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  1. Absolite shitehawk league. Bo'ness and Lintlthgow are gutless fannies Absoltely non efeectus fanny club
  2. Crackin programme but undermineded by A FANNY
  3. The pyramid is a laod of shit unless you go cap in hand and beg Talboy to be interested
  4. Auchinleck Talbot hate the wee throbber clubs who will never make a difference in the prymadid system
  5. I have jumped throbberville. There will no pryamid unless Tallbot are interested
  6. There will be no pryamid unless Talbot are interested
  7. In the east the total throbber clubs have a junp on Bo'ness and the rest of the underchirvers clubs. No guts FC .
  8. M 8 its got to be a throbber thread. Let#s hail the East but what has the West got in commmon
  9. IThis tread is set up for pyramid throbbers.
  10. But the goal is the LL thats what all the commotion is about and they could'nt give a toss whats going on in the scrabble below them.
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