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  1. The first zebra crossing was built at a safari park in Kenya. It was a complete flop. The Zebras ignored it and continued to cross the road wherever they liked.
  2. It was inspired by American Graffiti.
  3. Happy Days is where the expression "Jumping the shark" comes from. It refers to an episode where Fonzie jumps a shark and means a show that has gone on too long. Conversely Star Trek Next Gen is where the expression "Growing the beard" comes from . It refers to Riker growing a beard after Season 1 and means a show has become good enough to watch. Both "Mork and Mindy" and "Laverne and Shirley" were successful spin offs of Happy Days.
  4. TNG, DS9 and Voyager all rotated the main character for each episode. This worked best for DS9 where all the main cast were different but interesting. It easily had the best supporting cast. Every Garak episode was great. Denise Crosby left TNG on the basis of "my character is dull I want out". That was the correct decision although her guess appearances later were great. By contrast Troi's mother and Worf's son were both dull. Voyager had the blandest characters. It also had the blandest aliens (apart from the Borg). In many episodes it was battle scarred but in the next episode it was as good as new. Also if it was racing across space then why did it ever encounter the same aliens twice. Enterprise had several bland characters and episodes although Shran was great. Never liked the serialised approach of Discovery and Picard. Really hoping "Strange New World" will get things back to normal. Pike, Spock, Number 1, Uhuru, Nurse Chapel and others and also episodic.
  5. My radical idea was to leave the EU and that would free up another £350 million a week for the NHS. Then I realised I had gotten my sums wrong and I was being really stupid and naive and it really would be an incredibly bad idea. Luckily I didn't mention it to anyone. What a relief.
  6. I know someone who lives in the USA, has a very well paid job that includes a health care package but they still get hit for large amounts for things that are not covered by the insurance.
  7. Just saw a sign that said "Free parking and turning area". Brilliant. Not only can you park your car for nothing, they don't even charge you for turning it.
  8. A job that requires me to be decisive. I mean I probably could do it but I am not sure.
  9. If it wasn't for us, they would all be speaking German. Um, er, well you know what I mean.
  10. Tiger Woods has a sister and two brothers called Lioness, Cougar and Jaguar.
  11. There were two DVD rental shops in Jamestown, St Helena when I was there two years ago. I imagine the same might be true of Pitcairn Island or the Falklands. I think you should investigate the matter.
  12. Until you are eating your tenth bacon roll in as many minutes because the lead actor can't remember his lines.
  13. I kud be a spelcheker but their is nowt mukh need four that now.
  14. Don't kid yourself. Acting is a very stressful profession. Very few get a steady income from it and even some well known faces have also got a day job.
  15. They should do a Caribbean special where people who avoid paying their taxes have their yachts confiscated, and their private planes and so on. Happy to watch that.
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