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  1. Fez was good for us. Popular player. Wasn't surprised we let him go at the time, but things have changed recently.
  2. The rules are the rules and it appears that we have made a balls up, but I am not sure that the development fee rule was there for players moving from one league 2, part time team to another. It ends up in situations like this. Clubs can't afford to pay any transfer fee (and certainly not £10k) so they will just sign free agents, which means, unless Cowden release Swann he won't get another gig at this level. Different story if he is moving up the ladder; but he isn't and doesn't sound like he is ever likely to. Perhaps an amicable solution would be for Cowden to let him go but on the proviso they get a share of any future transfer fee, should he turn out to be a superstar. This surely applies to any player in this situation not just Swann.
  3. The statement hardly makes good, what was obviously a big mistake. Suspect/hope it is being hastily rewritten. Feel sorry for Swann, but we can’t afford to be paying transfer fees so no surprise the deal hasn’t happened.
  4. This is awkward. Issue is, none of the club's at this level will be prepared to pay a fee so will go elsewhere for players. Cowden end up with a player on the books they don't want and can't "sell".
  5. To be fair to Neill, he started the season covering for Jesus and Alan Reid. Got injured and wasn't the same player when he returned - not sure if there was a falling out with the manager. Good player though.
  6. excellent draw - might make a tiny amount, especially if hearts is away from home.
  7. Interesting that he can play in a back three - this was our preferred formation last season - as well as a full back. Can see why McMenamin would have been interested in him.
  8. Was a bit of an anticlimax really - we've signed the right back from a pretty mediocre League 1 team, a team we beat three times last season. However, I am sure he will be a step up from Alan Reid, so it is good news.
  9. What happens when the person contributing the money stops contributing, for whatever reason? Then the biils aren't paid, and it becomes a debt. Don't know enough about either Ross County or Kelty specific circumstances, but they are obviously being supported financially by an individual(s) as the money they spend , or are planning to spend, will be way in excess of the cash they take in the door from day to day operations - same as Gretna were.
  10. A business will go bust if it doesn't have enough cash coming in to meet its financial commitments e.g. players and management with contracts of employment. This all works fine while someone is bankrolling the club.
  11. But this is it. This is the issue in a nutshell. Gates of 300!! For fucks sake. Smell the coffee. The majority of other clubs rely on their income from operations to fund their expenditure. It’s why players in league 2 are on, if they’re lucky, £200 a week. And this is why Gretna collapsed. It is only sustainable while one individual, whoever it is, has money to spend. Or has the inclination. Or is alive. It is built on sand.
  12. We have a few signed up for next season... Graeme Smith Andy Munro David Marsh Kieran Gibbons Alan Cook Thomas Halleran Mark McGuigan
  13. Either they’ve forgotten about him, or he must have been offered a deal.
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