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  1. Excellent point. I suspect they would be booted out of Eurovision almost immediately.
  2. There was a couple attempt in Spain in 1982. Some guy stormed parliament, declared undying loyalty to the King and tried to stage a coup. Unfortunately for him, the King declined the offer and the whole thing collapsed.
  3. I checked with IMDB. What you say is true. However you were in "Babe: Pig in the City" and "Mission Impossible 2". Strange that you never mentioned this before.
  4. Wouldn't be very secret if they simply replied "Yes, me."
  5. Hey what happened to "Have any P&B posters been involved in a plot to overthrow a democratically elected government?" It would be nice to be asked.
  6. If nurses in the 1930s hadn't been so demanding we could have avoid WW2 altogether.
  7. So he organised himself an alibi! Doesn't mean he wasn't behind it.
  8. .. or you could let everyone know how groovy you are and you are actually not a Herbert at all.
  9. IIRC Neil Armstrong quote "I am sitting on top of the biggest rocket in the world built by the contractor who put in the lowest bid."
  10. Why do you need it to produce tears? Get them to chop some onions at your funeral. That will do the trick. Forget about forgettable music. Choose music they might associate with you or something that would put a smile on their face. For you I would suggest "Star Trekking across the universe .."
  11. In some countries that is a criminal offence even a capital one. That includes Qatar.
  12. Wrong. The word Great is used to differentiate between this island and Brittany.
  13. Oh come on. How do you think we carved up Africa? Do you think anybody actually went there?
  14. This Venn diagram appears to miss out Rockall which used to be part of Inverness-shire.
  15. Actually she worked for one of those premium rate phone lines that men call to talk to seductive women and ask questions such as "what are you wearing?" For the first five or ten minutes she would play the part and lure them in. Then suddenly she would launch into a tirade, "you pervert, you disgust me, you depraved little so-and-so."
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