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  1. Bought this in Asda a few weeks ago. A friend took a dram if it and stated piss water tasted better. Not the best for me.
  2. No bullying here. Im getting a bottle a month and trying to replicate such bookshelf. [emoji23][emoji23]. Bought santori that japanese whiskey. Better buying dishwater.
  3. You cannot stop what people do once they leave the training ground or match day bubble. A family member may have passed it, someone in a cafe or restaurant. Only really successful way it to play it on a secure large location with facilities for all players. Will never happen so we deal with it as it is.
  4. I would like to assume you can sit together. I'm thinking with my dad even though we live in separate addresses the fact he can only get to a game travelling with myself means as much.
  5. We need to get a back up off "change it McGlynn" for around the 60 minute mark.
  6. I'd play mendy in the middle of a back 3 with benny and Davo at either side.
  7. Correct, we will sign nobody of any quality until our participation is guaranteed in the championship. While all other clubs will be picking up players
  8. He was a liability in the friendlies. He was one or two stupid passes a game that caused carnage.
  9. It could be playing two years of the competition at the same time.
  10. Realistically they will be missing one game at home to hearts. Most of the first quarter will be behind closed doors. If there is still social distancing even all be it one meter then it would be clubs such as hearts up the shitter as the stadium would be 1/3 full on each home game.
  11. The really annoying part of this legal action is the we will be waiting and waiting to find out which league we are in. It's a, massive difference between bringing in players to play in the seaside league as opposed to the championship. That and the massive difference in prize money that can be budgeted upon. This I fear will put us in a massive disadvantage to other clubs secure in the championship in building a squad early to allow them to settle. How many players that we could potentially pick up will just sign elsewhere to get an early wage.
  12. Tx, it's never going to be fair but it is dictated by Facts. It's that simple.
  13. If every season ticket holder pays an extra £10 on thier season ticket. Collectively as a group of 32 clubs this extra money could possibly be distributed out and tell the old firm to GTF
  14. You lot don't own your pitch [emoji1787]
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