island in New Brunswick is the reverse. You can only get to it via Lubec, Maine (the most easterly point of the USA and the closest point to Africa).
  9. It is not just an automatic. It is a variomatic with a continuously variable transmission. A friend of mine had one of those once. In theory you can do 70 mph in reverse. Maybe a good selling point if you aim for right market. Just an idea. HTH. 🙂
  10. I predict the most common expression next year will be "This isn't the Brexit that I voted for". None of these spineless people will break rank until their voters turn against the idea first. Not sure when that will happen.
  11. Both are populist leaders who identify some "other" as responsible for everything that is going wrong. For Boris it is the EU, for Trump it is the Washington swamp. For both it is the liberal elite (as opposed to the more powerful conservative elite) and of course immigrants. Both are privileged white males who think poverty if when you are not a Millionaire. In no way do they have similar lives to the people who vote for them but as long as they stay vague and talk mainly of grievances then there are people who think they are on the same page. There are other populist leaders in Brazil, Hungary and Poland.
  12. Do you have any idea how disturbing it is for the Tory government that they are being told to give this advice. "It is safer to play a game where you ask me questions and I have to give the correct answers than a game where I try to make as much money as possible and if I have all of it then I win."
  13. Oh good. Can I mention the Typhoid epidemic in Aberdeen back in 1964 caused by contaminated corned beef from Argentina? Not sure if it is appropriate or relevant. 🙂
  14. I must accept the election result. I must accept the election result. I must accept the rigged election result. I must accept the election result. I must accept the election result. I must accept the cheater’s election result. I must accept the election result. I must accept the election result.
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