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  1. Sounds like the only logical conclusion is to call a halt to the season. Come back in August with fans.
  2. I should be disappointed to see Munro go, and excited about the prospect of a new signing, but I couldn’t care less. Never thought this would happen, but I am so disillusioned with football that I don’t care. I would rather we just scrapped this season and came back when fans are allowed in.
  3. There has got to be a player moving on. McGuigan must be the favourite. Which is a shame.
  4. Our maroon probably clashes with their red and purple would be my bet.
  5. Are we sure it was abandoned because of the injury? The players seemed to be slipping a bit before the injury. I’m not convinced it wasn’t called off because of a frozen pitch. Regardless hope McCracken is ok. Was obviously a serious injury
  6. Hopkirk was injured and then had coronavirus. Odd that we would sign a striker unless someone is moving out?
  7. It was a typical Stenhousemuir performance. Going 2 up but never quite believing that it will be enough against the worst team in the league. We were in a similar position against them last season when 2-1 up they got a late equaliser. History almost repeated. Over the 90 minutes we were the better team, and in that first half I found myself contemplating whether Brechin were actually worse than Albion Rovers. Based on the first half they were. We should have been further ahead. Second half was a more even affair and certainly after the first goal went in it was quite uncomfortable especially the last 5 minutes. The space on our left was quite alarming. Presumably someone who knows more about how to set up a professional football team will have taken note. Still finding myself seriously ambivalent about this season and I am ashamed to say, my own team. Would be stretching it to say I don’t care, but it just doesn’t feel real, peering at a computer screen, “supporting” players who I don’t even know or recognise. Just want to survive this season in more ways than one and hopefully return with the same passion next season.
  8. I’m assuming tiffoney and little will be ruled out because of COVID.
  9. Given the number of teenagers in the starting line up I thought we did remarkably well. Absolutely dominated the 1st half and could have been miles ahead. Alloa obviously were well on top 2nd half. The3rd goal was bizarre . No idea what happened or who scored it. Glad our goalie got it out of his system in this match rather than a league game. This is the same young goalie who is only playing because Smith is out for the season. Much like the Alloa goalie I presume.
  10. Graeme Smith is out for the season (and forever?) Cruciate ligament injury. It’s a real blow for us, but the new guy from Hibs looked decent enough last week. Looks like he will be with us for longer than originally planned.
  11. This is odd, and reminiscent of when we appointed McMenamin after we beat Falkirk in the Cup. It didn’t end well.
  12. The coverage was decent. For the most part the camera followed the ball and even had a zoom button. And while partisan commentators don'the irk me as much as it does others, the commentary was fair and balanced. In fact it was a much more comfortable way to watch a game at Cowdenbeath than actually being in attendance.
  13. Draw was definitely the fair result in the circumstances. Second week in a row a keeper error has cost his team, at least this week we were the beneficiaries. Speaking of goalies I thought our new keeper looked very safe, particularly under high balls (a week too late for us). And Yeats at full back looks a really good prospect. Muir still to convince.
  14. See we have take a goalie on loan from Hibs. Smith out for a couple of months at least.
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