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  1. https://albionroversfc.univtec.com/event/605125cc46163462b09b0076
  2. From the little the club have said there seems to be a legal/contractual dispute with the company which was doing the work, so it probably isn't as easy as just getting someone else to do it.
  3. Perhaps because there's been doubt cast over where Queen's will play home games for the rest of the season. Leeann Dempster indicated that in her interview, as you know. Dooflick has since kindly shared his understanding that Queen's will be at Hampden until the end of this month, but there's been nothing officially confirmed by the club about the immediate future and people are legitimately unsure of what's happening or what to believe.
  4. Interesting to hear what was said, or wasn't, about Lesser. Friends of mine who live on the southside have told me that there's been no work done for several months and that over the last couple of days the builders have been packing up and clearing the site. What could be going on? I'm sure the club will want to let supporters know of any significant developments and the implications of a longer delay.
  5. At the current rate of building progress it'll be called the Penny Cars Stadium, Airdrie.
  6. Sadly, as you'll see from a couple of posts above yours, the club has stopped communicating with fans, including members, on plans for Lesser Hampden / use of Hampden in recent months, so your guess is as good as anyone's. Who knows when the last match at Hampden will be, or where Queen's will play immediately after that?
  7. Impossible to say, really. Hardly played in the couple of months he was at Queen's.
  8. I was more of a Shoot boy. Still get a slight pang of disappointment each Christmas when I don't get an annual, although it seems unlikely they'd feature full colour photos of Gary Birtles anymore. Mind being surprised to hear a new Cornershop tune on the wireless earlier in the year. Seem to mind thinking it was fairly decent.
  9. Restricted to the bunch of cults who witnessed his legendary Consett hat-trick.
  10. I think its probably also the case that her time at Hibs had run its course. She'd certainly not been as prominent since the new owner took over last year, and it would seem they have their own ideas. There doesn't seem to have been any animosity in her leaving though.
  11. I know one or two as well and this is certainly my impression. She's very highly regarded by the majority as someone who came in when Hibs were at their lowest after years of mismanagement, transformed the relationship between the club and the support, carried out a major restructuring of how the place was run, appointed managers who won the cup and then promotion and saw record numbers of season tickets sold. She's certainly not hated by the majority of Hibs fans.
  12. Exactly. Some of us got letters from the then QP president congratulating us on it after that Gretna cup game a few years ago.
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