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  1. Absolutely no way should the Edinburgh festival be allowed to go ahead. This is not a COVID related post. Re Euros I don't agree with flying teams all over the place with no fans but I would imagine the selling of sponsorship packages in those stadia are still part of UEFAs considerations
  2. That's one way to infer it. Another is we have a million emails, WhatsApp, texts etc. If you tell us what would be relevant to any investigation we will provide it. Political parties have a duty of care to protect employees and activists.
  3. Are you sure? I can't be arsed going back and looking but my recollection was that very roughly it seemed to be applied Tier 2 under 100, Tier 3 100-200 and Tier 4 at above 200.
  4. I wonder how many people in Scotland are still drawing a living from forgotten direct debits pledged between 2012-14?
  5. My experience of Germany and Benelux countries was train prices are consistent anyway. Brussels to Ghent return would probably be the same to the average price of Dundee to Glasgow but you wouldnt be stung 55 quid if you needed to go last minute on a Monday morning.
  6. Schwuz. I haven't kept an eye on their fortunes since
  7. I went to a huge gay club in Berlin and there was a floor like this. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves
  8. Cans on a train is one of life's true pleasures. I'm a mournful brooding drunk plagued by paranoid introspection though so no bother to anyone else.
  9. Is the tweet of a man who thinks that in the face of an SNP majority Westminster will keep saying No?
  10. TBF Lennon has been subject to abuse, assaults and death threats so we can also thank the lunatic wing of the other side for giving the lunatic wing of this side something to hide behind. Equally Celtic fans who gave Lennon an out at every turn for hisboduous behaviour by playing the bigotry card may now repent at their leisure
  11. Sarwar saying we need a period of calm and reflection. His answer to the assault on our democratically established and elected parliament is to cross our fingers and pray that England elects a Labour govt who might give us back some of those powers one day
  12. I think it would. I agree that's a huge part about why Sarwar will win and tells all we need to know about why the lingering death of Scottish Labour will continue
  13. I'm absolutely garbage at chess and have about a 50/50 record v the rest of the bottom feeder on chess.com I considered getting seriously into it and paying for lessons but I'll just bump up against a new set of people I can't beat
  14. She doesn't mention this parliament and even if she did this parliament is due to be dissolved in 3 months
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