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  1. Quick Question Thread

    You are correct. They aren't
  2. Dodgy business practices...see you in court

    Are Dundee fans supposed to be the ones coming out of that looking good? Team 1 wins a national trophy againt team 2 who are so successful and have lorded it over team 3 for generations that team 3 have to get vicarious pleasure through team 1s victory?
  3. Michael Jackson - Massive Nonce

    What I can't get my head around is how the parents allowed this to happen. Had hoped to get some answers on this thread.
  4. Michael Jackson - Massive Nonce

    There's also the horrible, but unfortunately does happen, alternative to the starstruck naive parents scenario. Some parents "sell" their kids to abusers and "share" their kids with abusers. That might be for drugs in some cases and big f**k off houses and the celebrity lifestyle in others.
  5. If your team Folded ?

    More hillwalking, probably a dozen games a season split between forfar and arbroath. I used to think I would be one of the "lost to the game" types but how shite is a Saturday when not only are you not at the game but your team aren't even playing to be followed on the radio or soccer Saturday. f**k that.
  6. Fort William tomorrow

    I suppose its worth having the league an utter farce so some football hipsters can go and ironically watch a game
  7. A View From The Terrace

    Good idea but 30 minutes too long. I'm sure once they tighten it up and drop shite like that song at the end it will be good
  8. Alesha MacPhail case

    Of course it was a High Court case. My mistake.
  9. Alesha MacPhail case

    The person was able to google the salary of what was presumably a private client solicitor and partner in the practice? Presuming the Campbell's legal team were obtained through legal aid I would be surprised if any of them are clearing 40K a year and certainly wouldn't be earning much for this case. Not pocket change but not exactly raking it in either.
  10. Alesha MacPhail case

    Do any of the folk saying he should be named want to know his name and if so why? I'm happy enough they have caught and prosecuted him. Not the slightest interest in anything else.
  11. YES Bar

    It was fucking shite in a part of the world where you dont have to go to shite pubs
  12. Alliance of American Football

    Does the pacific league not start this year too?
  13. Hunted

    So the first few weeks are a complete waste of time, if the hunters work out the extraction point it's over.
  14. Hillwalking Thread

    The bus shelter is set back from the main A87 on the Morvich - Aullt a Chruinn road at the junction at the Jac o Bite. I'm not sure I would trust sitting there whilst the bus flies past on the main road, I would stand at the junction and flag it down.
  15. Dundee United 2018/2019

    You guys had American flags in the stands you melt