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  1. Apparently he got the equivalent of two red cards up at Peterhead. Fair play to him.
  2. This opinion may have been generated by the fact I’ve been drinking at the Rovers anniversary shindig since 12, and is subject to change, right up to the full time whistle of our tie.
  3. Livingston have been rubbish for ages. I fancy us to beat them.
  4. I went down at half time because the queue before the game was massive, and they’d taken about 270 orders by that point.
  5. Looking forward to reading some BBC statistics and exclamation marks later.
  6. Fair play to Rovers. Being a goal up despite not touching the ball for approximately 43 minutes is quite the talent.
  7. Kevin Cuthbert spent his first season with us attempting to save everything with his feet, which was both strange, and unsurprisingly, unsuccessful. He was good after that right enough, but miles off McGurn’s standard.
  8. I’ve been thinking about this all night. It’s tremendous news.
  9. Hello lads, I see we’re top of the league again. This is becoming a real habit.
  10. It’s true though, so the person who mentioned it yesterday was correct.
  11. That definite? Total disaster if it’s true. Our injury record is quite incredible.
  12. Made it my bust. It’s been a good fortnight or so since I got a Stranraer game wrong, so went back to them.
  13. Glenavon seemed like quite an angry bunch. Really enjoyed watching them become irate at that third goal.
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