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  1. Winning that cup is worth only 5k more than the losing finalist. Adding to that not having to pay a win bonus which would probably have been 5k. I'd say it make not one jot if a difference winning or losing in the way of budget.
  2. The Kelty consortium that seen to have run out of money in league 1. No thanks
  3. I'm sorry but I agree 100%. They have had over 2 years to build f**k all. If they get promoted and are allowed to use hampden then every club should kick up f**k.
  4. They have I believe bought the lochinch sports centre within the park. Something that members had been paying for years to upkeep. They aren't exactly making a good name for themselves if this is true.
  5. Well why don't we play both of them up front, woosh what an idea, changing from his usual I up front.
  6. It'll be a draw, end of discussions. Nothing more to see here lol.
  7. Don't trust one word that comes out of either Sim or the chairman's mouth.
  8. This second half queen's have created a goal and nothing more. A bit of sharpness in the last third and we would be well in front.
  9. We are talking about the money senario. What will happen to this money. Will it go to securing players for next season or into the pocket of Sim when the club is sold.
  10. A back 3? Surely you start with the formation of the second half on Wednesday
  11. Living further afield I usually just drive to games. A friend who is a Motherwell fan is going with his wife and a friend. What's the best place for them to get grub. I suggested the dutchess or exchequer. What is that alfies place on the corner of the High Street?
  12. The fact you have mentioned getting through without injury is the one reason our best player and top goalscorer should be nowhere near coming on in this match. It's over, done. The money is with Saturday.
  13. That is an absolute car crash of a substitution. Just fucking forget about this game and keep our best players fit.
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