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  1. Thank you for posting this photograph. There must have been many pre-War photographs of Junior Scotland teams taken but they are difficult to find. A couple of small corrections. The match was played on 8 April 1933 and the photograph was taken at St Andrews, Birmingham, the ground of Birmingham (later City) FC, where the match was played. By one of those strange coincidences I have seen this photograph before but the source was the grandson of the other Dundonian in the team, Jimmy Briggs. Thanks to your post we can now put a name to another face in the team photograph, Dickie Boag. Here is the line-up in the photograph as we have it. Names in bold are definite identifications (with Dickie Boag now added - thanks), the other names are best guesses using other photographs and at the end are the four players we cannot place. The players are difficult to identify as they are wearing their caps and are younger than other photographs taken later in their careers. One clue is that they appear to be wearing their club socks. If anyone can help pleas just let me know. Row 1 (Back row) from left to right: [official], [official], [official], DS Beaton (Dundee Violet), [official], [official]. Row 2 from left to right: [official], T Wallace (Bridgeton Waverley) (Trainer), [XXX], Archie Gourlay (Dunipace), Duncan Erskine (Alyth United) (Travelling Reserve), [XXX], [XXX]. Row 3 from left to right: [official], Robert Corrance (Renfrew) (Captain), Jimmy Briggs (Dundee Violet), [XXX], [XXX], Dicky Boag (Lochee Harp), John McDonald (Bonnyrigg Rose Athletic), Willie Lyon (Kirkintilloch Rob Roy]. Row 4 from left to right: Duncan McClure (Parkhead), [XXX], [XXX]. Bold indicates they have definitely been identified. Unplaced players: Malcolm McDonald (Tranent) Hugh Naughton (Larkhall Thistle) Alastair McKillop (Rosslyn) Harry Duff (Yoker Athletic)
  2. Thank you for posting this photograph and making a start to put names to faces. I would be very interested to see a photograph of the cap on display in the Edinburgh City Soclal Club to see if we can help identify who won it. The only player we have playing for Junior Scotland while at Edinburgh City was Frank Mackay, brother of Dave Mackay, in 1952. However, he did not play in a match where caps would have normally been awarded.
  3. There was at least one change with Hugh Gilshan (Johnstone Burgh) replacing an injured Andy Madden (Neilston) from the original selected team.
  4. Thanks for the information about the subs and goalscorer that I have now added to the records. Yes , it was the same Brian Heron.who went on to play for Rangers, Motherwell, Dumbarton, Oxford United and Scunthorpe United.
  5. I am afraid I cannot help with a team photograph but here are the twelve players who were selected in case it helps others find a photograph: John Chambers (Kirkintilloch Rob Roy) Kenny Dalglish (Cumbernauld United) Billy Elder (Jeanfield Swifts) Bobby Graham (Benburb) Brian Heron (Baillieston) Bobby Hodge (Whitburn) William Hume (Penicuik Athletic) Duncan Madden (Neilston) James McGregor (Yoker Athletic) Billy Murdoch (Kilsyth Rangers) Peter Nicol (Ardrossan Winton Rovers) Archie Young (Bonnyrigg Rose Athletic) If you are in contact with John again it would great to know if he can remember who was the substitute and who scored the goal in the 1-0 as that is missing information at present. Good luck in tracking a photograph down.
  6. Thank you Jambo'ness. That's gives me the information I was looking for. I am helping with some research on Scots youngsters who went to West Bromwich Albion and where they went next.
  7. I hope you do not mind me posting a question on your club thread. I am trying to find out if Doug Raeburn , came from Bo’ness, continued his football career after leaving West Bromwich Albion in 1963. I cannot find him playing for a Senior club and I am wondering if he returned home and played for Bo’ness United or another local Junior club. He joined WBA as an amateur in October 1962 but then moved down from Bo’ness to West Bromwich. He signed as a professional in February 1963 but left the club a year later in February 1964. If anyone can help or pass my question on to someone who can that would be very much appreciated. Thank you.
  8. Thank you for posting the photographs. Bert McNab, of course, jointly holds the record of 13 Junior International caps. Willie Westwater won three caps and was part of a footballing dynasty! His own son, Alan, played for Australia. His brothers George (Dennistoun Waverley) and James (Benburb) also played Junior football. Their father, George, won three caps in 1924. A John Westwater of Dunipace played for Junior Scotland in a non-international match in 1908 and looks to be related.
  9. Thanks for the kind words on the book. Thanks as well for the confirmation in the spelling of "Downs" and I have changed the records accordingly.
  10. Thanks for the attendance figures that are very difficult to find. I have updated the records.
  11. I have put all the details of the three matches on to one post for ease. 1913 S v I Date – 29 December 1913 Result – Irish Football League Second Division 3 (2) Scottish Junior League 0 (0) Ground – Grosvenor Park, Belfast (Distillery FC) Attendance – 6,000 receipts £157 Scottish Junior League goal scorers – none. Scottish Junior League - McBride (Port Glasgow Athletic Juniors), Mackie (St Anthony’s), JOHN McQUADE (NEILSTON VICTORIA), William Hendry (Kirkintilloch Harp), M’Gachy (Croy Celtic), Sommerville (Pollok), James Stalker (St Ninians), Hannah (Renfrew Juniors), Kelly (Bedlay Juniors), Brown (Yoker Athletic) & Goudie (Kilsyth Emmet). Travelling reserve – M’Tavish (Kirkintilloch Harp). Note – the Irish team was from the Second Division of the Irish Senior League that was made up of the reserve teams of the First Division clubs. By one of those strange coincidences just a month ago I saw a photograph of the cap awarded to William Hendry (Kirkintilloch Harp) for the previous match played between these sides on 26 October 1912 at Brockville, Falkirk. This was the cap I mentioned earlier that was dark red with the embroidery reading “S.J.F.L. 1912”. As in this case the player’s descendant was trying to find out the match details. I am slightly uneasy with the significant difference in the caps awarded just a year apart. However, I cannot see any other options. I even checked to see if he was selected (he wasn’t) in the Reserve XI for the SJFA team that played Ireland in the Junior International in March 1913 and was perhaps a very, very late replacement for the named travelling reserve and would have been awarded a cap. 1920 S v I Date - 28 February 1920 Result - Scotland 3 (1) Ireland 1 (1) Ground - Firhill, Glasgow (Partick Thistle FC) Attendance - 17,254 Scotland goal scorers - Anderson, McQUADE, Dunn Scotland - Ned Tweedley (Kirkintilloch Rob Roy), John Cornock (Ashfield), JOHN McQUADE (NEILSTON VICTORIA), Hugh McNair (Vale of Clyde), Morrison (Drongan), Brown (Renfrew) (Captain), Tom Bennett (Renfrew), Jimmy Dunn (St Anthony's), David Anderson (Newtongrange Star), William Noble (Cumnock) & Stewart (Blantyre Celtic). Travelling reserve - Jimmy McMullan (Denny Hibernian). Notes - Jimmy Dunn (St Anthony's) went on become a “Wembley Wizard” in 1928. Jimmy McMullan (Denny Hibernian) is not the captain of the “Wembley Wizards” of the same name. However, they were cousins with a four year age difference. 1920/21 G v I Date – 31 December 1920 Result – Glasgow Junior League 1 Irish Intermediate League 1 Ground – Shawfield, Glasgow (Clyde FC) Attendance – 3,000 Glasgow Junior League goal scorer - Gallacher Glasgow Junior League - Bruce (Kirkintilloch Rob Roy), Hunter (Larkhall Thistle), JOHN McQUADE (RENFREW JUNIORS), Hugh McNair (Vale of Clyde), Gibson (Ashfield), Moffat (Bellshill Athletic), Wallace Lambie (Pollok), Ballantyne (Ashfield), Gallacher (Bellshill Athletic), Bradley (Pollok) & McKay (Glasgow Perthshire).
  12. My friend has found the answers to the questions but is unable to post them and has asked me to do so on his behalf. Here they are: 1. 1913 SvI Cap - This could have been awarded for Scottish Junior League 1-2 Irish Junior League, 15 March 1913, in Glasgow but I don't have the line-ups to confirm McQuade played. However, on 29 December 1913 at Grosvenor Park, Belfast, McQuade played for the Scottish Junior League in a 0-3 defeat to Irish Junior League 2nd Division. 2. 1920-21 GvI Cap - On 31 December 1920 at Shawfield Park, McQuade of Renfrew played left back for the Glasgow Junior League in a 1-1 draw with the Irish Intermediate League. I can add a few things about the 1913 SvI cap. 1) I have seen a photograph of a cap awarded a year earlier in 1912 when the Scottish Junior Football League played the Irish Football League Second Division on 26 October 1912. This cap was a dark red with a gold embroidered band and the lettering read “S.J.F.L. 1912”. However, we probably cannot read too much into that as it is quite possible that the design may have changed for the following season. 2) From work my friend has done I can confirm that McQuade was not a travelling reserve, who would have received a cap, for the SJFA Junior Scotland team against Ireland on 26 March 1913. If we do a second version of the Junior Internationals book we will be including travelling reserves. 3) In early 1913 McQuade’s only representative football I can find in the BNA was when he was selected to play for Renfrewshire. However, later in the year he was selected to play for the Scottish Junior Football League against the Scottish Reserve League at Cappielow on 15 November 1913 just six weeks before the match in Belfast. I think this might suggest that the match on 29 December 1913 is favourite for when the cap was awarded.
  13. Thanks for posting the three photographs of Dickie Boag. If in the team photograph he had not been wearing his cap and was smiling I think he would have been easy to find using your photographs. From what I understand he was quite short in height and so I like your suggestion of third from the right second row from the front.
  14. Thanks for posting the photograph of Robert Corrance. The caps together with a few years on their ages in other team photographs make them difficult to identify. As Robert Corrance was captain I am wondering if he is the player in the middle of the seven players seated. With the goalkeeper standing directly behind him and directly in front of him is the middle player of the three players sitting cross legged it might be a logical place for him to sit. Thanks for the kind words on the book.
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