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  1. If they have been told what is in the refs report..... Definitely left it open that they are happy for SAFA to take the matter up and accept it that way.
  2. But saying if the referee has mentioned it in his report and the SAFA want to progress it then theyre happy with that. Wonder if they have been tipped the wink that its in the refs report......
  3. So hearing Harestanes withdrew their appeal [emoji6]
  4. Hearing a few Harestanes players none too chuffed with the decision to protest and see it as a real embarrasement.
  5. I think you are being a bit harsh and unkind to Harestanes. Allegedly they did wish their opponents all the best in the next round etc. Unfortunately they then sneaked in a letter of protest the minute they got home.
  6. Well that would have been a story then.....
  7. Well well, on twitter and the manager of Alford who were beaten by Harestanes, AT HARESTANES 3G, in the last round of the Scottish has just posted picture of game with NO CORNER FLAGS. Seems Harestanes are all about the importance of rules only when they get beat. Could they make more of an arse of themselves??
  8. still trying, what a weapon [emoji42][emoji42][emoji42][emoji42]
  9. Harestanes calling on their pals to try and justify their laughable appeal. Give it a rest guys, its a embarrasement and if they get their replay and progress Harestanes will be the laughing stock of Scottish Amateur football no matter what you say. Every football person knows its an absolute nonsense and tells you a lot about the ethos within the Club.
  10. Wee Harestanes pal on sticking up for them, embarrasing.
  11. I don't think that is in any doubt but if the opposition were happy to start and never mentioned it until they looked like going, or were already, out of the Cup it's a major embarrassment to then appeal. They have shown themselves up to the whole of Scottish Ammy football community imho. Sell your whole Clubs reputation for the last 16 of the Scottish, riddy
  12. A wealth of experience but not a shred of sporting integrity. A laughing stock in Scotland if they have, as it appears, submitted this appeal. I would think every person involved in ammy game in Scotland outwith the Central League, will be supporting Lauriston big time.
  13. Defending the indefensible, embarrasing
  14. There's no way Harestanes are not aware of the rumour on here and Twitter. The fact no one from the Club has come on to rubbish it worries me. They could possibly be about to embarrase themselves nationally in the ammy game.
  15. IF the rumours true, agreed, will probably be a replay. Has been the same result, a replay, when other (sore losers) appealed. Anyone connected to an ammy team, in any way at all, will see it for what it is and be supporting Laurieston. Would be a total riddy. Again nothing confirmed so we could all be jumping the gun.....
  16. Think Harestanes will just edge out Laurieston in the rematch
  17. Harestanes appealing result allegedly?? (Rumour)
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