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  1. They weren’t in the highlights, so difficult to tell, but I thought Mendy could have had a straight red in the first half v Hearts when he brought down McKay-Steven who looked right through, and Benedictus got away with a penalty shout when he had his arm up defending a free kick later on in the half. Aye, the Davidson decision was a stinker, but we’d probably had at least one big decision go for us in that game.
  2. I can’t remember the last time I watched Kennedy and was impressed by him. The 3-1 win over Dundee maybe? I was a wee bit worried when I had a look at his numbers when he joined us. As much as Inverness fans raved about him, he’d barely set any goals up and had scored once (I think) He now has four assists and two goals, not terrible by any stretch of the imagination, but Armstrong has the same amount of assists and three times as many goals as him in almost the same amount of appearances. It’s all hindsight of course, and I was delighted when we got him, but unless he produces something in the playoffs, I’d say swapping him for Ethan Ross has been a pretty big downgrade
  3. Not sure I buy into the theory that because a lot of fans disagreed with John McGlynn's team selection against Dunfermline in April 2011, and then again versus Hearts in April 2021, that he always makes strange decisions in big games. Is the suggestion that we've literally not played one big game under his stewardship in that time? Because we have, and we've done okay in some of them, so I'd say some folks memories are very selective. Can McGlynn be criticised? Of course he can, if you're looking for things to pin on him. Having no back up full backs is odd, hoping we could rely on Davidson and Mendy when we were already short of McKay in that central area was a mistake, as was recruitment further forward. Yes we needed bodies up front, as Vaughan is held together by hope, prayer and sinew and Ugwu also started the campaign injured, but we now have an abundance of (poor) forward players sitting on the bench, while a dearth of options further back is in the process of derailing us. As for Mendy, he was dreadful against a terrible Cowdenbeath team earlier in this campaign, and while judging him in a one off encounter versus the Blue Brazil is as knee jerk as one versus Hearts, I'd say he compares less than favourably to Ross Perry in a Rovers jersey, a central defender who was stinking for us, and looked less than capable while dribbling down the leagues until eventually reaching his proper level at Darvel, so no, I've no faith that Fernandy could compete at a level or two below. As for the playoffs, they're a coin toss, but winning two or three coin flips in a row is fairly tricky, which is why second was probably vital. I'm not entirely sure why Ross Matthews is so important to us, but he really is. He doesn't have a specific attribute which makes him stick out. His passing and tackling for example are all fine, but equally, there's nothing about him which is poor. He brings a balance to that midfield that no-one else can supply alongside Hendry, and can probably drive us up the park from deep more than the alternatives, and as someone pointed out a while back, we win so many more games with him than without him, that it can't just be a quirk. It's maybe also telling that all the games we lost heavily in this season, Dunfermline, and twice v Hearts, he wasn't available. We've also been pretty poor since he dropped out, the Arbroath draw, Alloa and Queens wins and Dundee and Hearts defeats might have generated an okay-ish amount of points, but in general, the performances were all between "meh" and "terrible" which is a concerning recent trend. That could all turn around though. Davidson will definitely win his appeal and will start on Tuesday as long as there's no weird thing about appeals being listened to across a bank holiday weekend, and all being well we could knock Dunfermline out and take momentum from it, but there's a reason no-one has ever got promoted from below second, the odds are stacked against you. Regardless, whatever happens, it's been a pretty good season in general, with a load of stand out moments that has surpassed our expectations, and while it might peter out, who knows, it might still end up with us laughing at John Hughes being relegated by a last minute Lewis Vaughan goal. We can all hope.
  4. 😂 If your comebacks were normally of that standard I wouldn’t have consigned you to the bin. Fair play!
  5. Lads, please don’t quote Frank conner. I muted him months ago, and my Friday evening has been grim enough without reading his dribbling tripe.
  6. What about zero points from Cove and Peterhead?
  7. This has been a frustrating watch. Ugwu is happy to drop deep and get involved, which is fine, but he doesn't then seem to know where he needs to go to become a threat thereafter. So he'll be at the edge of the area, or the right hand side of it, rather than a danger inside the six-yard-box. Admitedly also not helped by the players in behind being so far away from him. No-one has managed to run in behind to make use of any good work he does do. This looks very much like the type of performance we seemed to put in about five weeks in a row earlier in the season, where we struggled to have a single shot at goal. Starting to get concerned that every game, another name disappears out the squad. Frankie Musonda today, which adds to a fairly lengthy list, that we can't really sustain. Lastly, Peter Grant is a very odd individual. Going absolutely daft because we kept the ball after play was restarted after the Alloa player was down in their box.
  8. After about 35 minutes tonight, I’d adopted my usual stance of nodding positively about how we were playing from back to middle, then contemplating smashing up my keyboard as soon as we entered the final third. I was concerned that Stirling had the best two openings in that period, and maybe if their goalie hadn’t inexplicably decided to fall back after Ugwu sent a header straight at him then who knows, it might have been different, but ultimately, we were well worthy of a place in the next round. I was impressed with the Binos coverage though, really professional and well worth a tenner. Cheers.
  9. Been trying to remember the last time a Rovers goalie saved a penalty in a game before this afternoon? It’s probably far more recently than I can remember, but I’m genuinely struggling to recall.
  10. Aye, feel I’m in the minority again here, as everyone seems pretty favourable about the commentary, but watching a stream that every now and again looked like I was watching through a kaleidoscope, while someone talked about taking “birds up the road,” just isn’t really for me. I’d be mortified if Niall and Davie was speaking like that at home games. Think I’ve been pretty positive about watching games online, but the combination of a poor performance from us, a guff result and some added sexism made me yearn for proper attendance more than ever. As for the game, we were very much second best. I thought we’d be fine when I saw Jack Hamilton was out for the Lichties, but I was concerned as soon as Brad Spencer had to withdraw. We’ve been reliant on him work rate wise in the middle of the park since Ross Matthews was ruled out, and we badly missed that today, against a team that was far better than us. This team’s ability to go from decent looking to dreadful from week to week is infuriating, but hopefully we’re back to something approaching respectability next week
  11. I seemed to be in the minority at the weekend, but I didn’t think Abraham was up to much against Dundee. He’s infuriating me tonight though.
  12. I had to log in and out a few times after buying it as it wasn’t giving me the watch icon. Missed the first 10.
  13. That’s a bit of a nuisance, I was looking forward to that. According to the article on the website, MacDonald’s isolation period was up before this game, so think he would have been back for this one, unless he was still feeling the effects of it.
  14. If Rovers play like they did on Tuesday, it could be an absolute gubbing. Yes, Queen of the South were a bit better than normal, but they were no more than adequate, and turned us over easily. If we play well, who knows. I’ll tentatively go for a 3-2 away win, with Gozie Ugwu scoring the winner, and Martin Hardie drunkenly breaking an ex-girlfriend’s drainpipe.
  15. Absolutely clutching at straws here, but that match versus Queen of the South had massive parallels with the game versus Alloa when Ray McKinnon was in charge. Doing well, midweek game versus an opponent who was struggling on a freezing cold evening, and generally being hopeless in defeat. Now, we then spent the second half of that campaign being as good as we’ve been for about 20 years, albeit a lot of that was based on great recruitment in January. I’m absolutely not saying history will repeat itself, as the January fixture list looks terrible and we probably don’t have the budget to make as many signings as we did back then, but regardless, as bad as we were on Tuesday, it doesn’t suddenly mean we’re guff* *Feel free to bring this up when it transpires that we are, actually guff.
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