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  1. Don't tell me he still insists on 11 players in the 6 yard box. That was my no1 pet hate the last 3 years.
  2. The board have sold fans down the river. The former chairman stating we were in a better financial position than previously with new sponsorship. Talking garbage just to get tickets sold. Don't trust the guy one bit. The talk of work needing to be done to the ground in which I'm sure was said years ago would be out of his own money and not effect the clubs balance book. Smoke and mirrors.
  3. For one my dad at 77 has no scooby of how to order tickets and I bet he isn't the only one. Many people are put off by it as a last minute decision.
  4. The issue is the qualifying from the group and the cup draw last seasons would have paid for that guys what we don't mentions wages and fucking singing on fee last year. . So it's not just a glorified pre season friendly. .
  5. Appears Ben Williamson to Dundee potentially [emoji848]
  6. Yup and that was my check including local knowledge
  7. The fact that next to nobody in the league is signing players, yet all of them seemingly needing a 6ft + striker who can hold the ball up and bring others into play and score goals. Who would that be in the mould of....... Hmmm Brian Graham. Folk unhappy of this are deluded.
  8. That's the issue. I'm sure Partick have had to jump through hoops to try to sign a foreign player. Citizen tests and all that shite.
  9. Maybe shock horror the folk Mcglynn had a love with in playing every week were actually pretty dire and played whist knowingly injured. [emoji1787][emoji1787]
  10. Watched Stirling in two matches at the weekend. They were absolutely garbage.
  11. My main concern is nobody in the league is signing many players. All these supposed loan players will be chased by most of the league along with Falkirk and Dunfermline. That's the worrying thing for me.
  12. Disagree completely. Then we end up with the same two strikers that done little in the second half of the season. It was clear Poplatnik and gullen can't play in the same team. We need to buy a player that can bring the best if what we already have unfortunately. IMO that ain't Poplatnik.
  13. I'm sorry but we shouldn't need to try Gullan as a striker. He was brought in as a striker. He's not good enough to lead the line.
  14. I'm sorry but the price of a season ticket is cheap when your paying £20 to get In. I remember the times if you missed one or at most 2 games it was pointless buying a season ticket. If you bought the early bird you will probably afford to miss 4 or 5 games and still break even. I'm sorry but that's the way it us. The club need money to pay wages (cough)
  15. We are all obviously getting bored as no fucker is signing anyone [emoji23][emoji23]
  16. Cumbernauld have teams down to toddlers so your talking shite there.
  17. Then you have more interested clubs that haven't had to pay a wage for 2 months of kickabouts.
  18. For me Bene is competent squad player that we know. Musonda was played out of position or he wasn't good enough in his prefered position so he was used as a utility player. We will never know.
  19. Musonda confirmed at Ayr. Murray better have players in his mind for the centre of our defence as he has let two perfectly good defenders leave.
  20. We have a second striker in Gullen, we need the lamppost for him to play off. Players like Easton and Ross can play of then also.
  21. I thought the club had local houses they owned. Maybe wrong though.
  22. It is Stevie Simpson that has adopted me for the last 36 years to have no 7 as my favouite number. Sad yes [emoji23][emoji23]
  23. They have signed nobody. They still can't even decide if they want to keep thier manager.
  24. He may find difficulty in the coaching side if it's talking of youth teams upwards as the Colts have the monopoly of the town and pitch hire. Are they playing any preseason matches?.
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