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  1. It’s less than £2 a week and worth it in my opinion, especially when you throw in the fact you have access to all of Peter Grant’s latest weird quotes.
  2. Agreed, we were arguably spoiled by Matthew Elder, but you could tell he had a deep affinity for the club. On match days, there’d be constant updates and actual insight, while the online engagement with fans afterwards was always good. If there was anything coming out the club during the week, he’d also keep us informed. Now, virtually nothing, and while I mean no disrespect to the person who replaced him, last season, you had as much chance of him sending an angry tweet to the Hearts Twitter account than anything about Rovers. I’m happy to pay for good journalism, and funnily enough I subscribed to the Courier yesterday, as the stuff they’re putting out about Fife, Tayside and Angus football is excellent. He’s been mentioned a few times, but Alan Temple’s enthusiasm for football shines through, and his stuff is constantly very good. As an aside, I do feel a bit sad when people put screen shots rather than links as they’re trying to earn a living through clicks etc, but regardless, the fact you’d barely know Raith had a game on via Kirkcaldy’s newspaper is a pretty sad state of affairs.
  3. That’s a brilliant signing, that I’m genuinely surprised we managed to pull off. I was thinking that someone would be able to negotiate with Aberdeen to come to some kind of agreement, but never thought it would be ourselves. Like someone else mentioned, I thought Ross was more effective for us than Kai Kennedy. I’m not saying he’s definitely a better player than him, but I was more impressed by the former. If he kicks on over the next 18 months, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was the next player to bring us in a decent fee, which will obviously be a lot bigger with us being a Premiership club by that point.
  4. The referee was terrible, no doubt about it, but his general ineptitude benefited us more, in my opinion It might have been a foul on Poplatnik in the build up to the goal, but we had more than enough time to set ourselves thereafter, and our defending was guff. We also got the benefit of the doubt with the Tumilty situation, and arguably with the offiside goal, so by in large, the refereeing decisions benefited Rovers. Weird anyone would claim otherwise. Really have nothing more to add to whatever has been mentioned, but I do think both clubs have stuff to worry about. Rovers squad is gossamer thin and is an injury or two away from being dreadful, and Dunfermline still have Peter Grant.
  5. I was thinking about that there as well. Our substitutions hugely weakened us against Hamilton, and although it might just be a coincidence, it was again, panic stations when the subs came in today. Once again, I’ve no idea if we’re a decent team or not. We defended well for the bulk of the game, we were clinical, but I thought Partick dictated things for huge chunks of the game and we’re unfortunate not to get something. I’m also a bit worried that teams will cotton on to the fact that Zanatta is far and away our only outlet. Clamp him down and we’re goosed. I’ll worry about that another day though, all in all, a good laugh.
  6. I thought Riley-Snow was terrible at Celtic Park, our worst player by a mile. Did think he played well at Morton, but he was a rabbit in the headlights on Thursday, so feels like a sensible change. Can’t say I’ve been impressed here though. Midfield has been totally overrun, we’ve barely troubled them in their final third, and again, we’re entirely reliant on our back four blocking and heading everything and Dario Zanatta firing one in from 20 yards. It doesn’t feel like a sure fire way to success, but admittedly we’re winning, so what do I know? I know the focus has been on bringing in a forward before the loan window ends, and that’s very much still the case, but we need something else in the middle of the park too. Which in fairness was the case before the main transfer window closed in August.
  7. We won’t be bringing anyone in if it’s dependent on money from the Celtic game. Judging by their website, it genuinely looks like they’ve only sold a couple of thousand tickets for tonight.
  8. I actually thought it was the other way about. One up at half time with our only attempt at goal, while Morton had had a few half chances, although all from outside the box. First 10 or 15 minutes of the second half was more of the same, and Morton really should have equalised, either through Muirhead or Reilly, but from around the 55th minute to the 85th, I thought we were the better side and spurned about four good chances of our own. Last five minutes was a bit tense, and after the embarrassment of losing a four goal lead to Hamilton, conceding to a Jack Hamilton equaliser may have been almost as mortifying, but fair play to Berra and Benedictus, they won so many headers between them. Wasn’t impressed by us overall, but a hard fought win nonetheless.
  9. I thought today summed us up pretty well and where we are in the grand scheme of things. We needed another forward and another wide player even before Vaughan was confirmed as injured, and today demonstrated why. Yes, we had more possession, shots at goal and corners, but in all honesty, Queen’s held us at arms length and probably deserved their win, especially when you consider how dominant they were during those first 20 minutes or so. Even in the second half, the best chance fell to them when they had three chances from the free-kick, which was initially blocked, then two follow up chances not capitalised on. Unless we can bring in a goal scorer, or the James Keatings from 2013-15ish reappears, then we’ll lose a lot more games playing like that.
  10. I think our record against the bottom four in the Championship last season was won seven, drawn four and lost one, which doesn’t sound that bad to me.
  11. I went into this concerned, for multiple reasons. We’d not won a league game, we had no momentum behind us, there was a general consensus from the fans that we weren’t doing very well, but here we are, that was a dawdle! That was our easiest win at Somerset since we won on the opening day of 2016/17, which admittedly didn’t work out too well for either of us. As much as it was arguably a game which was evens stevens, Rovers were so much more clinical, and fair play to folk that didn’t think Christophe Berra or Dario Zanatta would be good singings. Both of them were excellent, and while Berra is bringing a discipline to the back line, fair play to Dario for bammng it right up the home fans. Still laughing at that Voice of Ayr Twitter account or whatever it’s called, saying that Ayr are not too far behind Kilmarnock, there’s a yawning chasm between the two.
  12. Can I ask who the woman was on co-commentary tonight? I thought she was really good.
  13. I did think last season that it was our big chance, as the squad would get picked off. MacDonald, Hendry and Tait (partially, potentially) are away, Vaughan is out and we’ve yet to see Musonda. With the greatest will in the world, we look a long way away from last season’s squad, but that’s to do with squad building, not the deal for Tait.
  14. As much as I’m disappointed at the deal, it’s more a continuation of the fact we’ve failed to build on last season’s success, rather than the specifics of Tait’s sale. The thought of Tait joining Hibs for £100,000 doesn’t feel like a great deal, but without searching, how many teenagers, with fewer than 80 games in the second and third tiers under their belt command that kind of fee between two Scottish clubs? I do think we’d have gotten more from a team down south, but presumably none bid, and on top of that, I’m going to presume that the only way we can get talented young players to sign three year deals with us, is because we’ll listen to any half decent offer we get for them. It might be a gentleman’s agreement, it might be a genuine release clause, but without it, I doubt these players will be signing for us. As it stands, £100,000 for a teenager who may, or may not be good enough for Hibs isn’t a steal, and if it is, hopefully we have a decent sell on percentage to compensate. That said, the squad after January looks shite, but I’ll worry about that then.
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