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  1. I wonder how long Ayr will last in the Championship this time?
  2. Over the years there have been some real car crashes on these threads! Which Posters from your Club come to your mind? .
  3. Hibs, the gift that keeps on giving, especially at Christmas time.
  4. Oh well, guess we'll have to see how that works out by the end of the season because, as of now, you are failing big time. Biggest budget in the league by a country mile, and lying in second place!!
  5. Hibs are REALLY comfy, maybe they'll stay another season?
  6. Ye realise whit's gonnae happen since you posted that? Oh dear.... Karma, man.
  7. THIS!! Some folk on here need to get a grip. The guy is barely in the door and he is getting pelters, Sheesh
  8. Unbelievable insight, really, unbelievable. Obviously knows both guys personally.
  9. !! This is more like it,Hibs. Get him on board and the only way is UP!!
  10. Danny Lennon came to us FROM Hibs in the early 90's, just before we won the League Cup.
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