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  1. A lot of hyperbole around about that match today and this post is a prime example. I dont remember Maldini or Baresi ever skinning someone out wide with a stepover and delivering a 40 yard raker of an assist for the other to bullet a header in
  2. Michel Mon*****ne observed "my life has been filled with terrible misfortune, most of which never happened" I would have done well to reflect on that in June.
  3. Frank Gilfeather is a 5% worse Jim Spence. Let that sink in.
  4. Anyone know if you can still get into GF with an ET season ticket? Need to look after some bairns tomorrow and ETL is near sold out
  5. Agreed Jhanagir was good about 20 year ago. Went downhill when the old boy died. Only go to Rishis if you don't mind waiting an hour for food. Worth it though
  6. They claim to have been on the go since 1901 and when I pointed out to the lassie behind the bar it wasn't actually the same pub she pretended not to be interested.
  7. I think they found one cross dressing man who said he shouldn't be allowed in women's changing rooms and they have used him to show they have support from all quarters. Never underestimate what folk will do for attention. Like that Asian lad who supports Rangers and Britain First
  8. Got off train at King's Cross with the whole of London at my finger tips. Straight into the Scottish Stores for a 7 quid pint of T. No regrets
  9. If the odd death is the price we have to pay for Alec Baldwin's art then worth it IMO
  10. Especially given Annan and Jeanfield have similarish records. Cowdenbeath are dogshit so you could make a case but nah
  11. No more of a con than asking fans to pay money to watch and enjoy Ryan Porteus
  12. Folk would have assumed they were exaggerating. My worry would be they think it went OK.
  13. That's John Menzies vouchers you're thinking of.
  14. They use a special non soluble version at Tannadice that sits at the bottom of a half pint of boiling water
  15. If whatever the northern Irish version of the PF is hadn't forced this old man amd army veteran to stand trial he would probably still be alive today. A good result then
  16. I'm fizzing. Hung my queen half asleep. You didn't give me an inch after that though
  17. Picked a game at random. 30 seconds in and its dreadful so far
  18. I'd be interested to know how folk get on as it's a different pedagogical approach to what has been tried before. I was involved in some of the early trials and it's very much about communication and speaking rather than learning grammar and tables of prepositional pronouns.
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