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  1. Why dont you put yourself forward to replace the "dinosaurs" and make the changes?
  2. Agreed, but the problem is a significant number of your team will be on holiday and wont be able to train or play. Anyone who says the holidays wouldnt decimate squads is living in cloud cuckoo land.
  3. Pre season is always murder to get numbers for games and to say people holiday just as much outwith the summer is nonsense. The vast majority of players holiday in the summer. Yes, stags and weekends away in the winter etc are more common now than years ago but still far less than summer holidays.
  4. Would they not make less money in the winter months?
  5. So the pitches are overhauled in October to March when there is no growth??
  6. Can see the benefits of either just scrapping the league (my preference) or, if its possible, finish the season when allowed to play again. Obviously it may be needed to scale back the games in season 2020/21, no cup comps etc, to fulfill that season in the limited time remaining. One thing I dont think you can do is finish the season now and hand out titles and relegate teams. Its unfair as the season hasnt completed.
  7. Eastfield v Shortlees all day long. IMHO [emoji12]
  8. To be fair thats a reasonable shout. Won't be the same but a decent SPL venue.
  9. Not quite the venue for a Scottish Cup Final if this turns out to be true. Difficult for SAFA right enough and outwith their hands of Hampden cancelled.
  10. Does seem a touchy point with a couple on here to a pretty reasonable question. Obviously can see both sides but for me if a Club has folded a few times and then someone just starts a Club up using the same name its not the same Club. Basically you could call yourself any Club name that previously folded and claim their titles??? Still its a great achievement to make the East Final
  11. This for me today, should be a cracker
  12. Nope. Have they folded a few times? Then restarted?
  13. Wee question. I was trying to research Fallin to see a bit about them etc. Have they folded a few times? If so, do they have a history as described on twitter etc. Surely if you fold snd come back later and just call yourself the same name youre not the same Club/team?? Im not wanting this to turn into a debate about certain professional teams if we could keep it to amateur please.
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