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  1. What big striker? Rovers two strikers are pint sized weans with little to no strength to hold a ball up let alone compete with a 7ft centre half.
  2. Someone on the Raith forum has reposted your clubs 12.30 kick off statement. Thereafter commenting about paying and having hospitality at 11am. I don't think there would be much of an uptake on it.
  3. That's exactly what you are saying. What difference do we make not attending an away match because of one player in the opposition team. If he had your attitude to everything you state then we all should have boycotted Livingston and Aberdeen when a player who seriously assaulted someone plays. Where does it end.
  4. So every fan of a club who have played at Broadwood for the last 5 years have to boycott them. Give it over, your having a laugh. I'm sure you did also.
  5. We did when there were rumours in December. The board chose to ignore it. [emoji1745]
  6. I've not been to Starks Park since December 2021 even though I had my season ticket. I have no interest in David Goodwille when he was at Clyde so why would I boycott Broadwood.
  7. Support the team away from home only. That's my option of late.
  8. The quote was relating to someone stating a free agent during the loan window if you read the posts prior
  9. A lot of people still don't trust this board that's another issue.
  10. I thought this game was on radio Scotland today? No mention of it
  11. Managers pre match interview indicates Gullen is possibly doubtful. Raith 0 is the first half of the scoreline.
  12. It will be announced tommorow I assume. Have heard Aberdeen game will be off so expect the rest to follow suit.
  13. For me he never put a foot wrong on the Hamilton game.
  14. Connor Shields at Motherwell. 25 years old and not exactly setting the Heather on fire.
  15. I'm assuming that they will use SSP as a separate community entity to enable possible grant applications etc.
  16. The fact we brought in £150k for Bowie and still loose £150k a year. Getting £500k during covid with season tickets still being bought, £100k from fans. Raith TV subscriptions from non season ticket holders and away fans with no need for stewarding costs. We still manged to loose money. I smell absolute shite.
  17. We were told DG position was not effecting the budget.
  18. Agree completely with the first goal,schoolboy defending. The heartening thing is we are still creating good chances which really should be put away. The next few weeks are critical in relation to who, if anyone is brought in.
  19. After watching the highlights the defending at both goals is laughable. Inside your own six yard box if you get a chance to put laces through the ball and clear it that's what should be happening. What the hell was Nolan thinking of. We are a striker away from being a decent team which is encouraging though.
  20. I think the difference between the teams in this match is thistle will take thier chances, rovers won't. If it doesn't go our way during the match we have little to nothing on the bench to change it around. Hope I'm wrong though.
  21. If it came to loan's I'd take Zak Lovelace from rangers B on loan. Big, strong like a kieron Bowie on steroids. Tipped for big things ar Rangers. Watched him come on and bossed the game. I know it's lowland league level but he is a stick out.
  22. Ryan Hardie, what a lot of crap. He will be on about £5k per week down there.
  23. That land has been used by the police since the 1930s there is no chance of that being developed by queen's Park.
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