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  1. Are Sandies in the Caledonian League?
  2. Got to love the guys that come on talking rubbish about stuff they don't know about and trying to ruin people's reputation off the back of their nonsense. I dont know why you bother Graham3179 running a league in your own time for people just to be snidey and then not apologising for spreading sh&te.
  3. Football is back!!!!!! Just no one told the Councils who aren't opening up their parks??You couldnt make this crap up. How much notice do they need??
  4. Agreed they can be a bit of a hit and miss due to weather etc but this is a global pandemic. SAFA/Leagues need to show a bit of common sense and put in place some emergency ruling to avoid guys who have already had months without football having that extended because of a mimimal fixed penalty offence. The SFA threw the rule book out the window when it came to being cup tied in the Scottish Cup so its not impossible if you have the will and the common sense.
  5. Thats a good shout, maybe thr answer is stop the time for the dated suspension from when Covid stopped football then restart from 01/10 or whenever we get back to it.
  6. Bit strange this one. If suspensions remain guys who had a 1 game suspension for a very minor thing will miss games. Then guys who got a 6 month suspension for spitting, headbutting or whatever will miss ZERO games. Is that fair????
  7. Funny to see so many teams, pro and ammy, who are on twitter saying, "great to be back, first training session....." when they have been training for months. I just hope the same teams stick to the guidelines THIS TIME and don't ruin it for the rest of us. Seen a full 11 a side game a couple of weeks ago in Wishaw area, using changing rooms etc as if there was no Covid restrictions.
  8. If the pictures doing the rounds of Gerard and McAllister hit the media we can kiss goodbye any time soon. The last thing we need is another high profile thing like Aberdeen and Celtic
  9. Just dont break the rules?? You say it was too difficult not to. It wasnt really becayss the vast majority of teams were sticking to the rules. Teams playing friendlies using dressing rooms, others putting poctures of 20 guys training all together, posting requests for referees. Along with Aberdeen, Celtic, Hibs, Motherwell and Rangers they're the ones who shafted everyone.
  10. How difficult is it??? Just dont do it.
  11. Not the only ones who broke the rules tbf
  12. That's a shocker, putting a guys photo up. Get a grip of yourself. Sad sack.
  13. I dont think Pleslie was saying we dont leave the house just that we will probably need to maintain social distancing for some considerable time. That kills any chance of games starting but doesnt mean we cant train. Obviously the training will need to take SD into account but at least guys can get back to a bit more social interaction alongside running and ballwork.
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