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  1. I think it is just our home games; would require the competition to install the technology at their own patch
  2. Quite pleased about this. Tapping has stood out in the lower leagues for a while now. Certainly whenever he was playing against us. Him and Ryan Blair in the middle is quite appealing.
  3. Agree with this although to be fair he did miss most of the season. Always felt he didn't have the composure on the ball you might expect of someone training with a FT club. Certainly don't see him stepping up to the premier league in the near future. Thought the guy from Dundee was a much better prospect (I can't remember his name - it has been a while).
  4. Stenhousemuir strip is being retained from last season
  5. Pretty content with the players that have been retained. Good base to build on. Really glad Blair has re-signed, as I am sure that there would have been other teams looking at him. Just hope that they get a chance to play some time soon.
  6. A real mixed bag for me. The best has probably been the current incumbent (Graeme Smith) followed by Greg Fleming. Other good ones have been Chris Smith and of course Willie McCulloch. Bad - Jamie Barclay, please step forward. Other nominees, Calum Reidford and Kieran Renton.
  7. Well, I have just checked the guidance and it seems that you can have more than one employment and receive a furlough payment... If you currently have more than one employer You can be put on furlough by one employer and continue to work for another, if it is permitted within your employment contract. If you’re put on furlough by more than one employer, you’ll receive separate payments from each employer. The 80% of your normal wage up to a £2,500 monthly cap applies to each job.
  8. Didn't really think it would need explaining, especially to someone who goes over the club accounts at the AGM with a fine toothcombe The club can easily accept donations into their bank account. I am hoping that if they publish the account details then this will make it simpler, and I hope will mean more people are likely to donate.
  9. The account they have published is the lottery account not the club account. I would have thought they would publish that so people can easily donate without having to call.
  10. It is a good idea. Maybe on the days the club was due to play it invites supporters to effectively pay the admission fee into a club account?
  11. This is ridiculous. It is a regional set up.
  12. Just seen Kevin Nicol's challenge on Conor Mcbrearty on Stirling Albion's youtube highlights package. The tackle looked bad from the other side of the ground, but not that bad. That was, I believe, the referee's first senior match.
  13. We are a much better team with Ryan Blair in the middle, so safe to say, assuming he is fit, Harkins will have to make do with a place on the bench. We did ok on Tuesday, particularly after Saturday's calamity, so a modicum of confidence about this match. Not convinced about Spence up top but he is Irons' signing so doesn't matter how badly he plays, McGuigan will always be first substitution (assuming he is selected!).
  14. Should have been 3 points though. The chances we spurned in the 2nd half. Only 9 games to go...
  15. Re Harkins - he can be a positive influence, but not in the position he was in yesterday. As Cove fannied about with the ball at the back, having Harkins lumber about spectating, only magnified his inadequacies. He has a great touch and he did play a couple of exquisite passes, one in particular to Spence, but playing up top, and certainly not playing up top when Biabbi and Spence had been doing just fine, is absolutely bonkers. And to keep him on the park so long. I was not convinced by Burns, even before yesterday, but thought he was just bedding in, but that first half performance was really alarming. And why did Irons send him out at the start of the 2nd half. We really missed Ryan Blair, and I really hope he is back soon, because that was as bad as anything McMenamin's team served up, and I thought we had seen the end of that level of performance. Hopefully a one off because we have been playing well since the turn of the year, but if we play like that for the last quarter, then we could get relegated, and even if we don't, then Irons should get his jotters given the investment that has been made in the squad. That was inexcusable yesterday.
  16. Stenhousemuir v Cove. Train to Larbert is about 30 mins from Glasgow QS. And it is an artificial pitch so should be on.
  17. Forthbank News have just tweeted that the game will be off, although not officially confirmed.
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