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  1. Who you have in charge of your team might be your biggest worry .
  2. It’s getting a bit boring now with the guy. Just sign or move on. Surely he will come up in the chat tonight with Bullen.
  3. It’s my company that’s sponsors them and they choose the strips last season. No connection to senior team in relation to strips.
  4. I live in cumnock can unfortunately confirm that So can I. In my street , me Ayr , neighbour DKB , next neighbour down sevco.
  5. Strips never bothered me. It’s who put them on I’m more bothered about.
  6. Surprised he hasn’t moved already for Murdoch and as someone else said Reading. I’ve seen us quite a bit this season and these two for me IMO would be in the very small list of sorry to see them go but we are used to players moving on. Ecrepont I don’t think would have signed again unless he was told he is in with a chance of first team action Smith like wise. What’s the point in resigning ( assuming it’s 1 year deals ) and then going out on loan again and then they think sod this and move on for free. A worry for me is Gondoh whose signing says “ here you go Lee another for you “ & he is like “ Not for me/ I don’t like attackers / nor good enough “. Delete as applicable.
  7. Will Earn is an absolute never ever has anything positive to say. These people do my head in.
  8. Players player of the year & POTY - Adeloye Goal of the season - McInroy
  9. I’m not there. I friend posted on Twitter about it.
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