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  1. whisky lovers

    Absolute shite. Any whisky recommending it is drunk at low temperatures should be a massive warning light. I was in Ireland last week. I tried to be open minded but it all tastes the same. Too sweet, too smooth, anything over 40% rare as hens teeth Honourable exception to 12 yo Powers, which I got a bottle of, which had that green peppercorn finish that all the single pot stills say they have but none deliver on https://www.thewhiskyexchange.com/p/15234/powers-johns-lane-12-year-old-single-pot-still Luckily I had already picked up a Glen Scotia and Bunnahabhain An Claddach on the way out. Both decent whiskies, won't change your life but we'll worth 2L for 90quid deal at airport.
  2. Dundee United 2018/2019

    Yeah. Yes a legend for attending when it was still a primary then a secondary then working there all his and life and last seen still with the FPs rugby. The man bleeds maroon, I mean we all do but still....)
  3. Dundee United 2018/2019

    Dave Stibbles, Donald Findlay or George Galloway era?
  4. Dundee United 2018/2019

    Fine but we are changing the club top to bottom. Including fielding a team of gentleman amateurs who will win powered by Corinthian spirit alone.
  5. Dundee United 2018/2019

    I was talking about the board
  6. Dundee United 2018/2019

    Im surprised this thread isn't cited as further evidence. As a lifelong fan, with a five figure income and a Harris Academy education I should be natural target for fan investment but I already object to the meagre amounts I put in allowing educationally sub-normal yobs to live a champagne lifestyle.
  7. Fort William tomorrow

    Before you blow a gasket it's nothing different to what the club are actively promoting themselves. Which is where the interest has come from. They are actively tapping into the ground hopper/lower league/AMF sentiment and fair fucks to them for doing so. And in the context of the HFL never mind the rest of the pyramid it is pretty remote.
  8. Fort William tomorrow

    O bha e. Ged-thà, cha smaoinich mi gum feum na Ciarraighich leisgeul sam bith a bhith a' fuathachadh na Brits !!
  9. Fort William tomorrow

    Tapadh leatsa Bha e glè inntinneach. Chuala mise gun robh "w" Èireannach aca. Thuirt mi nach dèan na muinntir Shiorrachd Pheairt stràc no faclan fada. Thuirt sinn dìreach"ban".
  10. Fort William tomorrow

    TBF I think the OS surveyors were pretty meticulous and most stuff north of the boundary fault seems OK to me. Today they certainly make every effort to apply modern orthographic conventions and spelling - sometimes to the detriment of regional variation. It would be usual for them to speak to bilingual educated people such ministersor doctors rather than a local farmer about natural features. Where the difficulties are is where lowlanders did have a little knowledge of the area eg settlements, and that is where their own variations became standard. That said you can look at maps through the years and get a dozen different spellings of lowland settlements too. Mapping a Nation is an excellent book on the history of the OS.
  11. Fort William tomorrow

    Seadh. Ged-thà, tha an fior-cheist againn an canas iad bainne no benye no boinye?
  12. Fort William tomorrow

    Yasssss. Gaelic pronunciation chat. Now we're talking. Your hyphen is in the wrong place it's an t-suidhe not an-t suidhe. The final word is t-suidhe and in good mid minch Gaelic is exactly as Waspie described. I don't doubt for a second people in FW call it Melantee but then again people pronounce Edinburgh Embra. I wouldn't put any store in what climbers call it. The ignorant sods b*****dise any hill name they come across. However that's the story of thousands of Gaelic place names from the Borders to the Butt. They get simplified and changed to make it easier for the Gall (that's OK the Gaels did the same to Brythonic and Norse names) The fact that you say there are streets and buildings named Melantee lends credence to the idea it is a scotticized/anglicized mutation rather than an accurate approximation of the Gaelic. I don't know enough about Lochaber Gaelic to know how close Melantee would be to Lochaber Gaelic, it would be absolute miles from island Gaelic, but then again Perthshire Gaelic was very big on shortening and simplifying diphthongs, losing grave accents and just being all round lazy b*****ds so if Lochaber was same maybe it's not so far away. In summer in standard Gaelic as t-Samhradh (as towruch) but in Perthshire (as zowr) So in conclusion we are all right.
  13. Dundee United 2018/2019

    In the US they often have hotels, shopping malls etc in and around them and I guess the theory is that the stadium would also drive up the value of surrounding houses. I think they have possibly overestimated the spending power 3K samba wearing Dundee fans and the desirability of living on a motorway with panoramic views of Charleston though.
  14. Dross Cunty v Dungpee Pooshited

    Jute workers are berry pickers but only in the berry holidays. Please delete your account