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  1. That's a shocker, putting a guys photo up. Get a grip of yourself. Sad sack.
  2. I dont think Pleslie was saying we dont leave the house just that we will probably need to maintain social distancing for some considerable time. That kills any chance of games starting but doesnt mean we cant train. Obviously the training will need to take SD into account but at least guys can get back to a bit more social interaction alongside running and ballwork.
  3. The Scottish Govt said even if they relax lockdown to expect social distancing to remain until a vaccine or treatment. Its ok for pro football who are going to test players, ciaches & staff 3 times a week as in Germany. But at £500k per week even pro football might have seconf thoughts about that for empty stadium games? I dont know but I dont feel confident about ammy football for months yet.
  4. Fearmongers?? Possibly realistic. No one knows but its reasonable to suggest its once a vaccine or treatment is discovered as we have been told lockdown will be relaxed but social distancing remain.
  5. 100% agree with timescale unfortunately
  6. Or shirked responsibility. Better a boss that can make a decision, even when sometimes wrong, than one that cant make a decision.
  7. I suppose that says it all [emoji19]
  8. This is what was put up; To the teams who tried and failed heres another wee pic (of the league shield) for use. Better luck next year (to the ones still running) 4 in a row [emoji471][emoji471][emoji471][emoji471] https://t.co/apJhJKJ3q3 Theres other tweets about "no one likes us" is that a thing about Sandys? Going by their twitter posts kind of understand why few would like them
  9. It might just be me, or it could have been a joke, but I thought the Sandy tweet about winning the league lacked class. You win, enjoy it, celebrate it, but the tweet was poor imho
  10. One of the reasons I think people need to just let last season go. It was explsined to me that if they play cup games you csnt play new players who played for another team last season snd you cant pkay players who have moved on, signed with other teams. Bit of a farce tbh. I get its a dissapointment to have reached a semi final.
  11. Im hearing that the Central Scottish are going to finish the season whenever we get back to playing? Also going to 2 Divisions.
  12. Or......the wives/girlfriends came to a realisation that guys being home more often is not the utopia they thought it would be [emoji2]
  13. I didn't know that but if the Govts are saying social distancing remains until a vaccine then you cant play football and still have 2m social distancing rules. That means no football until at least 2021?? Horrendous. That said why would loads of teams fold. They've nothing to pay for if no football on. Why would leagues fold?
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