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  1. Cheers Changing my selection after taking in yesterday's EK/Gartcosh game EK Shortlees Drumchapel Eastfield
  2. What's the full Quarter's Draw now after yesterday?
  3. Also decided to take this in. I went with Gartcosh to win this one but EK surprised me and burst my coupon. Apart from first 10 mins which was even EK bossed this. Played football from the back and had numerous chances. The EK keeper saved the penalty, apart from that, he had nothing to do. A fair result was 4 or 5 to EK but fair play to Gartcosh sticking with it and fighting. Agreed if the ref thinks its a deliberate handball it should have been a red but tbh the ball was kicked at him from 1 yard and he was facing the opposite direction so would have been harsh. The Gartcosh red was 50/50. Clear foul when the boy turned the player but it was a good bit out. Saying that best team progressed and enjoyed the game.
  4. Donymt take it personally, ive just written off 7 teams by guessing the last 4
  5. Semi Finals for me now; Tollcross Shortlees Drumchapel Eastfield
  6. I know it's a few teams out from the last 16 but thats because they had 7 out of 16 in it. Im not from the east but I would have thought 7 in the last 16 is a pretty decent season and 2, possibly 3, in the last 8 is also very good.
  7. I know it's a few teams out from the last 16 but thats because they had 7 out of 16 in it. Im not from the east but I would have thought 7 in the last 16 is a pretty decent season and 2, possibly 3, in the last 8 is also very good.
  8. I know that, but I can only comment on what I saw if youre asking. Not having a dig
  9. I've no axe to grind about either team.The standard wasn't great from both. Lots of long balls, particularly from Oban but Wishaw keeper loves a punt (was decent and unlucky for goal). They are two decent sides but I just expected more from the hype on here and was dissapointed. Maybe the occassion got to them, who knows.
  10. You could be right. I was expecting a much better side in Oban, given the hype, but on yesterday's showing they arent the standard I was led to believed. Wishaw were the standard I expected [emoji6]
  11. Everyone can get it wrong once in a while [emoji2] [emoji2]
  12. As I said very few folk on here will have seen all the teams and make judgements based on results and what we have seen of them and if theyve lost or added players. I was quite clear about that. I mentioned 3 teams Ive actually seen but I see you chose to ignore that. Seems its only your opinion that matters or is valid. Sorry if I've upset you by not agreeing with your opinion. You seem a wee bit precious and need to take a chill pill [emoji2] [emoji2]
  13. Last seasons Shortlees are a better side but as ive not seen them this season that is purely on guesswork and their results. Drumchapel, Gartcosh and EK ive seen in person and I believe they have more quality throughout their teams. The other teams remaining I cant comment on because ive not seen them.
  14. Mix up with another similar user name. I couldn't slate Shortlees this season as I've not seen them. Maybe a bit harsh on Wishaw and Oban but I genuinely think there are better teams left in than both of them, certainly on yesterday's showing. I was hoping for 2 really good sides based on some predictions on here but I just didnt see it. Not much quality throughout both teams to progress to the final imho.
  15. Tuned to the moon. Took this game in and Wishaw better the 1st half but hardly great football played. Really, really surprised by the standard of both teams. Oban scored against the run of play but were slightly better second half. I would be gobsmacked if there werent better teams out there in the last 8 and would expect whoever wins to struggle in the next round.
  16. Drumchappel Eastfield Braehead Menzieshill Fintry Cowie Th Gartcosh Oban
  17. And also what Disco30 heard from players also
  18. So from basically calling me a liar that knew nothing youve turned full circle to players WERE Split about the appeal and MAJORITY didnt want it to go ahead. In effect youve just agreed with what I posted????
  19. Because i know a couple of the Harestanes players. Which will be the reason I broke it on here about the initial protest when not even Lauriston knew and also the fact it went to a Committee this week. And im afraid you are talking nonsense as the players were definitely split over replaying the fixture.
  20. You're more generous than me [emoji2] Reckon they made an arse of it, withdrew when they knew for sure of it being in the refs report (hence their statement commenting on it) and hoped for the SAFA to relist. Fortunately some sense shown by Hampden. I know for a fact a good few Harestanes players are raging with the guys running the club and they could well have struggled for a team should it have been replayed.
  21. Im loving how anyone can think Harestanes come out of all this with their reputation unscathed
  22. Great, common sense prevailed, well done
  23. Eastfield v St Pats Giffnock North v Glasgow Uni
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