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  1. I've been out of the law game a while but if memory serves a woman peeping over a toilet door to look at another woman is probably illegal
  2. It's OK he said its absolutely fine. That very specific " I don't mind what they do behind closed doors as long as it isn't shoved down my throat" kind of fine
  3. Great. It still makes no sense given trans people don't seek to deny biological sex either.
  4. Gender isn't biological you absolute mess.
  5. People posting pictures of their glass of beer where they used a shitload of washing up liquid and consequently have a horrible headless flat mess in the glass.
  6. All ears for what women's groups have raised concerns. Please note AstroTurf funded by dark money from the American religious right don't count.
  7. Invergowrie beats Dandies1983 @Frank Grimes by checkmate. Another tight one on material but I manged to load the right hand side with active queen and rooks after we both castled Good game
  8. I'm not sure the local youths kick about with bolt cutters and steel petrol cans. Shite news as the youth set up have hundreds of kids involved.
  9. Apparently my last 4 moves were blunders. I think we both had exact same game plan and it was just who could get there first. Good game
  10. No you can have a choice of two coffee shops though. p***ks Just get a pint in dynamo and pretend you are in a station the size of Kings Cross which would be a similar distance pint to platform.
  11. I'd still fire Courts tonight. He seems a decent lad and he would be able to claim a harsh sacking and get another job.
  12. Paging @tamthebam to get raging at the post title
  13. I'm the c**t that has never stopped drinking on the trains at any point. I am good enough to hide it when the ticket collector comes along though. We both know but it avoids any awkwardness.
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