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  1. Does anyone know how many tickets have been sold for the Israel game?
  2. I find this Robbie McCrorie situation very strange on Rangers behalf. If it's true and he's off to Livi, that's him played for two clubs in a season. Surely if anything major happened to McGregor and Fotheringham it would of been easy enough to recall him back from Queens to replace any of there keepers. It just doesn't add up on their part. And if he's going to Livi it would need to be as there No 1, not sit on the bench and lose guaranteed game time, which he's getting currently at Queens. Then Livingston's wouldn't be able to play him against his parent club for the rest of the season as well.
  3. That must be the worst display of time wasting that I've ever seen at a football match. Thought the new rule was that they had to leave the pitch at the nearest point. It looks like this shower of shite are going up, but it won't be long till they're back down again. I bet the likes of Hamilton and Ross County are looking forward to an easy game next season.
  4. Think Queens need a euro millions sugar daddy to bail us out. Can't see many Partick players that played yesterday, getting a game after January. They might of won but they'll be getting there P45s soon.
  5. No coins though, must be spent up after Saturday. Waiting on the Giro.
  6. Shut the door, before someone spits on me.
  7. Of or have make no difference. Still a black and white losing fanny.
  8. Pleased Gary Oliver didn't bite Muirhead. He'd of caught thrush from the Fanny.
  9. As the saying goes Rome wasn't built in a day. Give him a chance.
  10. Nice to see Wullie Gibson getting the chance to be in charge of the reserve team at Queen's. Hopefully he'll bring on some young local talent that can make it to the first team in the future.
  11. Steve Clarks rent boy, was beat after queen's scored there second. Petulant, over-rated and no where good enough to be anywhere near a Scotland squad. Just shows how bad we've become as a football nation,. Lawrence Shankland's just a shite Stephen Dobbie. [emoji16][emoji16][emoji16]
  12. Nithsdale 3- 1 Wigtown Abbey Vale 2 - 2 CBs Creetown 1 - 1 Lochmaben Heston 1 - 2 Uppers Mids 3 - 2 Threave Newton 1 - 2 Bonnyton Saints 3 - 1 YM Reserves 2 - 0 Lochar
  13. Never mentioned Paton in my post. It's all about the doom and gloom. Give the bloke a chance to get a squad together, with his budget it can't be easy. If he can match some of the performance s when he was here the last time, that'll do for me.
  14. I remember Allan Johnston recieving a fair few negative comments about signing a certain Derek Young during his first transfer window. That came back to bite them, without a shadow of a doubt. The best thing would be let him get on with it under his restricted transfer budget. Hopefully he can find another few like Young.
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