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  1. That French team in 06/07 were miles better than this Spanish gang, but then again, we absolutely pumped them tonight so maybe it's a better performance. I'd also liken tonight to France 89. Nobody ever mentions Sweden in Italia 90 but I'm having that as its the only world cup win in my lifetime and was actually meaningful at the time so edges out CIS in 92 Switzerland 96. It's maybe up there with Netherlands in Euros playoff.
  2. There are EPL grounds 3 or 4 hours away from most people in Scotland if they want to consume football as dispassionate observers of the game. I'd rather my teams humped everyone in sight
  3. Etiquette for buying tickets from someone online? To me enquiring and agreeing to buy should be followed up with immediate payment. How long would you leave it before offering it to one of the half dozen offers you got?
  4. Im willing to argue about this til the cows come home purely because i get irrationally triggered by the coffee trope. Lazy b*****d comedians/social commentators who for a generation now have been leaning on the - only middle class arty types don't drink nescafe, full fat and two - conceit. It's 2023 c**t and everyone has been drinking lattes for 20 years which is why its the only growth industry on the High St.
  5. West End Mum volunteers in her community at the tennis club, supports the local art scene at Òran Mòr and seems to be making use lots of local business. She seems nice.
  6. The Dundee/Perth "gang culture" was a bunch of adolescents who liked to get dressed up in the same clothes as each other, a bit like the pink ladies in Grease.
  7. Creag Mhòr, Glen Lochay today. Didn't bother with Beinn Sheasgairneach as I did that from Glen Lyon last year. Glen Lochay bit of a hidden gem I, I have done the Glen loop a few times as a low level winter walk. Day started out perfect but clouded over so summit photos pish. At least got back to car before the snow started.
  8. The only way we in is Goodwin in goals and Newman taking the team
  9. Sort of awful. Sort of happy someone is ripping it out of the NC500 lot.
  10. I'm not sure it would be better for almost ammys like Letham, Scone and Coupar Angus to move from playing in and around Dundee into a league almost entirely in West Lothian.
  11. Easier Rd by a mile. Ross County would have been in with a shout if not for the ridiculous post match arrangements to get back to Inverness.
  12. It's tradional at this juncture to say he wouldn't have been the first choice but I'll back him now he's in charge. f**k that. I'm going to straight to wanting him sacked and he can persuade me otherwise. Another problem with a regime with no knowledge of the club
  13. I'll play in the cup. I beat Markf268 in my final league game.
  14. I would say Mulgrew was a very popular part of the squad , even a fans favourite , up until that incident and his subsequent fall from grace has been as a result of his behaviour rather than people looking for a reason to have a go. I don't know who would confirm or deny it as Ross likely has an NDA and it won't come internally.
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