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  1. My memory of Oakley was that at times he seemed more interested in wrestling with centre halves than actually playing football
  2. Mackay’s doing that well at Hibs he’s not been involved in any of their preseason friendlies and didn’t exactly set the heather alight at Killie either. Would we want him back?
  3. I wasn’t at any of the games when Nicolson got on last season but agree that Harper needs to up his game big time. He’s largely ineffective out on the wing but hopefully he’ll kick on. I’m sure he and Roddy are both tied down until 2024 so plenty of time for him to improve.
  4. Top man, appreciate it! Think we’ll definitely head up this route up
  5. Looking for some advice from the more experienced hillwalkers on here. I got speaking to a chap on Ben Vane a couple weeks back and mentioned to him I fancied doing Ben Nevis this year. He said if I was gonna do it go the CMD Arete route and that it wasn’t too bad in terms of difficulty, but I always like a 2nd opinion. Anyone done this route and is it difficult? (Done 5 munros and still a relative novice)
  6. Updated to add the signings of Steven Boyd and Nathan Shaw. No idea of contract length for either
  7. Steven Boyd, what can we expect? Never heard of him before it was announced he’d signed
  8. Tumilty would be a good signing I reckon. Not a fan of Mcgowan for his off field antics
  9. Duffy seemed to improve towards the end of the season so happy with that and pleased we’ve given Sutherland a new deal after his injury. As mentioned before, Doran needs to contribute a bit more or this could be his last season at the club (as a player anyway). Decent squad depth anyway
  10. Updated (again) to add Shane Sutherland and Wallace Duffy signing new deals
  11. Never found any cash but found someones credit card walking the dog a few years back. Phoned Tesco Bank and they said take it to the nearest police station. Copper that took it in couldn’t have been less interested.
  12. Can we go back to the finances chat? That was far more interesting than whatever Sophia and Sandy are on about
  13. I would be very surprised to see Robbo leave his sporting director role to go back into management. Stranger things have happened of course but I get the impression after the circumstances that led him to take time off before he’s not interested in managing again
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