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  1. Fully agree, and I thought Airdrie went about it very well. They know how to defend against QP. It's maybe been said before, but our deliberate and careful passing build-up means that defences are already organised and the box is packed. Playing crosses into out-numbered forwards or trying to play one-twos through a wall of defenders just looks futile. I'd like to see Baynham get a run alongside Murray.
  2. You're not getting it. We have had a number of bad injuries on this surface (Peter Grant and Quitongo have been out for four months). In my post I mentioned I'm not at all attributing this to either the Falkirk pitch or any grass pitch. I'm simply commenting it's been remarkable - bad luck if you like. I think maybe you don't believe I'm not having a go at some perceived unfairness. You're an angry man Ranaldo. We got the points today, good chance you'll get them next time. Enjoy the ride.
  3. I'm not actually suggesting it's anything other than coincidence (I should have said that). QP train on an artificial surface, and will play on one from next season, but still remarkable the casualty rate on this one per games played on it. A jinx maybe is all.
  4. I don't really do memes, but this has made my evening a little more enjoyable still.
  5. That was great. it was sickening last week to drop points where we really merited all three, but this certainly an enjoyable reward for work rate and organisation. A good deal of luck involved over both games despite all the analysis. That's football. Gillespie has been great, and liked what I saw of Connor Smith. Thomson adds a bit of grit in midfield, but I'd like Darren Lyon get more starts. I thought Fox was great too, and couldn't really agree that his challenge was rash (I maybe need to see it again). How many injuries on this surface now? Falkirk looked decent, and appear to be occupied with the same hand-wringing over goal threat that we are. Looks like an interesting season.
  6. Have to agree, Same with East Fife, same with Bonyrigg.
  7. Baynham not on the bench again..I can't even remember him getting injured, and hasn't been mentioned on the casualty list. Not sure when we should expect Grant and Quitingo to join full training either.
  8. Yeah there was one near post routine today that didn't come off, but he put such a perfect ball in down at Annan that it could only be defended by bundling it into the net.
  9. Very encouraging today to see team shake off the suggestion of nice passing, possession football with no goal threat. Murray looks sharp and direct, and Longridge is quality. Liam Brown is outstanding and a great fit for this team. I agree with the earlier comments on Morrison's improvement and strengths. I'm also in the camp that McHugh will come good. Too good a footballer and proven finisher. I found it hard to assess Dumbarton as I think we were really effective in breaking up how they wanted to play (less so against Bonnyrigg). Not too convinced by Orsi, but Ross McLean can be great when he's on form. I thought McGeever and Buchanan would be formidable, and while we didn't do too well with crosses into the box, the defence seemed to get out of shape a few times. With three key players missing too, we're in good shape to challenge for a top four placing.
  10. Delighted with that. Especially for Bob McHugh. Also thought Morrison was impressive today. Quite surprised how poorly Cove adjusted to going down to 10. They didn't compete second half and QP played sone lovely stuff, albeit still so wasteful in front of goal.
  11. Apparently tomorrow if they can fix the issues they have with their ticketing platform.
  12. Any idea if the club will stream the game on Saturday v QP? Not sure if you are limited to the number of away tickets you can sell.
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