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  1. With less than 10 minutes to go, players blowing through their arses what would you be looking to do. Make a substitution far earlier than the did. To be even more comical make a double switch. One at a time a few minutes apart. It's pretty basic really.
  2. And that on BBC alba is why Shelley Kerr didn't get the Rovers job. Not becauae she is female.
  3. That dear is the fucking deathbed of football. f**k this var. How the f**k can a keeper move without moving half a step.
  4. So they are blowing out thier arses and no subs made. Two goals back and to kill a game off they bring two on at the same time. She is clueless.
  5. I really wished the Colts approached Cumbernauld Utd with their funding and put 4G down guys Meadow. Tell NLC to p off. They wouldn't have to have folk in their own time selling tea and coffee from a table because of the council insistence in running the kiosks. That would be my preferred option.
  6. ^^^this 100%. Still waiting for one of the full back berths to be sorted, a keeper and a striker. Why the heck are we paying a full time wage to a player that can't train all week and IMO should be a bench warmer.
  7. Neither left on a free... Both were involving fees of some kind. If you going to try to be smart and cause a stir then get your facts straight. [emoji23][emoji23]That was my polite comment.
  8. ^^^^ exactly this, Euan Murray also, may not be a massive improvement either. Getting money for both is pretty good tbh, even if it's a promise of money which won't arrive for a year or two, or if ever.
  9. If this player today is a midfielder then there is the potential of Gillespie , Matthews, Hendry, Spencer, wide players , dingwall Victoria and Anderson. I really hope we are not playing in league 1 by flooding the midfield.
  10. I has a quick Google search. He literally hasn't played in 4 years. 37 years old.... I'll say again no thanks.
  11. Wardy if they put a name along side the pic yes, sorry I'm not sad enough to know everyone by a face . And yes he is shite.
  12. We were told two forwards coming in. Looking at those two signings and what we have tell me who is going to score the goals?? We have signed two wingers , to add to the winger we already have along with a 17 year old striker. Yes Vaughan will be vack but what's the point of wing players aiming for a midget. Unless the players coming on trial is a 6ft + striker then I will be disappointed to say the least.
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