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  1. Holstein Kiel bottling promotion for the second time in a week.
  2. Make that 3 goals in five minutes! 2-2 4 goals in 13 mins. Koln 3-2 up on aggregate now.
  3. Naples or at least southern Italy. Will probably be Rome. Didn't work when we sent Blue sadly.
  4. Malta were equally smug. Again, glad to see Italy win.
  5. Terrific to see Italy win.
  6. Disappointed that you weren't talking about the former Scotland rugby prop.
  7. Game for this too. Heroes is still a terrific tune.
  8. Lithuania, Finland or Italy for me.
  9. It's pleasant enough but it's pretty naff
  10. Norway should do well
  11. Less talking, more singing
  12. This is one of the better ones tonight
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