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  1. This isn't about summer or winter football it's about enjoying the game.how many times have you saw a player kick the ball up the park only for the wind to blow it back again! Fling in some hail and snow just for the fun of it. Today is not a day for football,it's only my opinion on today's weather. It's one of those days you turn to your friends at the game and say we are no right out here watching this.we have all been there.
  2. Summer football? Nobody has mentioned days away with family's etc when the weather is good.weekends away,a visit to the capital,zoo,safari park just out a run in the good weather.all full days out as compered to a couple of hours at the game.I would say there are more reasons for people not to be at a game in the summer months.you know it makes sense.
  3. Am talking about heavy parks,cold temps and very strong winds. When was the last time you heard someone say that wind made it a better game to watch!.....never. P.s. the wind blows every month of the year.
  4. Am not for all this summer football talk, but what enjoyment is there playing or watching a game in that? Sometimes you have to put your hand up and say This is no what football is all about!
  5. How do clubs feel about players coming on to pie and bovril and using it as an auction site? How do other players feel when they see a player join their team on what others would call inflated wages? Is this the beginning or the beginning of the end for some clubs? Or is this progress? How do the fans feel about it? Should we embrace this process? Probably more questions than answers!
  6. The boy on here pimping himself could end up causing a lot of trouble at his new club and indeed other clubs. If it's not all out in the open at his chosen club what he is getting payed it could upset the applecart with his new team mates. Or,if going on p ad b and touting yourself is the way ahead the owner will have to have a (transfer myself and cut out the agent fees forum) because we could be inundated with players on here come august if players see this as the way to go. Or maybe hoping a club can bring in a 3rd party sponsor to top up his wages? Proverbial can of worms.
  7. I want to see more wingers in the game but with teams afraid to loose most teams play with two up front and some with only one.Thoughts.
  8. we need a mibbies aye mibbies no thread just to make it perfectly clear.
  9. on a day like today it would be acceptable to presume most games are off and have a games on thread.makes sense to me anyway. wonder when the summer football thread will start.
  10. This should be a short thread with fast info...cheers.
  11. Is that the Ayr Utd badge on the front cover? Looks a bit dodgie to the untrained eye.
  12. Expect this thread to be quiet hope I am wrong.
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