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  1. Scottish Amateur Football League

    Got a direct messge reply fom Auld Yin wae knoelege. He is takinh about the Calie League. Turns out they reformatted league for this seson coming. Apparently less teams rekegated and more teams promoted at end of season. He thinks thafs wronv. But i cant see problem if no one losing put?? Or am i missing sonethinv.
  2. Scottish Amateur Football League

    What league is that Auld Yin. Surely a league can't move the goalposrs during a season and knacker a team fur prokotion or relegation??
  3. Caledonian League Restrucure

    Probably [emoji12]
  4. Caledonian League Restrucure

    I wouldnt read too much into an end of season cup though......
  5. Caledonian League Restrucure

    Just had a quik look ar the web and not sire how you came to thaf conclusion [emoji2] [emoji2] In both Cups 1b has done better than 1a. Youve oviously got 1a glasses on [emoji2] [emoji2] .
  6. Caledonian League Restrucure

    Sound ave not had the time to look ag the Cup games so fair doos if 1a is better. Agreed all in next season is good. Guarajtees best teams promoted.
  7. Caledonian League Restrucure

    Checked website and see Doune beat Mungo but Mungo beat them in the othee game. 1a champs Mulguy skelped 8-2 over 2 legs by 1b champs EKYM though.
  8. Caledonian League Restrucure

    1(a) certainly value for money in the entertainments stakes this season with it going to last game. Agreed re Eaglesham, aging squad and bulging waistlines. Saw them twice this season and surprised they pipped Kilsyth. Did the Divisiin 1 Cup at the end of the season shed any light on the great 1a v 1b scandal [emoji2] [emoji2]
  9. Friendly opposition required

    Good game?
  10. Friendly opposition required

    How did the game go?
  11. Refs

    Aye right [emoji12]
  12. Referees

    And there is the reason refs get hassle. He has to phone the Police, so I would imagine something reasonably serious, and you're on basically saying it's all the refs fault.
  13. Scotland Select v Ireland

    Read that back and it makes no sense, or perfect sense...m
  14. Scotland Select v Ireland

    Mick as a manager who would quite rightly sell his granny for a win to doubt the Scotland manager for supposedly choosing a player over the stand by is pish. Come on man you would do the same of it meant you would win. That's what makes you a winner. Not bothered doing the right thing to get the win. Support a brother, out your knowledge but.....
  15. Scotland Select v Ireland

    Great post?? Every Select Manager is on a hiding to nothing about who they should have, didn't and do pick. If the Manager has seen a player, whoever it is your greeting about going, recently and possibly even after announcing stand bys it's his decision. To say you wish all the remaining boys to get beat is a 5 year olds response. Dry your eyes.