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  1. Not ourselves, this seems to be too common. It'll become an issue in the biggercl matches.
  2. Sorry thought he was a signed player. Possibly because they got thier act together while we fannied about looking for players.
  3. Ditto, both myself and my dads season ticket seats was sold again by the club. Unless it was yourself that moved for me [emoji23].
  4. I'm thinking Berra ain't here just to play for a couple of years.
  5. You would have to play Poplatnik as an attacking midfielder and bring Matthews into BRS defensive midfield position.
  6. I'd agree, give him game time or use him as a starter in the challange Cup.
  7. A work colleague sits behind the dugouts a celtic Park. This area is a large red zone with the tickets being offered in the gods. I don't expect it to be an issue for our game as its not on a season ticket
  8. If its a back four like Saturday, forget about and quality in the wide positions. They made 3 changes on Saturday which changed nothing in the way of the shape of the team.
  9. I'd agree, unfortunately our club like many other lower league clubs have an aging fan base. My dad wouldn't have a clue what to do to buy tickets online and I suspect there are many others in the same boat.
  10. Never heard that anywhere, only to have ID ready.
  11. Looking at the ticket sales for tomorrow we would be just as well playing it behind closed doors.
  12. Utter bollock, basically the system is shite and they have Ben found out.
  13. Nobody in thier right mind would buy those 3 anything near £5m. [emoji23][emoji23]
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