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  1. He went to a catholic school in Dundee and was an arab. Was in a nightclub in Dundee about 18 months after joining singing about the "Teddy Bears" in a Glasgow accent. Fucking weirdo.
  2. You dont like the Round O. You're shite. The only problem is they dont open for more than 2 hours a day* * if my 2010-2013 Arbroath knowledge still holds up
  3. Round O Peppos Marcos However they dont do battered smokies
  4. Bhòt mi fhìn airson PNA cuideachd. Tha iad na balaich. A' bheil daoine a' dol do gheam a-màireach?
  5. Battered smokies from the Bell Rock are the food of the gods
  6. Tha mi gu math, tapadh leat. Nach eil e spòrsail? Ciamar a tha thusa fhèin?
  7. Under the Tories Brexit wont be over for years as we renegotiate trade deals and everything else we are walking away from.
  8. Ha not me. However a football mate , cant believe it paid out Is he minted or mentally ill?
  9. When im teaching Gaelic what i find most challenging is i dont really know English grammar rules or terms. I have just really picked up engish as i have gone along. So i had no idea what "the definite article" was, i have to stop and consciously think what an adjective is and what a verb is. I have no idea what conjugation means. I have learned more English grammar teaching Gaelic than 13 years of formal education
  10. Ciamar a chanas tu helicopter sa Bheurla? 'S e facal Greugach a th' ann. One tip i had was to speak "achadh" Gaelic if you dont know a verb. Tha mi a' recylachadh na pàipearan. Tha am pleana a' landachadh aig a' phort adhair a-nis. Apprently its perfectly OK and keeps you in your Gaelic head instead of falling back on English.
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