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  1. East of Scotland cup

    No disrespect to Doune, but........ If you didn't want to disrespect them keep that chat to your dressing room.
  2. Caledonian League Restrucure

    Yes, Premier looking good. Was surprised by Cambria result but 100% deserved. Took the game in and don't know if it was a hangover from Oban last week but looked tired and lethargic. Obviously 1st half red card didnt help but still not great. Very rarely troubled the keeper and was a bit of a disappointment as I expected a lot more.
  3. Caledonian League Restrucure

    Fell of the cliff or...... played some 1b teams and reality hitting home [emoji23]
  4. Caledonian League Restrucure

    The whole Calie Div 1a being harder than 1b may just have been proven wrong today. See EKYM beat Milngavie 5-0. Milngavie sitting comfortably top of 1a and a few on here suggesting 1a teams much better than 1b. Going by that result it could be argud the Mungo would have romped 1a if they had been in it as EKYM only beat them 2-0 according to Calie website
  5. Caledonian League Restrucure

    Agreed, I believe Stirling have been extremely unlucky being placed in 1b. Going by that result would have strolled 1a [emoji2] [emoji2]
  6. Caledonian League Restrucure

    If I trained I would expect to play if I was the best. But no one knows bar Milngavie. Just seems its a huge jump to ASSUME in order to back up the whole 1a and 1b nonsense.
  7. Caledonian League Restrucure

    Was at Milngavie as well
  8. Caledonian League Restrucure

    This is not the EPL and the FA Cup  ?? So they told all their good players who train and turn up on a Saturday that they are 'rested' and won't get a game for another week?? I find that hard to believe tbh
  9. Caledonian League Restrucure

    It's all about opinions I suppose but Stirling, 2nd bottom of 1b with only 1 win all season, just drew 2-2 AWAY from home v Milngavie. I think your post is quite disrespectful to St Mungos and Westerlands who I think would argue could hold their own against the top of 1a.
  10. Caledonian League Restrucure

    St Mungo also promoted. Decent young side and another good addition to the Caley Premier.
  11. Caledonian League Restrucure

    Took in Cambria v Wishaw yesterday and a very good result for Cambria. I think they could sneak up the table with their games in hand. Sidelines could do with chilling out a wee bit but decent display and a deserved 3 points. See Eaglesham in 1a in a similar position picking up points with their games in hand. Still too tight to call though. Meanwhile EKYM won 1b with 15 out of 15 wins. Some achievement that.
  12. Caledonian League Restrucure

    I'm going for Eaglesham and Milngavie for promotion from 1a. Think Eaglesham will make up the points with their games in hand and Milngavie should edge it. 1b I see East Kilbride can win this Saturday if the best Rothsay. St Mungos will get 2nd place as Dunblane getting beat Saturday takes them out of it I think. All good additions to Premier imho
  13. Inter League Trophy

    Anyone on line taking it in?
  14. Inter League Trophy

    Kingdom of Fife v Caledonian League at Kelty Hearts Ground today 2pm ko.
  15. Scottish Cup Quarter Final Draw

    All kept secret?? Not so much now [emoji2] All a bit amateur dramatics on here. The issue started because a Colville Assistant Manager, on video, admitted they cut goals down. It's reasonable people would question that. Going off P&B and citing personal abuse is a bit ott and also fortunate before we could hear the reason their Assistant Manager started all this in the 1st place. As an aside doing things for charity doesn't automatically make you a saint or unable to be challenged on anything. Lots of (famous) people have done things for charity and turned out to be right warmers.