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  1. Carl Robinson and Micky Mellon on the list, they been on other teams lists recently? McCulloch suspended? Without knowing anything personally about them, thought Young had East Fife set up well against us and looked the best team I've seen this season and had a decent shot at Albion. McDonaugh might be a good shout with Scott Mackenzie.
  2. Who can we overpay for this time, Darren Young?
  3. A Falkirk Herald article on top scorer from 1980 to last season. Click here A couple of surprises there for me if I'm honest, and quite a range in totals.
  4. Mutch in goals today and Bell in to the bridie shops.
  5. Aye thats what the girl in the office said to him "U can't touch this"!
  6. Ha ha, Ray leading players to turn on the style, good one mate.
  7. Unbelievable 5 'greenies' for a player found guilty by a judge in a civil court, that the rapes had happened, and also having an appeal rejected by three appeal judges. Just because he plays for your team, really?
  8. His goal against Raith, and that header yesterday looked far better when I saw them replayed than at the games. First was a fantastic bit of skill in the curled strike when seen from behind the player, and the header was a really tight angle. But because of losing a two goal lead, the opposition yesterday and the constant gloom around they aren't really being talked about.
  9. Apologies if I've missed it, can you share any answers to what satisfied you? I think it will help bring at least the guys on here together, if it helped someone that was as big a supporter as you were, to give him your backing.
  10. Chuck the club on it while your at it mate.
  11. Then in my view he's the equivalent of Hartleys scout/signing guy.
  12. We were blowing out our arse after about 40 minutes today, f*ck me thats a full time team. Ray will me proud with that one, pulling a a draw out of a win and don't get me started on Dixon again.
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