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  1. We were the last time aye, so presumably the same again.
  2. We drew with Ayr after the League Cup final. You're maybe thinking of after the Uefa Cup tie in Munich. Kilmarnock absolutely horsed us the weekend after that.
  3. I’ll be honest, I couldn’t really care less if he’s good or bad, I just think it’s class we have a player whose full name is Esmael Ruti Tavares Cruz da Silva Goncalves. If he plays well it’s simply a bonus
  4. Without wishing to sound like a 17-year-old who’s just come on to make his debut, I’m buzzing for this today. Sounds like it’ll be a decent crowd, hopefully a good atmosphere, a wee chance to progress against a Premiership side, and hardly the end of the world if we lose. I’ve no doubt my enthusiasm will fritter away at 3:04, when Ricki Lamie peels away at the back post to score from a corner, but regardless, right now I’m looking forward to it!
  5. Sounds like he just didn’t like playing in front of a toxic bunch of supporters imo
  6. Aye, chuffed at that, the last day out for the Scottish Cup tie in Falkirk was a really good laugh.
  7. The final surely won’t be Airdrie with it just being along the road from Hamilton? Livingston and Falkirk seem the most likely to me. Falkirk ideally, as Livi would almost be as bad a venue for a day out as Airdrie is. I was planning on heading along to the semi before realising the the rules had changed and it could go to extra time, and the last train back was half ten, although after half an hour I was delighted I hadn’t bothered. Fair play to everyone involved though. To Ian Murray for making the change that seemed pretty obvious, as early as he did. To the players for digging so deep and the fans for creating what sounded like a brilliant atmosphere to be in. Special praise to Robbie Thompson too, a goalkeeper that was absolutely hopeless according to some earlier in the game. His psyching out routine to every player was brilliant “ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, FIVE, SIX. OH, THATS TOO LONG A RUN UP!” Outstanding. Goodness knows how much they’ve got left on the tank for this Motherwell game, not much you’d imagine, but I genuinely can’t wait for Saturday.
  8. I will not hear a bad word said about this tournament. The greatest competition in sports entertainment
  9. I see Colin Steven is the referee tomorrow. That'll be that then.
  10. If the players were more puggled than the opposition, would we not be conceding more goals late in the game?
  11. I’ve just checked and think it’s 18, so forget everything I’ve said today, as it appears I can’t read. As you were
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