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  1. Headed for the Arrochar Alps this morning to enjoy the weather and was treated to some stunning views. Done both Beinn Narnain and Beinn Ime, swithered about doing The Cobbler too but decided against it. Took about 6 hours in all. Upto 10 munros now and already planning the next outing! Beinn Narnain: Beinn Ime:
  2. Should get the full band back together, whats Lewis Horner and Tarmo Kink upto these days?
  3. Anthony Macdonald has signed for Brechin in the highland league. For someone who’s only 21 he’s had some amount of injuries
  4. Subway call the people who make the pieces “Sandwich Artists” which is a bit of a stretch
  5. No idea who first posted it but “Getting off at Haymarket” is one of my favourite bits of patter to come from this website
  6. Done Ben Nevis a few weeks back and didn’t manage the CMD Arete as it was very misty on the day so didn’t fancy getting lost, need to get back up and avoid the Tourist path like the plague! Was Ben More and Stob Binnein for me at the weekend. Only seen 3 other people the whole 6 hours I was out for. Weather was brutal but enjoyed the challenge of Ben More and its interesting ascent
  7. How will you do? I reckon top 4 again, kept the core of last seasons squad together with some decent additions too. What was last season's best moment? The 3-2 win against Raith Rovers after 2 late goals from Logan Chalmers. The seethe from Raith fans was utterly tremendous after that one. What was last season's worst moment? The second half of the second leg of the Playoff final. Which former player would you like to see involved at your club? Ryan Christie, would piss this league and run riot with him playing in the 10 role. What was the most surprising thing that happened at your club last season? Going 7 games undefeated to start the league after a very underwhelming league cup campaign
  8. https://www.reuters.com/world/uk/british-police-receive-5-pay-increase-2022-07-19/ Reuters reporting that the Police and NHS staff in England and Wales will receive a payrise of 5% on average.
  9. Would like to see the Fitzwater tackle on Allardice back again, looked like a naughty one from my angle. Danny Mackay had Devlin on toast, some boy
  10. 1. The Caley 2. Partick Thistle 3. Dundee 4. QP 5. Abroath 6. Raith 7. Cove 8. Ayr 9. Morton 10. Accies
  11. I took that as a point apiece for drawing the game because one of the pundits then said they had missed the opportunity in the penalties. That’s how I took what he said too, each side gets a point for drawing but they each miss out on the bonus point
  12. Kelty defence must’ve had about 4/5 blocks just in the last 10 minutes alone. Few boys said the goal looked offside but I’m not sure. Boyd seems to be a tidy player but is 5’4 and looks like a Ken Doll. Delaney looked a bit nervous but came into the game. Mackay, Shaw and Oakley all looked looked dangerous. Tuesday night will be a better test to see where we are.
  13. Bit of a last minute decision to attend today, any tips on wheres best to park near the ground in Kelty?
  14. Would recommend the Wellpark Tour if anyones looked into it. Getting a pint of unpasteurised T was absolutely magnificent to top it off
  15. My memory of Oakley was that at times he seemed more interested in wrestling with centre halves than actually playing football
  16. Mackay’s doing that well at Hibs he’s not been involved in any of their preseason friendlies and didn’t exactly set the heather alight at Killie either. Would we want him back?
  17. I wasn’t at any of the games when Nicolson got on last season but agree that Harper needs to up his game big time. He’s largely ineffective out on the wing but hopefully he’ll kick on. I’m sure he and Roddy are both tied down until 2024 so plenty of time for him to improve.
  18. Top man, appreciate it! Think we’ll definitely head up this route up
  19. Looking for some advice from the more experienced hillwalkers on here. I got speaking to a chap on Ben Vane a couple weeks back and mentioned to him I fancied doing Ben Nevis this year. He said if I was gonna do it go the CMD Arete route and that it wasn’t too bad in terms of difficulty, but I always like a 2nd opinion. Anyone done this route and is it difficult? (Done 5 munros and still a relative novice)
  20. Updated to add the signings of Steven Boyd and Nathan Shaw. No idea of contract length for either
  21. Steven Boyd, what can we expect? Never heard of him before it was announced he’d signed
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