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  1. Absolutely my friend and agree fully. The fact is the it is irrespective that Mendy is condoning this by putting it on his twitter. Any person hearing a racist comment even if though the person whom it is directed at or to does not fell offended is still a crime. Its ANY person's perveption of the comment, not necessarily the person who it is directed to. It is something that needs to be enforced to all people, particularly through schooling.
  2. I'd agree with this. As a Raith fan I'd only expect Falkirk to improve the fact you lot are a point behind is more down to our poor performances particularly away from home.
  3. I tend to find a local junior game to go to if my own team are not playing. Standing on the terrace with a few pints is a great wee change.
  4. You would have to walk by charring Cross and up Maryhill Road. Great Western Rd takes you to Clydebank. West end is pretentious as fcuk and twice the price for drink.
  5. West end [emoji23][emoji23], Maryhill you mean it's a hole of a place. If it's area of Byers road you are goint to, that about an hours walk from the ground.
  6. I'm sorry but unless we are away to Falkirk I don't want to see us ever needing to play a back 5 in league 1.
  7. I'm on the bevvy on holiday. Whoever this injury is it's not too bad
  8. I don't give a shit about this game the annoying fact is fucking Henry us injured again. Fucking rediculous
  9. Without looking into it too much with the rules on players returning from Loam spells. We are only allowed 5 loan players a season and 4 at any one time. Will Gullan if returns to Hibs for a week or so constitute a new loan agreement ? With Him as a potential two , Anderson , Munro , we ain't we ain't got much we can bring in on loan.
  10. Imo put Mendy in on Saturday unless he is cup tied and see how he fairs.
  11. Tbh they will cross the bridge and be met with Rosyth, I'd run if I seen that firstly.
  12. Looks like a few teams in the championship are interested in Brian Graham. Partick the main team doing the rumours.
  13. Irrespective, we now have two fit keepers. One of whom in Thomson was brought in as number one. I really hope that we are not going to extend the contract of Munro and free up the cash for another player.
  14. The big issues with decent pitch hire is that associations such as the sfa and woman's fa are all playing thier matches in the west of Scotland. The lower Scotland ranks and women at paisley. There is little to no chance of getting into that kind of market in Kirkcaldy on a regular basis. Too far from the airports and not fit for purpose due to stadia layout. Yes we did have a woman's game in the past but not in recent years. You need to have a lower league team sharing such as lowland league but that's no feasible either. I really hope the halving of the annual debt is due to not paying for training facilities. If is not we are fcuked!! He made claims of it being the best out there. I've played on it and it is superb, with talk of suitability for rugby. Did he not look half a mile along the road at a club who has its own pitch, stand and facilities to see they wouldn't consider moving to a hired ground with no atmosphere. It truly baffles me what he was expecting to use to create revinue.
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