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  1. Charlie Fox though. Outstanding. What's the chances?
  2. 'The pitch is a big leveller. Wait 'till we get them back to Airdrie and we can play our fancy football'. Delighted for the team, their passion, teamwork and organisation. A tortuous 210 minutes, but an historic victory to remember, and worth the miserable trips to Peterhead and Montrose, and all the one ones. It's really too early to say, but the Coyle era could well be exactly the right person at the right time. Yes, it's not fair, and hard one to take if you're an Airdrie fan. They were excellent and relentless this season. In my view a better footballing team than Cove. It's particularly unfair on Dylan Easton. An annoying wee shite, simply because he is a very good footballer. I hope Airdrie can retain the best of their team, and their manager, although I wonder if Rhys McCabe fancies Championship football.
  3. He did look like he took a knock in the last game, but could well have been rested tactically. Yes he can be brilliant, and a game-changer, but also inconsistent, and wasteful with the ball. The return tie may well be his time to shine.
  4. I agree with the comments here, but what still puzzles me is why we ditched Ellis. I understand the results weren't great, but to hear that the club were faced with Dempster or Beuker taking the role because there was no other option is baffling.
  5. Congratulations to Cove Rangers. Worthy winners. Next season will be important, as I think the core of this team has served well, but needs to strengthen. Shay Logan and Fyvie being the standouts for me, but we all want a Megginson. Personally I think Hartley is a sound manager, and the progress and governance of the club seems well thought through. The Gretna shouts are easy to make, but the situation isn't going to change. The East Stirlingshires and Berwick Rangers will fall away, and more will follow Cove and Kelty. At the risk of being cheesy, the forum will be worse off without CoveRangers 1922. Ok, a one-man army leading a charm offensive, but always insightful input.
  6. I think we all know what to expect in the play-offs. The momentum that was spoken of is a losers' mentality. To be fair, we have some good talent, and can look impressive, but we can't defend. As soon as we started sitting deep, it was more and more inevitable as the game wore on. A pattern we have watched all season, but now not managing even to draw.
  7. Quite disappointed with that post-match reaction. We did deserve to lose that.
  8. That was a relief. Fair to say we were uninspiring today. How much of that was down to a good EF game plan though? Again. They do what they do very well (Gus would be proud), but that was quite awful to sit and watch. Agree with the comments about McBride.
  9. Seems to me that's very good news for Clyde. Despite what you may say about his recruitment (under constraints), he seems to create much more than the sum of parts. I've wondered if Falkirk would have fallen so far with DL in charge.
  10. He was the best loanee I can remember. Close to the finished article when he was with us. Josh Doig a standout too.
  11. I'm not that down about dropping the points today. It's another step towards the playoffs, although Airdrie fans will be more gutted. Unbeaten by Cove this season with a win and three draws, but today we were the better team all over the park, and a draw doesn't really reflect that. Again we were wasteful in front of goal, but don't remember many chances from Cove. Will need to see the penalty claim again, but looked like nothing to me. All round good performance, esp Connell, Fox and Bob. Smith was very good too but was cut down every time. Championship winning teams find a way to rescue the points!
  12. Looks like Cambuslang Rangers won their league yesterday. Wonder if Scott Williamson is free to join us for the remaining games.
  13. I do like listening to him: 'I tried to read the rules at half time, and it seems we couldn't substitute them all', and 'no, the only positive to take from that was the performance of a 16 yo in his first start'. Exciting times for Queen's Park, but as commented by Mr. November, a very boring season. It's clear to see we have no threat up front, and from the manner of today's defending, I do wonder if we have anything to build on for next season? I expected Airdrie to tail off after McInroy left, and they picked up a few injuries, but they are in fact even better, and pretty much strolled it this afternoon. Our heaviest defeat of the season?
  14. Is there ever an appointment made when this doesn't happen? The reality of the lower divisions is that nobody joins any club with a sustained unblemished record of success.
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