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  1. I know this is not football related. I was due to fly on 16th August from Manchester to Riga. The flight is already cancelled by the Airline. If they are doing this then there is not a hope in hell of any kind of football being played with crowds until after this time at the least.
  2. Not really as the European places realistically are dictated by uefa in relation to league placings. They have stated it is up to each FA to decide how to decide thier own league and they will use that for European competitions for the next season.
  3. You can call the league as it is , no relegation and 4 teams promoted from each league. Top two in lowland and Highland league promoted. Next season return it too its original state with 4 down and playoffs and similar in league 2 to redress the leagues. I see no club suffering with this scenario.
  4. 4 teams up from each league and no relegation. Next season 3 teams relegated along with the play offs for the fourth team.
  5. It's the same in league 1 with my club Raith Rovers. If this season is scrapped in thinking of if just supporting my local junior team and stand with my pint whilst watching the game. It's the way forward 🤷
  6. That's a big boost completed to that £2k donation from the SPFL 🤣
  7. Da , it was mentioned that training is part of the "job" of a footballer not just playing on a Saturday
  8. It would be difficult almost impossible. Realistically there would have to be a close season again prior to matches taking place. The fact our chairman came out stating they have all hot training programs probably doesn't help. That would theoretically mean they are still at work 🤷
  9. The hot topic now o hear is the for people to revive their 80% wages from the government is that they have to have no contact or any work given to them. That means training regimes etc etc.
  10. One option is to end the league as it is. No relegation and the top 4 are promoted . Top of Highland and lowland league are promoted. The following season 3 down and a playoff as usual for the last relegation/ promotion spot. It's that simple. 🤷
  11. Yup deffo the railway stand. You can see the start of the fence which separates it from the terracing.
  12. Not mine tbh, I couldn't give two hoots about the chocky bikkie cup. Just postpone it and split the pot of cup final winnings in two. Play it as an opener to the new season. Simple. A cup final gets you peanuts , a league win gets you few hundred thousand pounds in crowds.
  13. Correct the old firm just play each other 4 times in a League season. It's as simple as that.
  14. As you will know TX rovers fans can't get close to tide over the weekly losses we would sustain.
  15. If I'm fit for work I certainly wouldn't expect to be forced onto SSP.
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