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  1. Game of Thrones

    Perfect ending IMVHO although for a terrible moment I thought they were going to take Sam on and the last half hour was going to be about them establishing a representative democracy
  2. Cove Rangers Champions

    If I remember correctly this is how the Balkans war kicked off
  3. The St. Mirren FC 2018/19 Thread

    Hi Are yous any good then?
  4. Caley v United/United v Caley

    Dundee are a shite yo-yo team along the same lines as Partick, St mirren and Falkirk whereas United are a huge team with european pedigree ad a huge fan base. YW xx
  5. Dundee United 2018/2019

    Some weeks ago I described mcmullan as dog shite. I'm happy to now walk that back and if he wants to come to my house for a beer I'll gladly accommodate him
  6. Caley v United/United v Caley

    2000 away fans is about 5% of Sunderlands average home support so Inverness only need to bring about 150 to leave Sunderland looking like absolute c***s.
  7. Caley v United/United v Caley

    Forgot you guys had Scott Gardiner at ICT until I saw him on TV last night. Enjoy yourselves now. You will likely be back in the Highland league in 5 years
  8. Caley v United/United v Caley

    He stoops to head the ball so TBF to Polworth his boot is probably only at throat height. The irony is had it been the other way around the ref would have waved play on as the ICT player constrained by his own innate honesty would have just run through the challenge.
  9. whisky lovers

    Ooft I swithered about renewing as I'm barely in Edinburgh these days but a Glasgow venue would swing it
  10. whisky lovers

    The way to justify would be to take 3 or 4 days and take in Glen Scotia and Arran too. Do them either side of a Kyle's match and that sounds like a nice wee break.
  11. Game of Thrones

    This is incredibly important to you isn't it. I hope all your dreams come true.
  12. whisky lovers

    I think I'm correct in saying Kilchoman do a bit of everything on site but they do buy in malt from elsewhere as they currently don't have capacity to grow and malt all they use so I *think* the answer is Springbank do all their own malting on site and Kilchoman do some of their own but also buy some in. You are correct to say though there is a full seed to dram process at Kilchoman.
  13. Caley v United/United v Caley

    I hope you managed to get at least some sleep last night mate. Don't hate the player.
  14. Caley v United/United v Caley

    I'm all for good natured joshing but the above post is disgusting. It's only a game.