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  1. Murray confirmed. Happy with that, I always thought he was decent. I wonder if Effiong will be linking up with Coyle at QP
  2. Obviously just my opinion, but whenever he came on it was like having a man down. He mostly came on out wide. Had a terrible touch, ran around like a headless chicken (not in a good way) and had little to no end product. I am genuinely happy that for the rest of this season (at least) I no longer have to watch him ‘play’…
  3. Might do OK in championship but I’m not sure he’s even a footballer..
  4. Akio off to Raith on Loan. Thank god. I cannot remember us having such a terrible, terrible footballer.
  5. Create a couple of chances. Concede against the run of play. Buckle and concede a few more. Repeat.
  6. He made a career out of being a backup and somehow we deemed and still deem him good enough
  7. Cancola is the only competent central midfielder we have, so hopefully not him...
  8. Callachan just really isn’t a very good footballer…
  9. Lost or drawn 77.9% of league games with Malky in charge. Time. To. Go. No fight, no desire, can barely string 2 passes together, can’t defend. Embarrassing.
  10. Imagine Akio being your game changing sub………..
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