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  1. People who smoke or vape are the biggest bug bears for me. See far too many fag ends lying in the street and have had arguments with my pals because they’ve been pinging their fag ends away when they’re done. Been seeing so many of the disposable vapes lying around recently too. I think it comes down to pure ignorance to be honest. There’s a community group round where I live and they go round doing litter picks every so often. The amount of bags they end up with from such a small area is frightening.
  2. Happy enough with that, Duffys a steady option at right back and Hydes a decent squad player.
  3. Looking forward to playing Airdrie 5 times next season and seeing all of our Dundee friends again
  4. I used to bring in the deliveries at Tesco and the lorry driver asked me “Do you believe that NASA went to the moon?” which ended up in an hour long conversation in him explaining how the earth is flat, the moon landing is fake, the camera feed to the ISS is filmed infront of a green screen etc. Kept me amused while I was half asleep on a Sunday morning.
  5. I met a guy in my old job who firmly believed the earth was flat, NASA was just all actors and the moon landing footage was shot in a warehouse in Nevada. Glad he didn’t come to deliver to our shop often.
  6. I’m almost certain that he was a 2 year deal and Boyd was a 1 year. Like you, I’ve been having a look and can’t find anything that confirms it
  7. Not ran since this 10k, ended up going to Physio a few weeks back and turns out I sprained my LCL and my IT bands giving me some bother. Was nearly in tears with some of the things he was doing to my leg but feels much improved and hopefully get back out soon. Did have some grand plans for this year but will be spending the summer building the mileage back up (hopefully!)
  8. Called it. https://twitter.com/ictfc/status/1666472405705928706?s=46&t=bQ9pEfbPSN-c1y-bmjkt7w
  9. Dry eyes at the final whistle for me Cameron. Understandable that you’re proud of your old man though.
  10. For the PGA to have such a dramatic turnaround either: - more of the big hitters have threatened to walk away (Rahm, Mcilory etc) or - Liv have offered them a silly amount of cash
  11. How long we thinking til Yogi sneaks into the BBC scotland studios and appears on the radio saying he’s applied and is expecting a response?
  12. https://twitter.com/pandjsport/status/1665969412946677761?s=46&t=bQ9pEfbPSN-c1y-bmjkt7w Wallace Duffy stays, feel he’s improved massively since he came in so happy with him staying on
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