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  1. Entitled to your opinion but Oban will skelp them in my opinion. Wishaw a bang average team. Seen them twice this season and gobsmacked anyone would describe them in those terms. Eastfield for me who are a far superior team.
  2. Agreed, and I was surprised at that result tbh, but I still think they could be acwee outside bet for the Final at least. Just an opinion.
  3. Took this game in and tbh bit of a gulf in class. Harp thoroughly deserved their win and it could have been more. Good AMATEUR team getting their just rewards.
  4. For the East, so not beat, a defeat in the league doesnt put you out the East Cup last I looked
  5. Thats a shame. Absolutely nails any argument about teams being promoted who allegedly wouldnt have if they had been in the other 1st Division. It also gives everyone a really competitive league and more variety of opponents. Been told its worked very well in the Caley and the teams are loving it.
  6. Would the league not consider following the Caley in going to a single First Division. Their 1st Div is a cracker this season with few teams fighting for promotion. Avoids the argument about 1a better than 1b etc
  7. erpro v drumchappel - Away Eastfield v lauraston - Home Braehead v Sandys - Home Menzieshill v Tollcross - Home Fintry v Glenburn - Home Cowie Th v shortlees - Home Gartcosh v East Kilbride - Home Oban v Wishaw or Singer - Home
  8. Eastfield for me, cant see past them tbh
  9. Thought it was a good shout at the time, and still do.
  10. [emoji2] [emoji2] cause your team isn't in it, total nonsense
  11. I saw a post on Twitter by someone with a Harestanes Badge on their profile having a dig at you for, in his words, "unashamedly stirring the pot". I think that is bang out of order. If youre running such a big amateur account you cant just ignore/not retweet posts about one of the biggest controversies of the season because you are a ref in their league. Dougies tweets (without seeming to sook up your arse) as far as I can see were always pretty fair giving both sides the opportunity to sound off. If guys cant realise that you have more than one role in the ammy game and allow you to get on with each without using it to have a dig about the other then they need to grow up. Just bitter about his own club making a total arse of themselves nationally and tryjng to shift some responsibility and blame.
  12. Only thing is do the SAFA really want Harestanes to travel through there with the current mood of everyone. Not saying anything would happen but lets be honest if theyve withdrawn their protest the commin sense decision is to leave well alone. Recipe for disaster written sll over it.
  13. Couldnt get a game with Lauriston so dropped to the diddy league i guess
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