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  1. Think Stephen has now scored a hat trick against a team from all four divisions. Must be some sort of a record.
  2. Was going tae watch on the tellybox but after todays sizzling (first half) display will be heading for Fife. Canny be ersed driving back so any recommendations for cheap and cheerful digs would be appreciated. Cheers.
  3. Ross County v Queens

    More than happy to let you have a point!
  4. Ayr v Queens

    Spelling went a bit awry in the last sentence. Just to add I also find the repetitive anti Ayr "song" embarrassing.
  5. Ayr v Queens

    Doubt we will be in the seaside league next season but you never know. On the subject of derbies, we don't have any obvious rivals. Geographically it should be Annan but most Queens fans actually have a soft spot for them, unlike the bile routinely spewed over Gretna during their short lived existence. As for Tues night looking forward to having a few beers prior to visiting your ramshackle ground. He cannae beat e guide auld fashioned grun.
  6. Partick v Queens

    I'll second that motion.
  7. The Famous vs Queen of the South 4th August

    Doyle, Harkins and co maybe have other ideas.
  8. Gotcha. Cheers D'Jaffo.
  9. Championship Golden Boot

    A good few decent strikers should be in the mix this season but on the evidence of what I have seen so far anyone who betters Dobbies total will richly deserve it.
  10. If that info is correct could somebody please explain why Ayr are top seeds and Motherwell are ranked in the second grouping even tho both won their section? Oanyways, some start for you guys, looking forward tae a couple o nights oot in Ayr.
  11. The Famous vs Queen of the South 4th August

    A wee bit concerned at the uncharacteristic optimism shown by some of the queens fans.
  12. JessieField, you are an embarrassment.
  13. Weird game today, very difficult to sum up. Guess it must have been hugely entertaining for any neutrals present. Big relief when the fifth went in. One thing is for sure Dobbie has serious competition for the POTY award. What a start for Harkins!
  14. Short memories guys. Remember a couple o years back a wee livewire called Smart Osadolor looked quite tasty against us? Many Queens fans were were advocating that we sign him immediately on the basis of one performance in a friendly. Last I heard he left Clyde on a free to join Queens Park. A cautionary tale perhaps.
  15. Thought Lyndon improved considerably towards the end of last season. Sadly, yesterday he was a waste of a shirt.