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  1. I hope I'm not shown to be wrong but the SPFL statement seems to be clumsy rather than an indication there will be no playoffs. Worth journalists commenting on but Tom English particularly needs to leave himself somewhere to go if it is a story instead of exploding right now.
  2. Ambitious Kelty again. Also missed the "opportunity" to get the colts in.
  3. I'll stick my hand up and say it's not a terrible idea. Anyone who wants to play football at a national level should be able to. You won't get SPFL expansion as it means diluting the prize pot.
  4. Does Cosgrove understand the England game is at Wembley?
  5. So the winners of the WoSL,EOSL,SoSL playoff get to skip the Lowland League?
  6. It's incredibly simple. By kick off this summer there will around 200 teams playing regionalised senior football in Scotland. Around 200 will be playing in their correct region. 3 where the boundary runs through a bit of their town or ectended conurbation will play over the border. Some people who's persona is to make out they actually know something you don't because they are the only ones with the understanding of the various complex factors are still, in the face of all evidence, insistent that we just don't know what's going to happen !!
  7. Would agree with VTs point that a plurality of Indy parties makes Indy more likely. Credible Indy Socialist, Indy Centrist, Indy Tory and and Indy Green parties shift the conversation from whether or not Indy should happen to what it would like. I don't believe Alba have anything to offer in this space though. At this stage that's a hunch because I haven't seen their policies. Their candidates are universally fucking dreadful too. Re: 5 years to get it done We didn't see sustained leads for Yes in the polls until 2020. In the meantime preparatory work has been happening in Holyrood to prepare the groundwork. Legislation passed that asserts the right of Holyrood to decide on the franchise and therefore ensuring EU nationals have a vote for one and Independence Bill. Legislation that gives Holyrood the right to choose the question and date of any referendum. This was so passed in Jan 2020. I know that's a bit more boring than just getting Brexit, sorry Indyref, done but making sure it's done on our terms I'm a time when we can win is more important to me than just having one. There won't be an Indyref 3 I love the idea that Sturgeon is comfortable in power as if the leader that wins our independence will be signing on on the Monday after independence
  8. Seek a S.30 order and, in the event of refusal, publish a referendum bill in Holyrood and let the courts decide is still a fucking mile ahead of the ... checks notes... nothing, that has been put forward by Salmond. Salmond's dimwit supporters might pinball about between "just get it done" and actual policies like UDI or bring the MPs home to set up a shadow govt (fucking batshit but at least they are policies) but at the moment nobody knows what Alba' s actual policy is.
  9. It's not even that. It's the Luncarty, Harthill and Tayport close as f**k rule. It's LTL who tried to make out Luncarty was an "all bets are off" situation. Anyway, it's a completely different issue from at her or not the HFL will agree to allow promotion into their league from teams in the north.
  10. What's the Alba plan? I missed the policy launch
  11. He's been told this countless times
  12. Five years after my last assessment I still get 20% off outdoor gear with my DofE card. RIP Big Fella
  13. Don't think people should be denied stuff because they can't or won't get a vaccine. On a personal I couldn't really care less.
  14. I think this is an unknown which is making me not quite trust the polls more than I usually don't quite trust them. In P&K we had a by-election 2 weeks ago which had a 45% turnout for a foregone conclusion. That's pretty tasty for an LA by-election in any circumstances. 66% of voters in the area now have postal votes as opposed to less than 20% in 2015. Postal Votes tend to have a turnout of around 80% as opposed to 50-60% for in person voting. So, in theory you might actually see turnout up. My optimist sides says the Tories are depressed. This is not Ruth Davidson's 2016 campaign, this is not the existential crisis of 2014. In PKC in 2017 Local Govt elections the SNP baiscally got the same votes as 2011 but the Tories doubled theirs and won the council. I can see their support staying at home.
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