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  1. I am definitely getting better at this.
  2. He does know about the Soviet Union. On one occasion, Churchill had to fly all the way to Yalta because Stalin was curious to know how the war was going. What impertinence!
  3. Flight of the Phoenix (1965) is a great film. Now that Harry Kruger is gone, only Barrie Chase is still around and she was the only woman in the film.
  4. I think they will wait until he is fully exonerated and then they will get rid of him.
  5. The troublesome foreigner who does not speak a word of English. Complications with communications. "Can anybody here speak Spanish, Italian, whatever?" This continues for a while until the hero of the story loses patience. "You speak English. The entire Universe speaks English." Sure enough, the troublesome foreigner speaks perfect English. No translators needed after that.
  6. "Sugar and Spice" with a logo of Lord Sugar disco dancing with the Spice Girls.
  7. Why do you knock yourself down like that? You have work experience - even if it completely unrelated to what you will be going to. You understand the concept of work. You are not starting at the bottom. I read the biography of Duncan Bannatyne. At one stage, he sold ice cream. Then he gave that up and did care homes instead. Then he switched to gyms. Totally unrelated businesses. I know plenty of people who have changed professions - because they could. Nothing to do with failure or starting again. Just a more complex story than others. I know one person who was a dentist but gave it up to be an artist instead - he struggled financially but loved every minute of it. On the other hand, I have heard horror stories of people who have hated their jobs always.
  8. In that case, just use old ones. HTH
  9. Yet they generally use English to speak to the rest of the world. In aviation, shipping, computing, tourism, pop music they get a lot of exposure to English. If somebody from Germany wants to speak to someone from Japan, it is likely they will use English. Japanese contains a lot of English loan words. This might not have been the case if WW2 had turned out differently.
  10. People are saying Johnson is totally useless and couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery and yet there he is organising one in his own back garden during lockdown while still at work. Seems no one is going to give him credit for anything.
  11. Strange New Worlds. A welcome return to Star Trek in episodic form.
  12. Russia would like to maintain its sphere of influence. Since 1989, Central Europe is gone and so are the 3 Baltic states. I can understand their hostility to Ukraine becoming a neighbouring country that ignores them completely.
  13. I totally understand why America makes such a big thing about the flag and the anthem and all that. Basically they want any new immigrant to stop being an immigrant and just be an American as soon as possible. Won't be me but I get it. The Star Spangled Banner does a decent job in that regard. By comparison, I doubt any new arrival would want to sing "God Save the Rich B***h". I am not wanting to criticise the Queen here - more the lack of it being about "us". FoS is slightly better but not by much. Honestly Agadoo or Shang-a-lang would be an improvement. A People's Anthem is required. IMO
  14. I always enjoyed that for all the wrong reasons. In the USA, they love to play their national anthem at all sporting events. Everybody stands to attention, place their hand on their heart and sing with gusto. Meanwhile back in the U.K. the national anthem is mainly being played to people who have fallen asleep while watching the telly.
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