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  1. I was considering going to the second leg on Saturday with my dad as a neutral fan. After looking at the prices, £13 for an adult and whatever the concession price is a complete rip off. It's £5 and £2 at lowland league games. Will stay at home instead.
  2. ?? How many goals did he score this season for a diddy club in Livi ???
  3. Sorry but from said box thing at least they will get paid for the facilities, Clyde on the other hand ,five years next Thursday the council may be paid from them.
  4. Or closing your bank account if the new manager is not to your satisfaction
  5. The problem we have is its expected the same names will be banded about at QOS for the Management job. Who would we consider to be the more attractive job with our directors constantly moaning about money ?
  6. If Ferguson gets anywhere near a managers post at Starks park , I won't be back.
  7. Nope I can confirm, I was in the home end and washed my hands with water and soap after my pee pee..... Must have been just you ya clatty git.
  8. It would be interesting to find out if the lower league clubs could come to some arrangement with the club's own tv station to get some kind of lower league program set up. Guaranteed we will have no coverage now servo are promoted.
  9. Dunno but even if he is he is playing in a higher league than hibs !!!!
  10. There had better not be another six figure profit for the year that's all I can say.
  11. Is it confirmed this match will be live on tv. I was of the opinion no live matches can be shown at the same time as the champions league. Which is both Tuesday and Wednesday next week ?
  12. I thought no other live football can be shown at same time as champions league matches ?
  13. It looks like a case of wait until the last minute to find out when matches will be played. The midweek dates clash with the champions league on Tuesday and Wednesday so can't be shown at the same time. Dire set of affairs for the fans again.
  14. We have Joel Thomas who can do a similar job to nade. Weak so far in the final third. I have yet to see this hype for Harry. IMO he has done next to nothing since arriving.
  15. Drab draw with Clyde playing hoofball for 90 minutes. Better watching the Cumbernauld colts.
  16. I have several questions regarding the new idea. 1- when would a manager have to start pre season training to be match fit for what Is supposedly a major competition? 2- How much extra will this cost in player wages? 3- When does the management get the chance to experiment with team set up and look at unregistered players and or trialists? All of the above for me thinks this is a stupid idea. I am all for summer football but you can't go half added at it. The full structure should change but because if two clubs it never will. Lower league clubs matches , lowland and highland leagues and junior if required should be played at different times to try to increase crowds.
  17. Clyde !! The prostitutes of scottish football. Who is willing to take you next ????
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