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  1. The board would need to have spent a long time on the bevvy if they think McPake is the answer.
  2. Can't afford Liam as he would bring his wee pal to all tbe away games at our expense despite not being cleared by the club.
  3. What an utter shambles. Effectively a daytime only train service in Scotland.
  4. Although we are all disappointed by the events at the end of the season the pleasing possession based football that John's team has shown has encouraged us for next season. John will continue to try and identify players who are even slower than Liam, Steven, Joe, Ryan and Graham to help with the league 1 title challenge next year. In order to help John and his young team we are maintaining season ticket prices at last year's levels. Come on ye Pars.
  5. Big Ivo piece at half time in tbe play off on Alba. Basically saying how great Dick and Bert were and how badly the club is doing at tbe moment with managers and the board.
  6. In the grand scheme of things... I doubt they give a flying f**k.
  7. BBC still can't help themselves with the rule Britannia pish.
  8. Doubt arse cheeks are enough to sway the fulll public vote.
  9. Must have got bored with the Spanish cheeks. Decreasing returns.
  10. My free £2 bet went on Estonia. Having seen the recap it should have gone to Moldova.
  11. There is a bit of the Airdrie game that sent us into the playoffs about this. Created and missed loads of chances in the first half.
  12. Theoretically it's allocated to a section in the stand. No seat or row number. So it will be sit where you want.
  13. Ambrose probably had his most steady game yesterday. No faffing around.
  14. If you think the Woodside is grim, don't try Munns.
  15. We got out of jail there. Somehow we were worse than we were against Kilmarnock last week. The winner looked awfully like the goal Morton scored agaisnt us a couple of weeks ago with w terrible goalkeeping error. I would prefer Ayr's order of fixtures than ours just because Partick will be in self preservation mode in the last game of the season. Happy we are still in it.
  16. Really good game so far but need the bookings to start coming for my bets
  17. Not going to disagree too much but I think its being a bit kind on absolute turnips. Jones - 1 totally out his depth Dorrans - 2 pound for pound Polish Goalie - 3 scarily no better than Fon Williams despite the Hughes hype Cole - 1 useless with the players he was asked to paly with. Kamwa - 0 will undoubtedly be another dud from down South. Kennedy 1 - future part time Clyde with a billy big baws attitude. Todorov 2 - just not very good at all. I quite like the look of Donaldson and Connolly was passable. Breen seems like a centre half version of Kennedy as he was a player for one of the gruesome twosome so had a reputation that was way in excess of his ability. If we had lawless and Polworth at the start of the season I think we would have been fine as they both look to have a decent level of ability.
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