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  1. Lang needed to get match fit but not sure we needed to lose him for the rest of the season. Might be advance planning in giving him practice for league one next year.
  2. He has just gone on a retweeting spree of absolute loonballs and bots. It's beyond the pale even for him. Dead bodies, hijabs photoshopped onto Nancy Pelosi amongst others. How the f**k anyone can stand up for this cretin I will never fully understand.
  3. I think AJ would do a lot better with the squad now than Crawford. On the other hand I don't think he would have got the correct players signed up. In his last season the squad balance was a joke.
  4. Can't see the board having the balls to get rid of him. It all seems a bit of an old pals act routine.
  5. Credit to Crawford for the signing and good news with Dow and Martin too.
  6. I am really hoping Crawford has something up his sleeve. He must have known the Kiltie situation when he let Ryan go but it seems pretty risky to me (risky is being kind).
  7. Not that worried about losing Ryan, however he was a far far better option McGill as a back up striker. It seems like he must have fallen out with Crawford. Very worried about losing Kiltie. Does anyone think we will come out of this transfer window stronger than we went in?
  8. They probably use the sad emoji to go along with the Instagram post rather than the more appropriate raging 'heids gone' one and the sweary one.
  9. Hardly any booing at half time. Think it shows the state of that club, quiet acceptance.
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