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  1. First ever trip to Starks Park for me I imagine this’ll be a tight game between two of the leagues better sides Any tips on where to park are greatly appreciated
  2. Ryan Christie because he’d create chances in this league and score plenty. Graeme Shinnie as he’s one of the best to ever play for us (in my time watching Caley). Jonny Hayes, he’d run at players and get people off their seats Probably forgot a blatantly obvious one
  3. He may still need to keep a club membership as I think a lot of clubs are against the idea of the SGU membership and are limiting Open entries to people who are members of clubs only
  4. Bit late to the party here but started the season at 2.7 and finishing it at 3.2, mainly down to not practicing due to moving house and sorting a lot of that stuff out. Next seasons goal is scratch (and beyond!)
  5. Went to Alton Towers a few years back during May and the place was very quiet. Got speaking to an engineer who was hitching a ride in one of the gondolas and he was saying that it doesn’t get anywhere near as busy as it used to. That might be due to the accident on the Smiler however. Still a very good theme park and thoroughly enjoyed my day. Otherwise, Loudoun Castle was pretty dire when I was there years ago before it closed down.
  6. Listened to this last night, very good listen @RiG! Good to hear about the games/players from a fans perspective
  7. Mcginley saying Mcilroy is one of our top players and it’s a big call to drop him. Way he played yesterday it’s the easiest call to make I reckon.
  8. I graduated uni in 2019 and done an application to PWC, the second stage involved downloading an app to my phone and playing 11 separate mini games to judge my eligibility for the role which took well over an hour. As soon as I’d completed them all and closed the app. I received an email to say I’d been unsuccessful. Job I got after graduating and still do now. Was just a simple CV and cover letter I think, phone interview then face to face interview. Offered the job a few days later.
  9. I agree on Poulter but Westwood earned the right to be there I’m sure.
  10. We’ve scored 7 goals and conceded one so far. Dunfermline have scored 3 and conceded 11. We’re top, you’re bottom. This has Pars 1-0 with OFW pulling off multiple worldies and Todorov turning into prime Van Basten written all over it.
  11. Agree 100% with Keptie, those pictures are stunning! How long have you been doing the summit camps for?
  12. Wow! So defo been lucky then! Both pictures were taken well before 9 o’clock this morning. Spoke to 2 girls when I was nearly back at the car and showed them those pictures and they practically ran up the hill afterwards hoping to see the same
  13. Schiehallion today for me and seen some surreal views once I broke through the clouds. Sat at the top and admired the views for a while! Are Cloud Inversions common or have I been a lucky boy today?
  14. Was in Primary 1 at school, all I can remember is being annoyed that there was no cartoons on any of the 5 channels we had when I got home.
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