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  1. I’m assuming tiffoney and little will be ruled out because of COVID.
  2. Given the number of teenagers in the starting line up I thought we did remarkably well. Absolutely dominated the 1st half and could have been miles ahead. Alloa obviously were well on top 2nd half. The3rd goal was bizarre . No idea what happened or who scored it. Glad our goalie got it out of his system in this match rather than a league game. This is the same young goalie who is only playing because Smith is out for the season. Much like the Alloa goalie I presume.
  3. Graeme Smith is out for the season (and forever?) Cruciate ligament injury. It’s a real blow for us, but the new guy from Hibs looked decent enough last week. Looks like he will be with us for longer than originally planned.
  4. This is odd, and reminiscent of when we appointed McMenamin after we beat Falkirk in the Cup. It didn’t end well.
  5. The coverage was decent. For the most part the camera followed the ball and even had a zoom button. And while partisan commentators don'the irk me as much as it does others, the commentary was fair and balanced. In fact it was a much more comfortable way to watch a game at Cowdenbeath than actually being in attendance.
  6. Draw was definitely the fair result in the circumstances. Second week in a row a keeper error has cost his team, at least this week we were the beneficiaries. Speaking of goalies I thought our new keeper looked very safe, particularly under high balls (a week too late for us). And Yeats at full back looks a really good prospect. Muir still to convince.
  7. See we have take a goalie on loan from Hibs. Smith out for a couple of months at least.
  8. Presume this is at Central Park? And what is happening about streaming? Hope Smith is fit for Saturday but it did look like he landed awkwardly on his knee last week. The young goalie looks quite shaky, unless he is facing penalties. And I suspect McGuigan will start on the bench. Muir and Spence are obviously Irons preferred pairing. Anyone know why McGuigan isn’t wearing no 9? Shirt not fit him?
  9. Brechin’s problems can’t be pinned on one person but East Fife won a watch when Airdrie took Page off their hands. Once they realised they’d made a mistake it was as if they would rather play with 10 men than have Page in the line up. When we were looking for a centre half last season I was petrified he would end up with us, but was delighted he went to Brechin. There are obviously issues with Page and when you have so few experienced players in your squad then you need to be able rely on them.
  10. “An honest attempt to get the ball”.
  11. Agree with all of this, in particular the comment regarding Yeats. Very impressive. Unfortunately, also agree about the keepers involvement in the equaliser. Very weak. Having said that Smith was having a nightmare before he went off. We would have lost that game 2-0 last season so hopefully we can relax a bit more this season. I thought the camera issues had been resolved after the Airdrie game, but today was terrible. Even more frustrating when you see 30 people sitting in the stand.
  12. That was unexpected, but fully deserved. Should have been 2 or 3 up at half time but once we did get the 2nd was quite comfortable. Heart in mouth when Tapping went down in the first half. We need to keep him fit. I actually don’t remember him being this good. Albion. Not as bad as they were during the John Brogan era, but can’t really see any positives in that performance today.
  13. I think if we could have chosen our opening game of the season this would have been at the bottom of the list. Didn’t we lose against Albion on the opening day last season? Still it’s good to have the football back. Just wish I could be in Coatbridge this afternoon to witness it, win, lose or draw.
  14. A bit to be encouraged by last night. Mainly the quality of the young guys. They all looked very capable; only McQueen seemed to struggle a bit although it is tough to tell exactly what is happening on the far side. We certainly seemed the better side in the 2nd half despite losing the goals in that period. And when you’re feeling positive what do you want next? A trip to Cliftonhill. Sigh.
  15. Hang about, Queens Park are hardly a league 2 side are they?
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