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  1. The quality of this as a visual masterpiece for a TV show is up there with anything that's ever been made. Every bit as good as the LOTR movies, although without the huge battle scenes yet. In terms of dialogue, acting or gymnastics nothing Galadriel does is any worse than anything Legolas does in the movies I'm thoroughly enjoying it and feel sorry for people hate watching it to pick holes in a fantasy epic.
  2. Only fools would write that on a public forum
  3. It literally means black knife ie a knife hidden in the dark. Dubh doesn't mean hidden. As for Eilean Dubh I can see loads of black on the rocks in that photo. It's maybe Dubh compared to other nearby islands or its black when seen from a distance.
  4. Inverness absolutely is a football town. The problem is the team is Rangers.
  5. Its jarring to include the Ravenscraig pioneers without any reference to why they had to what they had to do and what the SFA's attitude was at the time. If you didn't know the background you would have no idea it was unrecognised and unsanctioned from that video. A wee nod to that would have been good. I don't think it would have detracted from the piece. Nobody is going to have done everything right over 150 years.
  6. They do deserve to be celebrated. I still found it jarring. Was there ever an official apology? There might have been, I have a vague recollection but it might have been the FA. If not then there should be. ETA I see now there was. Fair enough move on and celebrate it.
  7. Feel free to quote any posts where I'm supportive of Putin. I was more referring to your laws of war illiterate post that looked like you had typed it with your head. I don't think your anger is healthy
  8. There's grass on it I suppose bit looks more like a rugby pitch
  9. The absolute fucking cheek of that SFA one celebrating women's football in the 70s.
  10. Nothing to do with going out of play. The referee gave a penalty in the game. on Tuesday. The play was dead as soon as the "foul" occurred.
  11. By the 9th or 10th time Edwards was given a short goal kick to take 90 seconds to pass to a fellow defender, to pass to a wide man to immediately pass back to a defender I was actually getting embarrassed for them. Why do we play such a low tempo? Is this how we train and Fox's game plan? If Levitt is going to sit alongside the centre half's then at least give him the ball short to try and pick a pass. Harkes - never shows for it and when he gets it does nothing. Behic - everything back where it came from Niskanen - on about 10 minutes and still managed to have a nightmare. I'll probably forgive Edwards as his task to craft our attacks is a fucking nonsense.
  12. That's a terrifying afternoons football. You can mould bad players into a solid unit but half decent players putting in half a shift and collapsing in confidence after one goal scares me more. Pass marks for Fletcher and Sadat for me. Meekison also positive when he came on.
  13. Have to say it's been good to see Clan fans pretty much unanimous on this.
  14. I'm terrified somebody audits my posts and sees I keep mentioning my one opening I know.
  15. Just awful. Can't even claim they didn't know. The interview with Anderson is particularly excruciating. Basically saying "it must be very hard for you being a rapist " I'd have thought Chalmers and Cameron were on shoogly pegs results wise anyway.
  16. Division B Invergowrie beats @mathematics by checkmate. Didn't really like that unusual response to the Vienna. Wasn't sure what to do but was able to pick up the Bishop and from then on was able to stay on the front foot.
  17. Still can't fathom the Burley and McLeish part 2 appointments. Both men clearly unwell.
  18. I wouldn't even attempt to get confirmation on a large estate about a solicitor, although I'm sure people do. Yes it's expensive and they will rip you off by charging you top whack and getting paralegals and secretaries to do most of the work.
  19. A wee bird tells me these days that unless you owe DCC about 500 quid it's not worth their time and effort to chase you.
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