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  1. Partick v Queens

    I'll second that motion.
  2. The Famous vs Queen of the South 4th August

    Doyle, Harkins and co maybe have other ideas.
  3. Gotcha. Cheers D'Jaffo.
  4. Championship Golden Boot

    A good few decent strikers should be in the mix this season but on the evidence of what I have seen so far anyone who betters Dobbies total will richly deserve it.
  5. If that info is correct could somebody please explain why Ayr are top seeds and Motherwell are ranked in the second grouping even tho both won their section? Oanyways, some start for you guys, looking forward tae a couple o nights oot in Ayr.
  6. The Famous vs Queen of the South 4th August

    A wee bit concerned at the uncharacteristic optimism shown by some of the queens fans.
  7. JessieField, you are an embarrassment.
  8. Weird game today, very difficult to sum up. Guess it must have been hugely entertaining for any neutrals present. Big relief when the fifth went in. One thing is for sure Dobbie has serious competition for the POTY award. What a start for Harkins!
  9. Short memories guys. Remember a couple o years back a wee livewire called Smart Osadolor looked quite tasty against us? Many Queens fans were were advocating that we sign him immediately on the basis of one performance in a friendly. Last I heard he left Clyde on a free to join Queens Park. A cautionary tale perhaps.
  10. Thought Lyndon improved considerably towards the end of last season. Sadly, yesterday he was a waste of a shirt.
  11. Sons Sorrow 2018/19

    BTW , Falkirk fans, WTF?
  12. Sons Sorrow 2018/19

    Was delighted when Naysmith signed Andy Stirling on a two year contract "to provide width" . Queens subsequently played the majority of their games in a very narrow formation with one hugely talented but one paced striker up front. Any info on how this is gonnae pan out for AS?
  13. Sons' sorrow

    No sure about the misty eyed old farts bit but a particular favourite of mine was "who do you think you are kidding Mr Steedman? Best o luck on Saturday guys.
  14. Brechin v Queens

    Going up early for a few bevvies. Just tae calm the nerves like.
  15. The St. Mirren FC 2018/19 Thread

    Oh right. Will have tae have another look at the fixture list. Thanks for the info guys.