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  1. Similar concern as the Ontario Level Crossing Paradox but I doubt anybody has anything to say about level crossings so I will leave it at that.
  2. IIRC Roundabouts in the UK were originally designed so that drivers on the roundabout gave way to somebody coming on to it but quickly changed to the more effecient approach. I think the chaos at the Arc de Triumph is a deliberate tourist attraction. The Arch of Triumph in Pyongyang does not have the same problem!
  3. For me the choice of lane and use of indicators is ultimately about one thing - making it obvious where I am trying to go. The most irritating drivers are those who give the impression they are about to leave the roundabout but then at the last second turn their wheel and continue to the next exit (or maybe one after that).
  4. Bloody hell. I'm colour blind. No wonder I have been doing it wrong! Also, what if I don't drive a blue car?
  5. How does that work? My car doesn't have a straight ahead indicator.
  6. It is amazing that the government keeps track of everyone by collecting odd socks and having them analysed and nobody seems to notice. "Oh no, it must have gone missing in the wash". Not really. Sinister forces afoot. No pun intended.
  7. The EU is not being pig headed. If we want to leave then why not just leave, good-bye and cheerio? The answer is that our economy is heavily intertwined with these other countries and more so than with rest of the world. So much so that somebody thought it would be a good idea to set up an organisation to make it all work. Apparently 75% to 80% of France and Germany agree. Good to know.
  8. Don't be silly. We're watching you now. Always have been. What makes you think you need to contact us?
  9. Drum beats can be very similar too!
  10. Not just the Rolling Stones. This is a 1-4-5 pattern in the Key of A. There is a similar pattern for the other keys (for example G, C and D). 1, 4 and 5 are the major chords in the key and there are plenty of pop songs that use nothing but these chords. 2,3 and 6 are the minor chords for the key. Learn these as well and people will think you are an expert - even if there are still hundreds of chords that you don't know. Also - an electric guitar is a lot easier and more forgiving than an acoustic one.
  11. If you want to get into song writing then break up with your girlfriend, lose your job and make sure lots of serious bad shit happens to you. Alternatively you could just pretend this has happened to you. Did Bruce Springsteen ever work in a factory?
  12. Not true. I won an award in primary school for reciting my seven times table. ☺️
  13. The film "John Wick" starring Keane Reeves was based on a book called "John Thurso".
  14. With the current electoral system, an MP can elected on less than 50% of the vote. For example, in England, a Labour MP might get 35%, while the Tories and UKIP (or similar) get 30% each. That does not mean the Labour MP has to respect the wishes of the 60% or more who voted for someone else - i.e. pretend to be a Tory. Similarly a Labour MP might represent a Leave constituency but that might include all Tory voters and UKIP voters while most Labour voters were for Remain. Why does anyone have to pretend to be a Leaver if they are not a Leaver.
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