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  1. If they knew fine well they were going to play with 10 men behind the ball then it's frigging pointless toners playing midgets up front.
  2. The fact Frederickson isn't starting says a lot for me.
  3. I take it there is no raith tv coverage?
  4. McGuigan, but , but ,but our glorious former Chairman stated categorically we were better off this season and that the fiasco was being paid out his own pocket. Are you trying to say he is lying. I stated at the start of the season he couldn't be trusted. All talk just to get season ticket sales.
  5. Has the Faeroes guy left?. On Instagram returning home. Surely if there was a, game for him it's Saturday?
  6. Thank christ the passanger is off. Ehan Ross, another dross McGlynn expense.
  7. See all this shite about extra outlay for opening a turnstile. In all the grounds you turn up at the turnstile with your bar code ticket to be scanned. It's scanned by a guy standing in the turnstile with a bar code reader. There is absolutely no less cost at a turnstile by this shitty ticket thing. It only works for the home club in way of projecting of food sales at the kiosks.
  8. The clubs with the ticket scenario after covid will now have a better understanding of what catering etc they require on a match day. Having a bring a friend for free with no details taken would potentially cause either woeful under stocking or excess being bought and wasted.
  9. Remember it's only adult season tickets. I bet about half are kids and over 65s.
  10. If your a thistle fan you look at your centre half losing sight of a player standing next to him. Pulling back a player who was about 5 yards away from the flight of the cross.
  11. How we didn't win that is beyond belief. Very poor up front. Apart from the great header Inverness had one shot at goal, that being a pass back shot from 35 yards.
  12. Hank. That deliberate push when the Inverness keeper had the ball and tried to kick it out. Cynical a fcuk
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