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  1. Reid was a youth player. We wouldn’t be as competent as to sign a player with such potential.
  2. If a coaching team fails with 2 managers in one season I think it says as much about them as it does the managers getting punted...
  3. If one of the management team goes they all should. We need to look past the ‘county people’ mentality ie jobs for the boys... it just doesn’t work.
  4. IIRC I was in the bar at the stadium before this one and there was a guy with the worst half St Johnstone / half Sunderland strip on 🤮
  5. Brian Graham knocked some sense into him...
  6. Another Saturday ruined by County. Roll on the Seaside Leagues...
  7. Can we all agree to wrap up that “White and Mckay” patter already...
  8. We should get punted to the highland league... it’s about our standard...
  9. Considering he’s out of contract in 6months grab it and run. He’s been a shadow of himself this season.
  10. Apparently Reid close to Coventry with no loan back.
  11. I mean I was all for John Hughes, he’s a good motivator and I’d imagine would be great to work for, however, the recruitment strategy the club has been operating for years is a disgrace and I think this is highlighted more than ever. If Roy/Ferguson/Hughes/Whoever thinks a squad with 11 central midfielders 2 wingers, 3 strikers that couldn’t score for love nor money, a defence that has conceded about 100 goals for the 100th season in a row and a keeper that is probably League 1 standard... beggars belief really... Quality over quantity, why sign 4 shite CM’s in January when you could sign 1 decent one to add to the 7 already here? 🤯
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