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  1. I maybe have to stop doing what I do in my thoughts if this can happen.
  2. I never understood why folk get so excited over shitty pyramids when essentially the same technology built Rome, Athens etc
  3. I had the Suntori Toki last Saturday. It's perfectly nice whisky but I think it's over priced at 30. Talking of 30 Talisker 10 is 15 quid off in Tesco down to 30 and they have an Ardbeg (cant remeber which) down to 38
  4. Aberdeen are a fucking disgrace and should be docked points. Anyway, what are they meant to have done?
  5. What a c**t you are making of this You can have any views you like. The fact that Sturgeon, Yes and SNP are soaring in the polls is an indisputable fact
  6. NO350408 Was about 7 years ago so probably had a tidy up now after the tip off.
  7. One of the worst kits I have ever seen. Not even the colour but the overall features combined wit the F1 sponsors. A hot mess
  8. I might have told this story before on here but myself and the missus were out in the Sidlaws doing some off path compass and navigation practice (f**k off it's fun) The point is to follow a compass bearing across open ground, not to follow paths etc to practice for doing it on snow fields on winter hills. We had to cross all this bog and then go through dense woods and then we stumbled across a clearing about 20m long and 10 m wide. There were about a dozen rocks placed in a horseshoe around a burnt out fire. Because I had the compass I took a bearing on the open end of the horseshoe and it pointed exactly due west which I thought was interesting at time. Like it had been placed there deliberately Then my missus says, what are all these bones? In the fire there were loads of bones including what was unmistakably a pelvis bone and a femur. Compasses have rulers on them so was able to measure the femur at about 35cm At this point we are thinking it must be like a scout camp or something and they have brought up a few pigs or a cows to BBQ but there was no place nearby to pitch tents and it was a few miles from the nearest road. You could get to within half an hour on farm tracks with a land rover probably but it's a long way to drag a whole beast. Any there were dozens of bones but at least 3 pelvises Anyway we thought we better phone police to report just in case something weird was going on as by now the missus had convinced herself it was human bones. So we reported when we got home and local bobby from Birkhill arranged to meet me in a couple of days to go back up and take a look. I was waiting outside police station on the day to go up when I got a call from another officer saying something had come up and that someone would call me to rearrange. I never got a call back so who knows what it was but too many things were just a bit off about it IMO.
  9. I did keto and lost near two stone in two months. I also ended up with the most tremendous piles and an attack of gout. Eating a diet of cheese and bacon and eggs is easy. Eating a broccoli or cauliflower each day was the bit I couldn't be bothered with. TBH I think you would get same results just cutting out bread and sugar. Getting good results off Weight Watchers but I reckon it's as much about keeping the diary and being concious about what you eat rather than any particular restrictions on the diet. For me it's more about not mindlessly shoving a kit Kat in my mouth whilst in cupboard looking for a tin of beans or knowing what calories and fat in a full tube of Pringles and choosing not to
  10. From East Super League and chat of a Junior Superleague at Tier 5 to a Dundee & District league in a few short years. Well done everyone.
  11. I could do that in my 20s on a weekend diet rich in vodka tonics and cocaine
  12. Obesity thread for this shite but I have been weighing myself twice a week on a Monday and a Friday for 2 months. What I have noticed is with healthy eating and exercise I generally drop 3/4 pounds Mon-Fri and put 3/4 on Fri-Mon. Get the occasional net loss week which has meant me dropping a stone ovet the 2 months but I wonder what a month off the booze could do. Guess we'll never know.
  13. 200 is about 1.6 I think We have one which I now use for solos but me and the missus did take up the hills once. It's lucky we get on TBH. Bags and boots slept outside.
  14. Lochee Harp V Broughty United around about 1992 probably. United must have been away from home and all I remember was you could have a kick about at the side of the pitch whilst watching, which was a novelty and everyone seemed to have a bag of cans.
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