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  1. You're not a well man. Getting back to the subject at hand Scalpay's population continues to decline. The transformative effect on Vatersay and Eriskay has been population stabilisation and has allowed people to live and work in Barra or South Uist. But that's in the context of an overall continued population decline in the Western Isles as a whole. Its rearranging the deckchairs. We are also talking about populations less than a blocks of flats. 145 million to connect Harris and Skye is a laughable figure. The Luncarty to Pass of Birnam dualling project on the A9 which dualled 6 miles of an existing A road on land cost 96 million. Even if it was achieved people will be making landfall a 2.5 hour drive from any sort of economic hub. Thinking about economic infrastructure investment as roads is 20th century nonsense. Its information connectivity and remote working that's going to sustain rural communities in the century to come. Which is why rhe Comhairle nan Eilean Siar are investing in comms hubs throughout the islands to allow remote teaching so a geography teacher living in Bearnaray can take the class at the Nicholson in Stornoway.
  2. There's a difference between bridging gaps you could hit a 9 iron over and *checks notes* the longest sub sea tunnel in human history for people to alight in Ullapool. If we are going to do it connecting Cowal and Kintyre to the central belt would be the place to start.
  3. If a Spartans player is first to the ball there it's a deserved goal.
  4. It's not part of the country park, its a wee corner off it designated as a leisure park so that bit of it is probably fine. The training pitches are part of it but putting 3g pitches on greenspace seems to be fine with the planners and I suppose it makes sense as it is in effect still the same use as when it was grass pitches, and has happened elsewhere in the city. I'm not aware of anything coming before council officers beyond some informal meetings 2 years ago though.
  5. I think the covid thread has pushed him over the edge, since that's started he's been a perma seething mess. He's on day 3 of a full tilt on the United v Aberdeen thread.
  6. After hearing the guys on this week's Terrace pod making the point about 3rd tier champions rarely struggling in tier 2 I went and had a look. It seems even more than they don't struggle the following year but none of the 9 T3 champions since 2011/12 Cowdenbeath have even ever been back to T3. Queens, Rangers, Morton, Dunfermline, Livi, Ayr,Arbroath, Raith and Thistle. I know there is only 1 automatic relegation spot but that seems remarkable. Is there a longer no return streak at any other point in Scottish football or any other leagues? Could also include relegated teams never coming back up a league. Need Hamilton relegated this year to extend the streak or Queens to maintain it at 9.
  7. Spent a wee while yesterday bigging up all the amazing keepers Scotland have coming throug like Clarke, Kelly and McLaughlin Finger on the pulse.
  8. In football related matters whits the goalie daein? I was going to mention before game yesterday I think Lewis has fallen off a cliff his year but I got stung with that with Clarke the other week.
  9. That's actually a worse take than anything on the match thread. Some effort
  10. Having watched Sportscene this morning nothing has detracted from my view that Butcher has no place at the club. He's another Gavin Gunning and is now a back up, worse, less mentally stable Stuart Duff. He can't be trusted.
  11. The Macclesfield documentary is what a third series of The Office could have been.
  12. Glass taking an interesting approach to man management there
  13. You having a normal one again mate ? Also his name is Ojo. Bit racist TBH
  14. Because if your manager wasnt dung you could have used your superior skills and tactics to win the game at 10 v 10. It's not like you got a man sent off and we had 11. There was parity for all but 2 minutes of the 90. Its not even as if our red was a result of good play by yous drawing the card, it was an aberration.
  15. Your abysmal refeering luck today evened it up at 10 v 10 so I dont see how that would be a factor
  16. He got booked, not a red, so I doubt it. He has been booked for going towards the fan after the shove. Mingin decision but that will be the explanation.
  17. Butcher shouldn't play for the club again. The fact he is fucking garbage makes this an easier position to take.
  18. That Ojo incident is worse than Cantona. Disgusting
  19. Zaluska would later go on to be assaulted by Paul Paton in Ashton Lane after saying he hated Rangers and wanted to kill all Rangers fans. Lukaz Zaluska. An honourable man
  20. It says a lot that I got my nose burst open by some Aberdeen casuals pre-game and it's still one of the best football nights out of all time.
  21. The League Cup Semi at Tynecastle trumps all of this. Sorry.
  22. Hopefully the Aberdeen fans smash up the Centenary again. An absolute kowp. Still can't fathom how we didn't beat Saintees and Hearts are nailed on league winners so I still go into this with massive confidence.
  23. She's been sent into bat to distract from cuddly Stanley the wife beater serially sexually assaulting women
  24. I was with them until their list of demands shows a poor understanding of devolution arrangements across these islands.
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