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  1. Because its the rules everyone signed up to
  2. Absolute garbage today. The annoying thing is we went to Parkhead played in their faces and got a great result. Today we stood off let them play and got everything we deserved. Niskanen and Clarke have been garbage for at least 3 games but who do you bring in? I'm nowhere near thinking the manager is under pressure but losing Fuchs and Siegriest doesn't bear thinking about..
  3. Im going to say a goal like the 4th has never been seen in a match between 2 full-time teams. It's rarely seen outside of the last 5 minutes between lads I the cages
  4. They could ground share with the High at Mayfield
  5. East Craigie have spent the first half of the season playing away from home to get the ground playable. I don't imagine they will be doing any more major works any time soon. For those unfamiliar with the ground there is nothing there. Its a grass pitch surrounded by railings and grass banking. No terracing, no cover, no social club and changing room block that looks like a big garden shed
  6. I have had a great day. I cancelled my DC Thomsons subscription over this and was delighted when they phoned to ask why and I was able to deploy the phrase ignorant moralising.
  7. What I really want is a good quality frying pan. The wife says thats not a Xmas present but it would genuinely make me happy and enhance my life. Same as she wouldn't get me new brake pads for my birthday.
  8. He has deleted his Twitter now so the evidence is gone but went on a massive Subtweet about workplace bullying, being thick as mince, completely out of her depth and all round horrible piece of work. I was moved to go and look up what became of commonspace, it seems even their hilarious offshoot finally died this year with this typically overlong, no self awareness word salad. https://sourcenews.scot/sean-bell-the-long-goodbye/
  9. My mum was born in 1960 and remembers demanding a horse and a doll that could piss itself for her early Christmases so presumably you can go back to the 1950s before non commercialisation and, in Scotland at least, it wasn't because it was a holy day. Quite the opposite it was miserable Presbyterian rejection of feast days and anything else which might be a laugh.
  10. Add me to the chocolate, booze and peace and quiet club. After about 30 anything you want you can buy yourself or it's too expensive to ask someone else to buy. Because I'm going to her side for Xmas day and she is working Xmas eve I'll be having my own private Xmas day on Xmas eve. Wake up, champagne and a bacon croissant. Followed by a hefty couple of whiskies and a couple of old films . Down to the local for mid afternoon for a good few hours of pints, whiskies and podcasts and home for a curry and the M.R. James Ghost Stories. I'm in tears just thinking about it. ETA presuming nobody on here is a 19th century quaker when wasn't Christmas commercialised ? It's always been about the gifts as far as i know going back to the early 80s.
  11. Take your point, I'm more coming from the PoV that I wouldnt be attributing systemic failures in social services to that many. Walking around London recently I noticed it's getting very like New York with the amount of seriously mentally ill people wandering the streets presumably as social services aren't available. It's not quite as bad here but I wouldn't do childrens SW for a million a year given case loads, paperwork and level of responsibility quite apart from what you see.
  12. Robert Somynne spilling the tea on Haggerty on Twitter was a fun day. He seems to have disappeared now which is a shame. Michael Gray still active and although he is a good soul he is deeply strange and does that bizarre thing some journalists do of announcing news on their account as if Michal Gray's account is where I'm is where I'm waiting to find out who Scotland got in the world cup playoff.
  13. Victoria Climbie was 21 years ago and baby P was 14 years ago, Brandon Muuir 12 years ago which would suggest that rather rather a steady stream, its an exceptional occurrence. Social Services in England have been absolutely gutted to the point I'm surprised stuff like this doesn't happen more often. Maybe it does. Also worth noting the unholy alliance of groups in Scotland who worked tooth and nail to get the Named Person scheme struck down to score a goal against the government.
  14. Why the SNP not adopting my deeply unpopular personal manifesto for Scotland shows Sturgeon isn't................... (Note to Ed please fill in gaps and find attached invoice for £500)
  15. True but often too pleased with himself so I'm afraid he is still going to the Ballachulish salt mines
  16. Jim Spence likes to drop the fact he was a law lecturer into just about every conversation but rarely mentions it was at Dundee College and therefore at a level lower than Higher Modern Studies and without a teaching qualification.
  17. The traditional print media tell us all how important and vital they are and that they are a key cornerstone of democracy and how its our civic duty to #buyapaper whilst allowing fucking Bill Leckie and Jenny Hjul to speak their brains. Meanwhile actual journalists who are actual cornerstones of democracy like Peter Geoghan have recognised the model is fucked and are doing other things.
  18. Is thread only for real people or do columnists posing as dead dogs count?
  19. The fucking state of them. Do they get taught to do that pose?
  20. As well as developing gender based brain worms McWhirter is very much in the Jim Spence school of yer boring auld da struggling badly with irrelevance. The pair of them conservative to the core but think constantly harping on about Thatcher somehow hides this. For a lot of pundits social media has been a disaster. Finding out that having an opinion and basic literacy isn't actually unique. Articulate engaged young people replying in real time instead of retired army majors writing letters seems to have broken them.
  21. I'm assuming any young lad and beautiful young woman dining in TGI Fridays are about 16/17? In which case wear what you want.
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