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  1. Only if its being discussed seriously. In jest its a depressing staple of the "banter" people like Cowan immerse themselves in.
  2. I barely interact with you you at absolute weapon. I couldn't care less about your position on Ireland as remarkably its not in your top 5 bad takes. You're the one who decided to make a topic all about yourself again so don't bother whining when people don't allow you to rewrite history.
  3. Everyone remembers you were advocating for hundred mile, world record breaking tunnels from the mainland not inter Island tunnels. Also whilst it might be best for islanders there is literally no benefit to the Scottish economy linking an island group with a population like Kirriemuir up to each other or to one the size of Forfar. The Faroes project connected their capital and main port. The equivalent is building a road between Glasgow and Aberden to avoid going by Inverness
  4. It's not individuals acting like twats though is it? It's a phenomenon we are seeing across a period of months, involving tens of thousands of people from a non-diverse demographic in every part of the country therefore there's like to be societal and cultural factors at play beyond some individuals cant handle their beer. I'm not condoning it but it seems perfectly obvious why it's happening.
  5. Quite like the Ayr one and also like when ICT remember they are meant to have black in the kit
  6. The season that followed showed that Aberdeen fans were quite right to invade the pitch at Livinston before the schools had even gone back. A vital 3 points in their relegation battle. It's all coke and #awaydays and being performative instead of any genuine joy. I kind of get it after 2 years in the house. Facing up players is shitbag behaviour though.
  7. That's not what that link says. It says the first round of interviews will be concluded early next week meaning they might already have interviewed 4 of the 5. If one is completely left field or an internal candidate being interviewed to keep the peace maybe Kelty have been approached.
  8. From what I have seen he easily has enough about him to do well in the Highland League. He is small but that doesn't matter so much in a league where CHs can barely move.
  9. Kevin Thomson speaks like someone speaking how they think intelligent people speak. Mind you, so does Tam Courts and we are away to win a European trophy. Maybe speaking sense to footballers is over rated
  10. A top class save that most keepers in the Midlands League would be keeping out
  11. No surprise from the sad act with about 5 teams
  12. The only thing I would say in defence of people not doing it is we don't know what pressure they or their family would be under in their home country if they did do it. Or he might be a bigotted arsehole.
  13. How expensive is very expensive? You can go King's X to Montrose most weekends for about 130 with advance split tickets. By the time you travel to a London airport, fly to Edinburgh, get from Edinburgh Airport to bus/rail and then get to Dundee or Montrose and another bus its all going to add up apart form being a huge amount of time. If you can stretch to it I would definitely go direct to Montrose and get the bus.
  14. Hearing on the grape vine North End are putting plans in place to be license ready in the next year or two as well as lots of other community development on the site and a 3g pitch.
  15. You also play a 36 game season in the championship so 1 less home game and presumably you won't be charging 30 quid v Arbroath
  16. Rangers official social media account putting videos out begging their fans not to make a show of themselves and try to murder any police.
  17. No. St Johnstone played second leg at home last year at same stage
  18. All below is obviously IMO. Even if there was CCTV it wouldn't leave the car park operator liable for a third party committing theft on their premises any more than I could sue Tesco if someone punches me at the deli counter. The best case scenario would be the absence of CCTV voids the contract and Stu can ask for his money back for the parking. As I said you would need to demonstrate that the operator also thought that the provision of CCTV was part of the contract. If they had a sign on the door saying come and use our CCTV protected car park then there might be a case but, as I say, only to claim back for the parking. They might even claim signs around the site staying there is CCTV is an additional safety measure.
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