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  1. Invergowrie beats Dandies1893 @Frank Grimes you can find yourself incredibly unlucky to run into the only system I know how to play. Even if I did miss a mate move too
  2. @Denspark1893 It finished 1-1 Never good to drop points to teams below you so I imagine you have got some great banter lined up
  3. Unlucky p***k. Celtic are dugmeat. Disappointing we couldn't face them with our first XI
  4. The two Stornoway teams finished 7th and 8th out of 9 this year. Logistics aside there is genuinely no interest in playing in a Mainland winter league just now. Cups are a different story and I understand there would be an interest in playing in national cup competition. Although I think the preference would be individual clubs rather than a select. If the Junior cup does open up as a T5 and under cup it might be a gateway to other things. Although I guess at this stage it would still be for senior rather than amatuers.
  5. Murikirk won on pens but thats a decent effort from Letham. Lochee United, Carnoustie, East Craigie and North End are probably the teams you would expect to see in the 3rd round hat from the Midlands
  6. Dundee North End 3 - 0 Colony Park for me today. CP should have been ahead but two disastrous errors by their goalie but North End 2 ahead at half time and that was that.
  7. The pundits aren't the editorial team. Stewart particularly is always talking up the leagues as a whole
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