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  1. Seems to be working now. It doesn't sound like they asked the council for any more than 2000 which is disappointing.
  2. Someone in Tayside has deleted the spreadsheet.
  3. People that don't flatten or fold boxes before putting them in the recycling bins.
  4. Ahh I see that's it. After getting shafted by the conman with the gold helicopter and the chest containing one million pounds they needed something to try and call their own to wrestle back something from the IPL etc.
  5. Awful. With the exception of some gimmicks and robot wars graphics I am trying to work out the differential from 20/20. It's not particularly quick fire, seems to take ages.
  6. What planned level 0 restrictions have not been implemented today?
  7. I suppose he might get in the top 1000 on a good day.
  8. That just puts pressure on the other shitebags to come out and say they weren't a shitebag; honest. Fabulous stuff.
  9. This itv stuff with Wright is gold : We never get any credit
  10. Ashley Cole saying penalty is quite amusing.
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