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  1. Congratulations Shortlees,I have to be honest,I didn’t think you could win it,or indeed get this far.Having watched you a few times as a neutral this season,just thought you were a “good “side. Glad you proved me wrong,well done to all involved and enjoy it,a brilliant achievement,hope you can all keep it going for the future,and again congratulations .Amazing weekend for you Cunny ie. “Celtic”too .
  2. So that means no team in the premier and the 1st. have any points. Including Hur£ford thistle,GB65 ???
  3. On a side note,what a p***k of a boy that no.2 (Howie is it ?), has turned into,used to be decent before joining them,just a coincidence of course .
  4. They nearly were! If Dirrans had put their chances away .
  5. They won 5-3. Scores are all on ammy website now.
  6. Any comments for "this person" ? Michael?
  7. What the fcuk,really!!! CD. seem to have a lot of work to do quickly,hope they can get it together soon .
  8. The guys desperate to keep a team afloat and you're making comments like this,,,,,fuckin twat !
  9. Good result,heard you are now involved with Glenburn ? How are they looking this season,has squad been strengthened? More importantly will you be changing name from CD1972 to GMW1972 ? .......(joking) all the best for the coming season,hope they start the season as well as the last,but only this time keep the momentum going!
  10. I heard Jamie Cripps (ex player) taking on managers job. Hope he can get a few players in quick. Similar situation last season when the boy Vance had to scrape a team together from virtually zero players,prior to Crazy taking it on. Most teams have played a couple of pre season games already. 2 seasons in a row,unheard of with C/ D. A sign that things aren't good in Ammy football??? Really hope they can kickstart successfully and push on,best of luck Jamie and C/Drive.
  11. Well put CD 1972,maybe I could have worded this post better,I didn't mean they are struggling "because" of now paying to play,I meant they were an honest team that wanted the guys to just enjoy the football for free .And yes I hope they get it sorted out soon and continue for many more seasons.
  12. Heard C/Drive Amateurs could be in trouble this season,it would be a shame if an honest club of this stature were to fold. They were one of the very few teams who didn't ask the players to contribute any money towards games/training since their conception!!! About (2?) Seasons ago things changed as it was getting more difficult to raise funds,the players were asked to pay £5 a week to cover costs.(not a lot compared to some) Don't get me started on the "alleged"payments/expenses some clubs are paying. Anyway,I for one hope they can sort things out for the future and get back to where they belong.........challenging for honours.
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