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  1. It looked a bit off and today it says for week ending 5th may only 19 people were admitted. Yesterday if you added the ICU on top of the overall hospital cases it equalled the headline figure, wonder if it was as simple as that.
  2. Lidl beer festival 13th May, the bit I saw only had three beers but they usually have loads more than that.
  3. I get that impression in Glasgow anyway, from my household it looks like its going down that age block fairly quickly at the moment. I get mine tomorrow , 46 (and a 1/3).
  4. I think the whole of that series reeked of running out of ideas. Compare it to the others and it doesn't sit well.
  5. The social lockdown is absolutely binned by 90% of the population and has been for a couple of months at least. The economic restrictions are just a pointless waste of time and just seem dogmatic to me. The need to cling onto a few cases in Moray is depressing (unless the MP is held personally responsible and jailed), no doubt when we get a flare up of any sorts the clamour to get things shut down in town X will start again. The link between cases and hospitalisation and death has been broken so let's speed up getting back to normal please.
  6. Stop saying it was a great goal. It was a shite free kick that got lucky by some schoolboy defending.
  7. McGill's potting in the last two frames has been unbelievable. Rattled in so many ridiculous shots.
  8. With weather like this for the next week or so the hospitality industry will be taking an absolute tanking. Its 10 degrees at best, probably feels like 4 degrees, it's windy and raining.
  9. They do great cask beers, can't wait to get a pint of rogue wave or the likes.
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