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  1. What's a tone death ST price?. Could be worse you could support East Fife at £280 per season ticket
  2. On sorry but we need a completely different striker as a compliment to Gullan or Poplatnik. Someone able to hold it up and a bit of height. This tippy tappy short ball stuff is ok if you have a world class midfield to create the space and make the passes, alas we don't. The two mentioned need the ball played into then from a secondary striker who acts as the muscle.
  3. Let's hope for a gullable Eastern European team or Arabic club. [emoji106]
  4. If your taking about Sim then let's hope there is a massive lottery winner.
  5. The ground I think is owned by the police recreational association. Makes sense to allow it to be lease out as it was only used for occasional games of football and Rugby.
  6. That's scandalous pricing. Raith season ticket last year with no ealybird was £300. That was with £20 pay at the gate. Feel sorry for your fans with that pricing.
  7. Let's get realistic, the money generated by the away fans you don't want in will probably pay for your staduim rent at a place like Broadwood.
  8. By lochinch you mean the Police Scotland members owned pitches?
  9. Yes every team had am average attendance above 1000. Pretty piss poor as a visiting fan not being able to watch your team.
  10. Christie Elliot released by Dundee, plays right back [emoji848]
  11. I would anticipate the revinue generated will be used and saved as part of redevelopment of the pitch and ground in future. I'm sure the stadium redevelopment was done for the eventual reason to have the ground self sustainable from other revinue.
  12. For me McPake getting Dundee promoted was in the same mould as Kevin Thomson at Kelty last season. Money talked, simple as that.
  13. What are you actually expecting as improvements?. It's an old stand. Do you want a big window across it or something to keep out the cold.
  14. Turned into iniesta you mean the ref shit himself when he should have been sent off for a deliberate hand ball when booked already. The ref won that game for you.
  15. It'll be Tumilty and I wonder if POPLATNIK would be on your radar if not being kept on by Livi
  16. Larbert is mainly a large part being a massive housing estate with outsiders from other areas who have no interest in the local teams.
  17. Covid is gone so its back to how it used to be. I wouldn't have expected it any other way.
  18. That's the old TxRover. Now let's pick holes in your crazy idea :-) IMO the only two who will get any kind of game time is Arnott and Young at a push.
  19. It couldn't come at a worse time. Folk just now are having to spend money set aside on 50p per litre increases in petrol and diesel. Hundreds of pounds a year in fuel. Im thinking the uptake unless its top manger will be half of past seasons tbh.
  20. Lafferty for 6 months would have been a no brainer compared to what we ended up with. Irrespective of his past a player who was becoming injury prone and no resale value to boot.
  21. When will Raith be in a better place Financially. We are over £1m in debt and own f**k all of what we play on. You'll never get a decent base support if the warcry is "Aye, well, we'll just lumber around midtable, take yer money and pretend to clear debt.". Even a year or do in the top league will struggle to clear it as you'd have to pay promotion bonuses then you have to bring in higher earning players to compete.
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