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  1. The worst twitter thread I’ve ever seen in my life.
  2. I mean it's not as if we've watched around 200 games...
  3. And in that time we were relegated and on course to be in the bottom 2 last season before it was called. Not saying he was bad... he was pish.
  4. Overrated and not good enough at this level for the past few years...
  5. Hearts have done United a favour. Neilson is a horrible manager playing horrible football. His teams spend more time lying around on the ground than playing football.
  6. Don Cowie has retired to become first team coach.
  7. I wouldn't give it long until Kettlewell is found to be out of his depths.
  8. Graham is Graham, will have a couple of good games then a couple of games walking about with his arms out moaning. Would personally keep him as he always has goals in his locker. Spittal not so sure, I don't rate him but not really seen enough of him.
  9. A bit disappointed with that result, I thought hearts were there for the taking, especially in the first half. Their constant trying to pass out from the back was humorous. If County actually had more than 1 winger we might have taken all 3 points...
  10. SF & SK looking to field a team of CM's for the remainder of the campaign...
  11. The terrace/stand behind the home goal is what all clubs should aspire to having... 😍
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