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  1. Really strange draw indeed??? Just gives the conspiracy theorists loads of ammunition. Maybe EK teams staying together guaranteeing an EK team in the final would have been their preferred option. As an aside has there been a semi final team before who hasn't played a Central, Caley or Ayrshire top Divsion team in their run?. Bit similar to Falkirks run in the Scottish who can get to the final without playing a Premiership team.
  2. It's a bit of an embarrasment tbh. Let themselves down with the name and made themselves look pretty desparate.
  3. According to central's website they have 9 in premier, but Drum to Cali leaves 8. They have 10 in the championship but Dunipace to Cali and possibly 1, maybe 2 to the GGPL leaves 8 so a total of 16 teams in the central. Add the fact that safl may be at 14 but again another couple are moving to GGPL so don't think they will have 31 although they maybe have other clubs applying to them, who knows. I stick by my initial thoughts that to take in maybe 14 teams to get possibly 2 good teams seems a bit like a numbers game instead of quality. I know of a committee member from a central premier team who tells me all the teams are getting calls from central committee trying to convince teams to stay. Sounds like they're panicking to me.
  4. Struck a raw nerve there. I think the majority of teams the Cali have brought in are all either top, or near top of their respective leagues. Whereas the central have taken in 15 teams to get 2 teams of a similar standard. That's all I was saying, sonot really quite the same as you suggest. According to the Cali website and twitter it was all the Cali Clubs who didn't want a merger so you're a bit off the mark there. Whether that was a right or wrong decision who knows, but surely if the Clubs knock it back they're entitled to do so, its their league? To be honest is it down to a league on it's own to save amateur football as you suggest or try to put their own house in order so its attractive for other Clubs to apply. Surely if it's about saving ammy football that's the SAFA that should be doing something about it.
  5. Just saw the Cali have announced Giffnock SC and Dunipace joining next season. Add that to Alva, Riverside, Drumchapel and Stenhousemuir next seasons 1st Div should be a cracker. Heard no teams leaving the Cali so going by their website its 12 team Premier and 16 team 1st Div. That's strong. They've effectively taken 2 teams from Central Premier, arguably best teams in GGPL and Stirling & District. Decent going. Central taking in good sides from SAFL although taking in 15 teams to get 2 decent ones seems like just going for numbers tbh
  6. Surely to just accept teams into a supposed semi pro league you would at least had to have proved you're capable of competing at that level andyou have the stadia etc in place. Personally thinks it makes a mockery of the whole league
  7. It pretty bizarre imho. None of these teams have done anything significant in the amateur game, some are in bottom leagues and a couple nearly folded just before Covid???? Surely you would only be looking to go semi pro if you were winning everything at your own level and wanted to 'progress' for increased competition. The fact almost all of them dont fit the ground criteria, and lets be honest, wont have their own ground that will fit it ever just makes a mockery of the whole thing.
  8. I don't personally see the huge number of teams folding when we get back up and running, I hope not anyway. I think guys will be buzzing to get back into it. Financially its probably not cost clubs as they arent shelling out so shouldn't be too bad. Obviously no race nights etc could hit some clubs but overall I hope we get back to it for real in August. Or am I just an optimist?
  9. If youre not testing, you shouldnt be playing. 93 deaths yesterday, you cant visit loved ones, cant leave the house basically except for work, walk and messages yet guys are moving all over the country playing football. Seriously misjudged the feeling in the country just now
  10. Personally I believe at Level 3 and below there should be no differentiation for outdoor football. At Level 4 you can only have 20 at a funeral but 'professional' football can still have 49 meeting up for football. That does not sit well with me. At Level 4 if you aren't testing you shouldnt be playing football imho.
  11. Got to love the guys that come on talking rubbish about stuff they don't know about and trying to ruin people's reputation off the back of their nonsense. I dont know why you bother Graham3179 running a league in your own time for people just to be snidey and then not apologising for spreading sh&te.
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