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  1. I might stay in Smiths hotel if I was paid £1896 to stay there for a night.
  2. The GMB guy for the Glasgow cleansing workers was saying that an £850 wage increase a year worked out at £6.50 a week after tax and insurance. Interesting maths from him.
  3. Glasgow after spending 17 months at the top or in the top 3 could end up being the least covidy council that isn't just an expanse of emptiness. Remarkable stuff from the weegies, must have been that extra two or three weeks the pubs were shut for in May.....
  4. I am really glad it's Moldova then Denmark. Usually in a double header like that we play the top seed first and expend so much energy we are knackered both physically and mentally for the second game.
  5. At least we are putting them under some pressure now. Need another 15 mins or so of this.
  6. Moby and it's yum yum yum Moby and it's yum yum yum
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