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  1. Well if knowledge of positive test is only known 20 mins before kick-off are these wallopers on speed dial? They usually take months to answer anything in their day jobs. And I would question a medical professional going against the advice that has been promoted since March 2020 on what to do in the event of a positive test. Test track and ISOLATE. Can I also suggest there is now walk in testing throughout Scotland where it takes 30 minutes for a result to be given.
  2. My brother today received a Christmas hamper from the club. What a really thoughtful and very kind gesture. He is over 80 and not technology savvy. So asked me to post his big thanks
  3. First class presentation thanks to all involved. We have a really good well run club. So thanks to volunteers, staff management team,directors and especially players for an entertaining season
  4. Obviously you can only see Higgins as the villain. And it will be the same every week moaning about one player. The whole team was under par today. The goalkeeper was iffy for one of the goals.The midfield didn't gel today. And I don't think Wallace and Duggan were that good together. For me they are too similar in play to work. But its early days and I'm sure it will work out
  5. You seem fixated with left sided players. We have cover
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