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  1. You can use an Amazon price tracker, from the graph it has ranged between £82.50 up to £144.99
  2. I passed a baldy guy in a Discovery who looked like he couldn't see when driving, zig zagging all over the road just about hit me near Barnard Castle.
  3. B, B, B, But, B, B, B, But, my eye sight. Lets drive an hour and see if my eye sights ok, brilliant! He's fairly going through the water here, he'll need to stop this soon for a pish.
  4. Worse than that, he was/is doing the accounts.
  5. I don't like the red bits growing out the top.
  6. TBH I wish we played like that, we would maybe win the league and get a bit of atmosphere going.
  7. Quite happy to be be self centred rather than supporting a rapist.
  8. I said a while ago that I couldn't be bothered trying to work out how to finish the leagues before we actually knew a possible timeline to some sort of normality and how many teams actually survive this, its too far away still. You never know this might be the opportunity for the two Glasgow teams to join the English leagues if it goes belly up down there in finances and they need to bring something to the table in the TV deal down there, then hopefully we can try and get some fairness in the Scottish game. Long shot, but who knows what will eventually happen.
  9. Cant speak Italian, hope the alphabet goes A, B.....X, Y, Z, C.
  10. I think its correct we keep the communication alive throughout this from the governing bodies, however lets see how many teams we have left after this has peaked and make decisions from there, because I'll be stunned if every team makes it out the other side.
  11. I was sure the council granted ICI a licence to store potential explosives, which then stopped us getting permission for a 'new build' which would put a certain number of people in the blast zone area. The fact that it was never ever used for this storage and ICI let the licence run out was the more galling part of the story.
  12. I just hope we haven't paid out to those that have quickly jumped ship to QP and Kelty.
  13. Surprised on the favouring of Durnan over Buchanan on here now.
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