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  1. That’s the first game I’ve been to this season has Carson been that bad in every other game so far? Very scrappy game that last season we would’ve drawn. Is Keatings out long term?
  2. Turned the TV on there the now and Ben Greenhalgh is on Tenable with his mates [emoji23]
  3. Interesting that Mackay, Harper, Machado and Macgregor have not been sent out on loan. Maybe Robbo thinks these lads could push for a place in the first team?
  4. 9 of our youth players have joined Fort William on loan https://ictfc.com/nine-cagey-jags-join-fort-on-loan Hopefully gets the lads a taste of competitive football
  5. Really hope JB Holmes falls away, one of the slowest golfers on Tour and nothing ever gets done about it!
  6. Played quite well my last two medals, 39 points both times so handicap is now 4.8😬 Never been this low before so heading into Uncharted Territory 😂 Looking forward to the Scottish Open this week aswell!
  7. Our third kit has just been announced, marks our 25th anniversary Bit plain but I like it
  8. Darren Mccauley away back to Ireland https://ictfc.com/mccauley-joins-derry-city-for-an-undisclosed-fee
  9. Cheers, played a 3 handicapper tonight and lost 4&3. Was just playing a different game to me at times. Found out that because I had the lowest combined Nett Score in qualifying I get a medal and £100 Voucher, lovely bonus
  10. Had our club champs qualifiers this weekend, shot 73-78 to hopefully qualify for the scratch championships!
  11. Speaking of goalies, who's the best keeper we've ever had? only started going to games around 2005 ish so got to be Dean Brill for me
  12. Tam Walsh back in the squad for tonight, Tremarco and Polworth(obvs) missing
  13. Currently in a pub attached to a travel lodge in Stoke on Trent watching this Guys standing watching cricket are trying to slate Scottish football [emoji849]
  14. Calculated mine and I’d be the exact same [emoji23] I’ve been playing dross so far this season so it might change soon enough
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