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  1. Maybe you could advise him that making up stories about your life and pretending to be characters online is a good way to get attention and feel part of a group.
  2. Thanks for this as I couldn't be bothered scrolling three posts back
  3. You have always had to register home colours but you can alternate at home up to 4 times a season. I imagine you will save that for whatever armed forces shagging kit you come up with this year
  4. Football fans are fucking babies and people in positions of power at football clubs are fucking chancers shock
  5. I'm sure the English are doing this to Labour for sport now.
  6. No. 1. Its nothing to do with the SPFL 2. No one gives a shit about your tit for tat pish with Rangers 3. If you go swimming in a sewer and come up with shite in your mouth don't moan about it
  7. I think the black and tans were Rangers fans, or at least Airdrie.
  8. I like kits that can be mixed and matched so its good from that POV although maybe a bit plain. I'd be tempted to go all navy at home and blue white blue for away.
  9. True but it would still be a breach of league rules not to have a suitable kit. No idea what the punishment is. Probably nothing given Celtic and Hibs have had to do things like goalies wearing outfield kits, both teams changing, home team only changing and wearing previous season kits in recent years.
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