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  1. Just as well SNP policy is a separate Scottish currency then
  2. I tried but I still can't get any enjoyment out of that at all. It's a festering wound that will never heal. On the way home we stopped at Auchterarder for chips. I got a fish supper and was half way through and my pals dad asked if I "had had enough for just now" thinking I was getting to get to take it back in the car I said yes and he took it off me and binned a full fish and half my chips. Really just topped the day off and I think about that fish a lot.
  3. Actually saw a non-troll real life journalist peddling this on Twitter earlier.
  4. All the FIFA world cup official films are on Prime. 82,85 and 90 are fucking amazing. 82 has Sean Connery narrating, gratuitous tit shots and peppered with low level 80s racism. A great watch
  5. Thousands of Labour members joined the SNP so I hardly think it's a surprise a dozen Cllrs did so too. Also "career prospects" for a Cllr FFS
  6. My turn for a stupid question now. What is widespread testing going to do other than tell you someone does or doesn't have it at that exact moment in time?
  7. As marshamllo pointed out it's the added risk of driving which is statistically the riskiest part of any outdoor activity. Mountain Rescue teams have explicitly told people not to go out as they can't guarantee a response in the event of an accident. Whether it's a forest walk, hill walk or daunder round the local loch the terrain will increase the risk of injury. Yes its minimal and yes you can roll your ankle in Aldi but it's all about doing everything to minimise the risk of putting pressure on public services at the moment
  8. In happier news I reckon we are in for a post war style boom time after this. Pubs restraunts and hotels will be full. Football grounds will be jam packed. People will be splurging money at the shops. Full employment. Alongside that folk will demand a fully funded NHS and social services, an end to insecure employment and insecure housing. Please don't reply to this with anything to contrary I'm not interested. This is what s keeping me going.
  9. Jason Leitch is on politics Scotland this morning. I don't think I ever saw him saying anything other than when the numbers and science changed the advice to public would change. It's always been about managing spread at the right time. Maybe they will be wrong but "herd immunity" was never about carrying on business as usual forever
  10. As a branch organiser I can confirm they fucking are not
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