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  1. It's called dialect you stupid mug. Read a fucking book.
  2. The reason I want Orkney and Shetland to go SNP is because people are saying they're the least likely to do so. If they go SNP then pretty much everything will have been won. Danny Alexander would be another one I'd like to see out the way. Him, Curran, Sarwar and Ian Davidson. If Murphy failed to win East Renfrewshire that'd be absolutely glorious as well.
  3. Ian Davidson. His "Bayonetting the wounded" comment was so bad and he seems like a w**k. I'd like the SNP to win Orkney and Shetland. Curran would be another one that it'd be great to see fall.
  4. Have any Rangers fans admitted their fans were singing sickening songs today or is it the usual "sweep sweep"?
  5. Did he do anything weird or act in a weird way?
  6. I live in England atm and a few people I've spoken to actually welcomed the idea of an SNP/Labour coalition. Even a labour councillor I spoke to said "it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world". It is Manchester though to be fair and even here I can imagine plenty people will seethe at the prospect.
  7. Gaelic schools hardly promote a "divide". All the kids will be able to speak English and the curriculums are largely the same as far as I know. They aren't encouraged into some ideological belief as we see at religious schools. They also don't cost anymore than your average school and kids who learn in another language are shown to outperform monolingual schoolchildren. I don't see the downside tbh.
  8. A middle class fixation with Highland romanticism? What utter nonsense. No one is denying that (most brilliantly for us might I add) the Germanic tongue became dominant in the lowlands and gradually throughout the whole country. All we're saying is that it would be a shame if Gaelic, an ancient language, were to die out.
  9. It allows them to get in touch with Scottish Gaelic culture to a much greater degree than they would if they only spoke English. Then there's all the benefits that learning any language brings.
  10. Regardless, Gaelic was the majority language in most of Scotland for a long period and at least a large minority for a while elsewhere. Even if it wasn't why would that mean that Gaelic shouldn't be promoted in the modern day? We've got an ancient language unique to Scotland that's an interesting part of the culture. Why not preserve it? Oh and still no answer from Topcat.
  11. Why? I'm guessing that you're trying to suggest that Scottish Gaelic culture is somehow inferior to the cultures that produced these men?
  12. What the f**k motivates climate change deniers? You can understand greed as a motivation for energy companies etc. but what does the average person have to gain from denying clear scientific fact?
  13. Most of Scotland was Gaelic at one point there's no denying it. Hardly hyper-nationalism. There's also truth in the Dal Riata thing. The idea that it was a simple case of the gaels "coming over from Ireland" is outdated. Most historians reckon it was an area of backwards and forwards migration for hundreds of years. Not so sure about the Northern Isles but I know the Picts were there for some time. What is it you're saying about Iceland?
  14. Dunbar is without doubt a Q-Celtic, or Gaelic name, and not a P-Celtic Brythonic name. You can tell from the "Dun" which comes from "Dùn". And most likely Brythonic did displace earlier languages. Interestingly on Shetland and Orkney, as well as other places probably, there's still a couple of places with neolithic names. "Yell" for example. Regardless, we should still promote Gaelic. I don't see how there's a contradiction.
  15. Also I'm not sure I support Gaelic on road signs at the moment. They seem to turn a lot of people against promotion of the language. Road signs shouldn't be the main priority at the moment imo
  16. Very, very few areas of Scotland were never Gaelic speaking. As far south as Dunbar we have names like... Well... Dunbar. Completely agree with you that the politicisation of the language is detrimental. I don't think it's overly politicised though.
  17. *Action music starts in background. Hot babes appear from helicopter drop lines at Kincardine's side*
  18. You just don't see it do you? Can't you see how absolutely embarrassing Rangers have become?
  19. Spent 2 months in Barcelona and they will overwhelmingly vote yes. It's a different situation there. The Spanish government is much less adept at arguing for them to stay as part of Spain. The main argument is that Catalonia's cultures and traditions are not protected as part of Spain and as far as I can see there was no challenge to that. It's unconstitutional but that won't make a difference if there's enough demand. 2 million Catalans lined the streets of Barcelona only a couple of weeks ago.
  20. They might no fair enough. Don't you think the people in Scotland care though? There'll be huge angee if nothing happens!
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