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  1. So it's probably better used as changing rooms for the pitch when not used on match days. They can use the toilets at the corner of the main stand. If its only used by directors its a complete waste of money.
  2. Mortons is incorrect in comparison. That's the price for a far more exciting hospitality experience with a complimentary bar throughout the experience. It's roughly the same price as at Starks without the bar offer.
  3. I'm quite sad and pragmatic with money at times. In this time of increased costs so will others. Breaking it down as a regular fan. It's £20 for a ticket and realistically £20 for a 3 course meal in a bar or restaurant. I can easily see how fans are not taking it up. Closing off the whole area around the portacabin and selling it as a fanzone within the ground is something more appealing imo.
  4. You need to remember that your chairman at the time actually came out in press to tell fans to like it or f**k off and support another team. If that doesn't concern you then f**k knows what does.
  5. I don't know that why I'm putting it out there. Maybe our fans that drinks with the directors could tell us more.
  6. Just stick Quitongo on Millen and there is your 3 points. Simples.
  7. I'm sure Sim stated the staduim upgrades and maintainance was SPP and that was a completely separate budget and any profits from it were redirected. SPP was his project to create a staduim capable of sustaining itself,has that changed?
  8. Sounds like codswallop to me. Does it bring into account the shite players not at the end of the passes?
  9. Good point but looking at the size of that port cabin it looks no bigger than the old hospitality room. Seems a waste of money imo. I remember Sim stating that improvments were being invested by him and not effecting the playing budget. I'm a bit suspicious of it tbh.
  10. I'm pretty sure the toxicity of the club meant there was no chance of keeping Benedictus, being thrown under the bus and all that. Maybe this pre season differs post Brexit and the previous basic transfer between even UK countries is difficult. I know it sounds sad but players are not on massive wages and even the cost of 6 days a week in fuel etc will be considered. Players are maybe just hesitant in this climate.
  11. Easier said than done. I don't know what the state is now but most of the directors in the club had soft loan arrangements with the club. Ie the club owe them money.
  12. The old intro I'm sure was the start of a schools TV program from the 80s we had to endure in class.
  13. I'm actually excited if this second young centre half comes in as a signed player. Potential of a couple of centre backs as a long term future of the club.
  14. You mean like Vaughan, connelly, Zanatta, Ross. See where I'm coming from here.. And now Easton.
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