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  1. I've never had a father figure in my life, my folks divorced when we me and my brother were very young, still in nappies, I have no recollection of him whatsoever and have never had any contact, no birthday cards, no Christmas presents,no nothing. My mother worked two jobs to keep us and as a few people have said, we didn't have a lot but we had a happy loving upbringing and generally have a lot of good memories. It has never bothered me not having him around as my maw kept us in tow without being over strict. I was a father myself at a young age..20 and was married at 21, we were young and daft, my wife comes from a very strong family background and although we were not frogmarched down the aisle it all seemed to come around very quick. The one thing I always said to myself is that I would always be there for my son and as far as I am aware I have been, trying to guide him and I have always been open and honest with him, I have enjoyed being a dad and on his wedding day last year It was the proudest day of my life. He has turned into a fine young man, hard working, well mannered, well liked socially and professionally in his career and I would like to take a bit of credit for that. We get on well and I enjoy having a pint with him, we can joke and we can be serious. I work away overseas and can be away for long periods at times and he's always texting me and generally keeps in touch at least a couple times a week. I said to him when I was heading off a few years ago abroad at work that he was the man in the house now, he stepped up to help look after his maw and sister when I was away and for that I will always be grateful and proud. A good solid relationship, something I never had or knew but I do enjoy our times as his "Faither" and as his mate.
  2. The queues at some of them "Timmys" at times, you'd think they were giving the stuff away, if the prices are good I can see them taking off big time here as well
  3. Just something not right about that BIG Toe. Size of it next to the other little piggies
  4. By the new leads balaclava man always was the Husband, Huntleys husband, who also just so happened to be bumming one of the young girls that wasn't done away with,condoms and various men. The guy in custody getting hit with all the charges Farmer is just a witness to one of the crimes
  5. The way Gunning got the players together as McDonut was marching down the tunnel, shows the spirit of the team! No way we were leaving there without a point today. See ya saints [emoji112]????
  6. After the goal was disallowed, when the Queens players were still around the ref, Lyle was pointing to his arm as if to say the ball came of a Morton player
  7. The quick free kick, I think McNeil read the situation well and made a good block but the queens player really should have buried that chance he had the whole goal to place the ball and took a straight hit at oor keeper
  8. How can we be expected to advance as a race when we got these Gibbons behaving like this? Saltcoats, absolute arsewipe of Scotland
  9. Alex Rae left this Jack Ross has that Tactics that don't work Players that don't work Board that don't know
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