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  1. Has anyone actually considered that if this happens it sets a presidence. If the old firm get colts teams there would be no legitimate justification to stop any other club to do likewise. If its not the case then the whole set up is a sham and and old firm love in.
  2. I commented on this last week when we put that strong lineup for a pointless cup game with consideration of the prize money on offer in the Scottish Cup.
  3. Probably wont risk Vaughan on that [email protected]#thole of a pitch you lot have.
  4. I'd hope it's a back 3. 5 defenders on the park. 2 sitting midfielders.
  5. Agree with above but the only team in our league left in the cup in Morton, must be wondering what the heck they are up against in the last 2 weeks when thier game v hearts is rescheduled.
  6. Great result for morton and the rest of the teams around them in the league. Playing catchup in two weeks time. Imo better out the cup at this stage of a season.
  7. Thankfully we are out no more fixture congestion.
  8. Wouldn't get a huge amount it would have been in Premier sports anyway.
  9. I still laugh at this team we put out. If we finish forth in the championship we lose £150k. If we finish 5th its 200k why the feck are we playing a team like that with that kind of money at stake. Ludicrous I feel considering the prize money on offer here
  10. Just awake from nightshift. Is macdonald injured?
  11. He will end up at starks pk when we lose Musonda at the end of the season.
  12. A defence lawyer, the biggest crooks of government money out there [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  13. Play it at hampden under covid rules. 54k should be big enough to have a couple of thousand in.
  14. What did I miss? Like most folk I just shut the tab down on the full-time whistle [emoji23]
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