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  1. My gran was in a care home from about 2012 to when she died in 2017. She had dementia and just went from bad to worse, me and my sister understood why she didn’t recognise us and didn’t get upset. Our Cousin went in to see her one day and stormed out raging and crying because my gran had no idea who she was (she’s not the brightest). She had an incident where she managed to get into the garden within the home unaccompanied and fell outside and scraped her face down a rough cast wall and needed 21 stitches. Going into see her was a pretty horrible experience tbh, there was an old woman who was 104 and she couldn’t do anything for herself, had to be fed, cleaned etc literally got woke up in the morning plonked in a chair til bedtime. Not the way I’d want to spend my later years
  2. A 30 year old striker that’s been playing part time football for the past 6/7 years isn’t the most exciting signing. Sure Robbo knows what he’s doing though
  3. One of the best tips I’ve got for putting is to use the logo on your ball to line up with where you want to start it. A good tip for reading greens that works for me is, imagine you hit your putt straight at the hole and visualise where it ends up, adjust your aim to start the ball so far to the opposite side of where it ended up. Controlling speed just comes naturally and takes practice of hitting putts
  4. Really not sure how to feel about Meekings coming back (if he does), him and Warren strolled the cup winning season but I don’t think he’s been great since he left. Would like to see him and another centre half coming in because Brad McKay is a bombscare and Toshney seems to be made of glass
  5. 1) Lost a stone before lockdown but hitting the gym and eating well, since lockdown I've not done much but only put a few pounds back on. 2) Won't be going on holiday anytime soon 😂 3) Handicaps been cut to 5 and I'm very close 4 so going well! 4)Was doing regular exercise by going to the gym and playing golf, been playing golf lots since the restrictions have been lifted but not done much strenuous exercise recently
  6. Another Wednesday competition tonight and had 40 points with a lost ball! 😂 Short game was really good and very pleased with the way I played! Another good score should see me comfortably down to 4
  7. Last week it was initially just as 2 balls, but the competition got cancelled due to the fog Yesterday was the first competition in 3-balls, we’ve been given access to use the mobile score entry on HowDidiDo/ClubV1 so that’s one option. Or if you don’t have a smartphone, you can take a scorecard and one person marks it and verbally confirms with their playing partners the scores and you can post it into the clubhouse or take a photo and email the match sec with a photo of the scorecard Seems to be going alright so far, takes a couple days for them to post the results of the competitions but that’s understandable We’ve been sent an updated fixture list to make sure we get the most important competitions played
  8. I'm off 5.1 now after Nett 68 yesterday, hoping to get to 4 by the time Club Championships come
  9. I’ve got a Bushnell Hybrid that’s both a rangefinder and has a gps display, think cost me about 330 last year. Don’t have a house, wife or kids (yet!) so I can justify paying that amount on my hobby 😂😂
  10. Really good listen that, Gardiner comes across really well. Wonder if now that we know we’ll be in Championship next season, we’ll see some of the younger lads he mentioned get resigned
  11. Played yesterday and shot 4 over so very pleased with that, the guys in front of us were a bit slow, the old waiting for the group in front to get 250 yards away then topping their drive. I’ve not see much of an increase in the pace of play round our place, think we were 3 and a half hours yesterday
  12. Seen someone on twitter claim that Harry Nicholson and Ryan Fyffe have been given new deals but they’ve been announced as leaving? Anyone got any idea what sort of wages we offer players? Can’t imagine we’ll have guys on a grand a week, maybe 500/600 a week? Plus bonuses?
  13. A bit disappointed that pretty much all the young boys that went out to Fort William have been released. Thought some of them had a bright future going by Charlie Christie’s comments on the Wyness Shuffle but bottom of the highland league to top of the championship is a big step up
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