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  1. I was all for giving a chance but f**k Malky Mackay and f**k Roy MacGregor.
  2. I thought Tillson was horrendous. Time and again he lost his man, including Boyce for the 1st. GK looked better than Laidlaw but thought his distribution was poor and v slow.
  3. Killie got 2 of our best players from last season, for peanuts no doubt...
  4. According to Wikipedia 12 career goals. If he is a replacement for Oli Shaw then I'll be raging. TransferMarkt has 23 goals in 188 career games...
  5. I second this. Must mean we are getting somebody in to replace him tho…
  6. I've been very surprised with Randall this season in the respect he actually seems like he might even just slightly have the tiniest little bit of footballing ability. County should be targeting versatile players IMO and some of the signings seem that...
  7. Made the mistake of searching his name on twitter........... On a positive note - hopefully that finally means the end of Coll Donaldson.
  8. Not too many complaints from today… I didn’t think we were terrible but sat back far too much and were too slow/afraid to attack. Desperately need a left back and an actual striker or give Shaw a run.
  9. 180 minutes into a new season with a new manager, new formation and some new players. Chill.
  10. f**k people love to moan. We had 5 loans last season too.
  11. Tbf he scored a hat trick against Viktoria Plzen last night. They’re 47th in the coefficient rankings, above Rangers, PSV, Milan etc…
  12. There’s an interview with him on the Blackburn Rovers website saying he prefers playing as a CM.
  13. MM said after Saturday he had 14 first teamers to pick from and wanted 8(?) including another LB in addition to that. So after today we have 16 and 3/4 youth players. Far too short. still not totally against waiting for the right players… just feels like it’s taking a very long time…
  14. Thought I saw somewhere it was Clarke, Cancola and 3 others!
  15. 3 things certain in life; Death, Taxes and Coll Donaldson giving away penalties.
  16. The article is clearly directed at her religious views (free church) and have no subtle references whatsoever to Malky Mackay. Your posts are getting more and more embarrassing.
  17. This 110%. Easier for the plonkers to blame Malky tho.
  18. Be careful, people talking sense here isn’t generally liked…
  19. It’s hardly just the fact that we’ve left signings until later in the window. If County didn’t scrap their youth team last season then there would have been plenty of players to pick from, which I guess will still be Mackay’s fault….
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