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  1. Don't really know why someone would go somewhere with so much negative history and energy. A bit ghoulish IMO. The 9/11 museum sounds good though.
  2. I went to New York. I quite enjoyed it.
  3. Dodds and Starmer always look like they are doing things at gun point.
  4. You already get a never ending mortgage. My mother in law had an interest only mortgage. The theory being the house value increases.
  5. Probably only Schmeichel better in his generation. Arguably the last world class player Scotland had
  6. I take your point completely I just don't think what should happen and what does happen always intersect
  7. What's the contradiction or hyprocisy in being in favour of a regulated market? Your saying its hypocritical to be against a regulated market that banned chlorinated chicken because in a free market people would choose not to eat chlorinated chicken
  8. Your first cohort are in favour of market regulation because they view some ideas as inherently harmful. They are also cynical about the existence of "free" markets given meritocracy is a myth and power imbalances are likely to be exacerbated in an unregulated system. I'm not sure there is any contradiction in the thought process of the first cohort. The second cohort tend to deliberately misconstrue market regulation and the consequences of actions.
  9. My anecdote about the ching is that I know people in their late 30s who will share a g with their missus on a Saturday night out. Its not just the preserve of gangs of lads on a big one its ubiquitous in utterly standard pub nights out now. It's like having a cigarette.
  10. The Jimmy Carr joke absolutely should have been referred to the police. I think there are a lot of comedians and celebrities out there who refuse to take any responsibility or ownership of their own words or the consequences of them and hide behind pissweak defences of what is essentially pandering to populism. Next time a trans kid is getting the shit kicked out of them they should really explain Ricky Gervais is being ironic
  11. Maybe. I think I just found it incongruous that name calling seemed to be the line in the sand.
  12. If we are all having a moan about moderating inconsistency it was weird that a warning post went up on a sub-forum about name calling where I assume 90% of folk are, if not fully on the wind up, knowing exaggerations of themselves. Everyone in that sub-forum has bought into the game. At the same time minimising or condoning of rape seemed to be legitimate and accepatble points of view in the marketplace of ideas at the time as is transphobia currently.
  13. Is it more normal ? I can't think of many more examples. The police didn't investigate because someone reported being offended by a joke, they reported what they said was child pornography. That's a wild take IMO and that's what the police said too but they have to look into it
  14. TBF Hibs pioneering the Serie A/GAA thing of the goalkeeper wearing the away kit was class so they have points in the bag for that still.
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