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  1. The last 2 or 3 games we should have won, so it's about time we got the rub of the green.
  2. It was very tight and I think he kept it in. There was a very similar call not long before this when McBrearty looked to have kept the ball in as he charged down a clearance. The linesman flagged it as being out despite, just like this incident that lead to the Brechin equaliser, it looking like the whole ball had not crossed the line. This caused a lot of ire (including mine) which was just exacerbated as it ultimately lead to what was a pretty significant goal in the context of the game, and potentially the season.
  3. Honestly, we absolutely battered Brechin today, and still we can’t win. The third week on the trot. This feels really ominous. And the ex Berwick centre half, looked like a Berwick centre half.
  4. Lordy - a centre half from last season's Berwick Rangers team. Prepared to give the guy a chance, obviously, but this gives me the fear.
  5. Tiffoney has been our best player in the last 2 or 3 games. McBride hasn't.
  6. I would get rid. Queens Park were absolutely honking, as were Stirling last week, and again we give away goal, after goal, after goal. Team is good enough to stay in this league but we need someone able to motivate, and encourage them, as their confidence is shot to bits.
  7. Same story as last week. On top most of the game, fair few chances we don’t take, and we, as usual give away our obligatory 2 goals. The end must be nigh for Irons.
  8. Certainly the sort of player we need in midfield. Can we get rid of Dykes now?
  9. It has now reached the stage where it doesn’t matter how we play, we are going to lose.
  10. Outside the top 2 I'm not sure anyone should be feeling too comfortable.
  11. Was never convinced that his heart was in it, so not altogether surprised at this. Irons has a big job on his hands so hopefully this is part of a masterplan.
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