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  1. Holly Johnson of "Frankie goes to Hollywood" missed the flight because he was stuck in traffic.
  2. Robert Plant once auditioned to be the singer for Slade.
  3. This year the Earth will be furthest from sun around 8:10 tomorrow (Monday) morning.
  4. Then again, maybe there are some holiday camps that are so truly awful you just might feel like you are in jail. Just a thought.
  5. He was also John Deacon in Bohemian Rhapsody.
  6. Obviously it will not let you touch it. However if you get a chance to throw a towel over it, that will calm it down and you then be able to pick it up - with the towel ensuring you do not touch it directly.
  7. #Heardle #127 ️️️️️ https://www.heardle.app
  8. In his book, Matthew Syed (who is himself a world champion at table tennis) says he saw the ball being tossed up into the air and the next moment it went whizzing past his ear. Apparently there are other clues, such as the position of your opponent's waist that indicate where the ball will be. I find when watching tennis or ice hockey, I cannot see the ball or puck but if I watch it long enough I do see it. Something along the lines of "you know where it will be." There is an urban myth that in one study a different letter was written on a baseball and the batter was asked what it was and they consistently got it right. Note that when Viv Richards saw a slow ball coming towards him, his observation of everything else is gone. "How big was the crowd?" "I have no idea."
  9. You obviously have not read Matthew Syed "Bounce". He is a world champion at table tennis. He played Michael Stich at tennis. How different can that be? One moment Stich was throwing the ball in the air. The next it whisked past Matthew's ear. To clarify, I think we record at 28 frames per second (for sake of argument) but can switch to 56 to ensure we spot everything.
  10. There is also the idea that a few months or years is not that bad - if you got sent to jail in the middle of a card game then when you get out, you should say "sorry about that, where were we?" Personally I think even a single day would be unpleasant enough.
  11. Similarly the term "Gaslighting" refers to the film where Angela Lansbury made her film debut. It also starred Ingrid Bergman.
  12. I thought that when a camera records in slow motion, it actually records at twice the speed, for example, 56 frames per second instead of just 28. When you play this back at 28 frames a second, it will only be going half the original speed. I suspect the whole danger signals thing is similar but then again I could be wrong.
  13. Children that age not only need protection from harm - you also want them to think the world is a fun and happy place. I know I did at that age. Sending these people to prison will give them a lot of time to reflect on their actions. They will probably never see each other again. Even if it is not "Devil's Island", I seriously doubt it is actually fun to be there and I believe it will always be less fun than not being there. None of them are getting out unless it is deemed safe to do so. Even after they get out - they are still being monitored and can be sent back at any time. That will be true for the rest of their lives. Look at Colin Pitchfork, who was the first killer to be caught using DNA evidence (as seen in the BBC drama "Code of a Killer"). He was sentenced to 30 years. He got it reduced to 28 years. After 33 years he was released. Soon after he was caught breaching the terms of his release - he was talking to some young girls. He was recalled to prison and that is where he is now.
  14. You got invited on to the show so who on P&B did you pretend to be?
  15. Barry Manilow does some truly awful nauseating vomit inducing songs but he also does a lot to help new musicians. I recall him being on Wogan and thought he came across well. Then Terry asked him to play a song and suddenly I felt ill. If it was his songs (with a few exceptions) I would say definitely no but apparently he is well thought in the music industry.
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