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  1. Didn't realise the travelling community had names for the settled community. Hope they continue to experience racism and worse health, housing and educational outcomes TBQHWY
  2. Done. I didnt listen to it I just imagined it was like Charles and Eddie and decided I liked it.
  3. You Don't always need to get money back, sometimes just nice to be warm and not have black mould everywhere.
  4. Have put in a FOISA for her BBC personnel file. Will report back when soon.
  5. I sincerely hope young women are warned not to be alone with you
  6. She has been fronting digital content for about a year for BBC Scotland sport doing the hockey. They are a tiny team so she probably just got asked to front it out of necessity. From there it's hardly a huge leap to being asked to go and cover a game. I highly doubt there is any interview process or a contract. She will be freelance and getting about 100 quid for it. She might even be doing it on a trial basis
  7. Good for them. Won't make one bit of different to Dundee United
  8. Most people getting the wrong end of the stick here. Tam is clearly using the cry laugh emoji so is obviously absolutely relaxed about all of this
  9. You should listen to Chairman Mao more. You'll be right as rain.
  10. You self isolate at home. You can order a home test if you cant get a lift to the test centre.
  11. My understanding is the test doesn't show anything before the symptomatic phase. Breaking the chain of infection is more important than testing thousands of people so in theory if someone self isolates that should break the chain (or at the very least limit it to immediate household)
  12. Self isolate and get tested. Even confirmed close contacts don't need a test unless they show symptoms.
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