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  1. Don’t think we’ve signed mills, at least not yet. I hadn’t realised Christie was at BSC aswell. BSC finished in what position in the Lowland League?
  2. I quite liked Brown when he was with Airdrie. He always used to get dogs abuse from their fans which says more about them than it does him. Worried that he has barely featured for Alloa the season just passed. Same applies to Thomson. When did he last score a goal?
  3. So what is it then? Do they seriously want to develop,young Scottish talent, or don’t they? Although I suspect you know the answer.
  4. Take a step back and think about what you’ve said here.
  5. Mikey Anderson from BSC. Was on loan at Forfar I think think this season.
  6. Rangers starting line up yesterday included not a single player available for the Scotland national team. This is how many weeks after they actually won the league? All the games since then have been opportunities to see how their own young highly rated Scottish players fare up against full time pros. Every opportunity for them to play some of their young Scottish talent. Why didn’t they if they are so keen on developing talent for the good of the Scottish game? Actions speak louder than words.
  7. Let’s be clear. This is the simply the thin edge of the wedge. They have been pushing their Colts agenda for long enough around the SPFL and credit to them that they have stood firm. They then turn to the Lowland League, the paragons of virtue, the saviours of sporting integrity. And what, they’ve proved themselves to be nothing other than a plaything for the Old Firm. Are they so bloody stupid that they think this is one season only? What happens next now that they have a foot in the door? This is for nobody’s benefit other than Rangers and Celtic. If Rangers are so keen to blood young Scottish talent then they had the perfect opportunity as they came back up the leagues. But no, even then they persisted in playing non-entities from the English leagues, and even worse, spending god knows how much, on the likes of Steve Simonsen and Jak Alnwick to sit on their bench as back up keepers. They wouldn’t even trust any of their “highly regarded” goalkeepers anywhere near their first team squad. Absolutely fizzing about this. The pyramid can do one as far as I am concerned and hopefully the SPFL will be of the same opinion.
  8. What’s the answer? Like you I don’t know.
  9. The “bench” is on the opposite side of the park. COVID, you know?
  10. You’re right. Innocent till proven guilty. I’m sure even you will get the irony of this after last night’s events.
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