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  1. My recollection is that in the Switzerland game Gough claimed that the ball took an awkward bounce off a water sprinkler head and he misjudged the flight. He handled the ball and was sent off. Craig Brown was Assistant Manager when we were thrashed by Portugal. He was given a lift to the stadium by Bobby Robson who was manager of Sporting Lisbon at the time. Brown passed on this local knowledge from his "taxi driver" - maybe Robson's insight was worthless or Gough dismissed it but we were an absolute shambles and fortunate just to lose five.
  2. Decisions on policing capacity are clearly a Government issue - there was no instruction to the Football Authorities that all games should be postponed on this or any other basis. With regard to games next weekend, I would hope that the Club and any of the Supporters Association are putting forward a strong case that these should go ahead rather than a silent passive and tacit acceptance of decisions by those in power.
  3. I don't often go to away games but bought a ticket for the game at Ayr today. I was less than pleased that as a football fan, I was in a group exclusively chosen for compulsory mourning. It's probably unlikely that it will suit me to go to this game when it is re-arranged. The decision for the absurd cancellation of all games in Scotland today was made by the Scottish Football Authorities. It will surprise nobody that Doncaster and his cohorts adopted a craven approach of appeasement and disregard for supporters' interests - they have history of this with broadcasters and the Old Firm. Perhaps our PR Guru Chair and the Jags Trust guys have been lobbying the Authorities but they have been strangely silent. However I am a bit disappointed that TJF has not expressed a view. I am not a TJF member but am persuadable. However the main purpose of fan-based ownership is surely to speak up for the supporters...or do they agree that cancellation of games was appropriate?
  4. Great to see Patrick net a hat-trick...well done Paddy...too good for this League
  5. Strip Clubs are places where young women use their sexual power to milk men of their money - I'm fine with that. By way of contrast, Scottish Councils not only license but also on occasion promote boxing events featuring half naked men trying to inflict brain damage on each other for the public's entertainment. That is apparently to be encouraged but strip clubs are to be closed. It's a strange World.
  6. There was a genuine rivalry between the clubs dating back to the promotion race in 1974/75 which then lasted through the wilderness years for both clubs in the 80's up to another promotion battle in 1991/92. I remember Thistle Fans chanting for years of hatred for the legendary "Killie Fat Boy" but as already mentioned Thistle don't have real rivals - the Old Firm don't care about us and we have never bothered much about Clyde...maybe if Queens Park continue to progress we could develop a rivalry to be Glasgow's most sophisticated football supporters. Despite Kilmarnock being a considerably more successful club over recent years, Thistle still have a clear lead in head-to-head matches. There have been some strange sequences of results between the sides. Thistle went 16 games undefeated at Rugby Park between 1972 and 1984 including five successive 1-0 wins. Thistle have not beaten Kilmarnock at Firhill in 12 games since 2002 - this will include several games under Alan Archibald when we typically completely outplayed the opposition before conceding very late penalties or own goals. I don't mind Killie but don't really care for Tommy Wright's tedious but effective brand of football.
  7. This Saturday is the 50th Anniversary of the most sensational result in Scottish Football History - Alan Rough played a part in newly promoted Thistle's 4-1 League Cup Final over Jock Stein's Celtic featuring several Lisbon Lions and Dalglish, Lou Macari, David Hay and George Connolly. He won two Championship Winners Medals for Thistle teams which absolutely strolled the Second Tier. Alan Hansen and Mo Johnston also played for Thistle in the second tier when they were youngsters - like Roughie, they were clearly light years above this level...and all three are way better than just about every player named in this thread. Alan Rough won 53 Scottish Caps, played in two World Cups, saved Scotland from a drubbing in the Maracana and nutmegged Kevin Keegan at Hampden. It's a bit bizarre that the suggestion that he might improve our current squad is being queried by someone who has nominated players who were not even household names in their own homes.
  8. Thistle had to have a 10,000 SPL compliant Stadium by 31 March of their promotion season - they had to make the investment on the Stadium in advance as they were specifically told they would otherwise not be promoted. Inverness were not willing or able to make the required investment on their Stadium and it was generally expected that they would not be promoted. It took two votes and then simply disregarding the Stadium rule for the Cartel's Agenda to succeed. As now, Thistle had been the author of their own misfortune in finishing bottom by appointing a hopeless Manager in Gerry Collins. They also were at a disadvantage as in addition to Stadium costs they ran a balanced budget and couldn't compete for players with the other Clubs, six of whom went into Administration.
  9. So the Cowdenbeath & Elgin Boards sat down and thought - we have no chance of catching Cove, Edinburgh City are much better than us, Queens Park are just behind us and we might not make even make the play-offs but we will turn down immediate cash in the Bank and take the chance that we might fluke an unlikely promotion. I suspect that the Boards of these Clubs took a pragmatic view and understood about a realistic chance of getting promoted even if you don't.
  10. Cowdenbeath & Elgin were 27 & 25 points respectively behind Cove, 15 & 13 points behind Edinburgh City and were just ahead of Queens Park- that's hardly clubs with a realistic chance of going up - getting guaranteed money in the bank wqs a much better option.
  11. In the initial vote, the SPFL presented the clubs with the chance to end the season and receive money - this was a huge advantage to some clubs (Hamilton, Ross County, St Mirren, QoS, Alloa, Raith Rovers, Brechin,) and for most of the others they got cash in the Bank. Why would they vote against this? Would they have accepted 14-10-10 -10 if they had been presented with this as the only option at the time? i'm not aware of any clubs with realistic play-off promotion prospects who voted to accept the original proposal other than Dundee (who also voted against) and Ayr (whose Chairmen suggested that they had been blackmailed). I've heard Neil McCann, Chris Sutton, Stuart Cosgrave, Tam Cowan, Chick Young and the Chief Executives of Aberdeen and Hamilton comment on the extreme unfairness of Thistle being relegated - none of them have any bias. The bigger picture is that none of the other clubs care because it doesn't affect them.
  12. Hearts are being given the opportunity to play their remaining games if possible...their League position is therefore not final...Hamilton, St Mirren or Ross County could finish in the automatic relegation spot or escape the risk of a play-off game...on what basis is the prize money being paid out?
  13. That's a harsh assessment. In fairness, Italy started poorly, qualifying from their group with 3 draws & 2 goals but they stepped up their game from there. With a world class display of defensive thuggery, Gentile only needed 23 fouls to subdue Maradona as Italy sorted out Argentina. They then beat Brazil 3-2 in the second most dramatic game I have ever watched to qualify from a very tough group. They triumphed in the Final over perhaps the most despicable International Side ever- a very dour West German side who fixed their game with Austria so they both qualified and then brutalised the brilliant French side in the semi final - the most dramatic game I have ever watched - with Schumacher's assault on Battiston a real lowlight. A squad with Zoff, Baresi , Bergomi, Antognoni & Rossi can hardly be classified as ordinary...and Marco Tardelli's goal celebration in the Final was quite definitely World Class. I wouldn't disagree with your view on the 2006 side.
  14. Perhaps Jim Traynor or someone else from Sevco could appear on Sportsound to defend their banning a journalist from their Stadium for reporting that Rangers Supporters had been arrested for alleged sectarian chants. They have not shown any interest in taking up the opportunity to respond since 2016.
  15. I think Thistle went something like 63 successive games in the Premiership without being awarded a penalty...nobody knew who our designated penalty taker was...astonishingly the sequence was ended by a soft penalty award against Celtic!
  16. Most Thistle fans have a realistic assessment of Alan Archibald's time as Manager - he did well but lost the plot latterly. To compare him adversely with Lambie is bizarre:- Loyalty - Lambie left Thistle twice, once for Hamilton then Falkirk. League Position - the two lowest League finishes in the Club's History were in 1998/99 & 1999/2000 - 8th then 5th in the Second Division - Lambie was the manager, albeit in the first of those seasons he took over late on. Cup Record - Thistle have been awful in all Cups since Bertie Auld was in charge - apart from one Cup Semi-Final, Lambie record was very poor with a home defeat against a Cowdenbeath side which hardly won a game that season a particular low point. Signings - Higgy, Cerny, Erskine, Taylor,Osman & Barton(first season) were very good signings....Lambie's strength was getting great performances from journeymen professionals...none of them had transfer re-sale values....Henry, Lindsay & Fitzpatrick were sold for decent transfer fees whereas Lambie barely had a young player who was a first time regular Archie was sent off for head-butting Dougie Imrie ( a gentleman footballer but not a youth player) and I understand that Lawless indicated that he would not re-sign for the Club . But apart from that Mr Jacker is spot on.
  17. It's only fair to highlight Motherwell's Stellar role in that fiasco - they were in Administration the previous season, finished bottom of the League but were saved from relegation by the operation of the 10,000 seat Stadium Rule. Their Administrator was nonetheless able to offer better deals to two of Thistle's best players (Steven Craigan & Alex Burns)...we also lost Alan Archibald, Scott Paterson and Martin Hardie because our Board, exclusively in that League, tried to operate a balanced budget. We didn't help our cause by appointing the hapless Gerry Collins as manager. In their promotion season, Thistle had to have a compliant stadium by March - they wouldn't have been promoted if the Building work hadn't been completed by that deadline. Good luck to Inverness but these rules were waived for them. It suited Aberdeen, Hearts & Hibs to abandon the Stadium Rule - Thistle unlike Motherwell were not part of the Cartel and could readily be sacrificed. Shameless Motherwell voted to relegate us. With regard to Saturday's Game, well I was sure that Kris Doolan would score on his return to Firhill with Ayr and was quietly pleased when he did...I am almost as certain that Myles Storey will score at least one but I won't be applauding...in fairness Storey always tried and never hid but he was the most frustrating player I have ever seen for Thistle.
  18. The border did run across the park at Shawfield though I don't think it was on the halfway line...my old Dad used to tell me the story of the player who hit a shot from Rutherglen and scored in Glasgow. Another myth is that Clyde's home attendances slumped when they moved from Shawfield to Cumbernauld...I believe there was no great difference in the average attendances for the years immediately before and after.
  19. I took a short detour to visit the truly unremarkable little town of Glasgow, Virginia. Spookily, the song playing on the car radio as I drove past the town sign was Simple Minds "Don't you forget about me" There was also a Historic Marker Sign denoting the site of the first recorded skirmish between New World Settlers and Native American Indians...probably started by "What are you looking at?"
  20. Even more damning that his paltry goal return, Storey only managed a single assist in over 60 games - he had the pace and strength to get into great positions and an uncanny ability to fail to find a team-mate with a pass or cross. I don't think that the decline in Doolan's scoring was entirely unconnected with Storey's inclusion in the side. Possibly the most frustrating player I have seen for Thistle.
  21. Ronnie Simpson started his goalkeeping career with Queens Park at the age of 14...he played nearly 300 games with Newcastle United, twice winning the FA Cup...he also played for Hibernian...he won his first International Cap at the age of 36 when he was with Celtic. Lennox & Chalmers were competing with genuinely top class players like Denis Law, Alan Gilzean and Ian St John for the Scottish International Team...though it's always worth remembering that Law & St John together with Billy McNeill and the Double-winning Spurs Legend Dave McKay were team-mates in a Scotland team that played England at Wembley - as a prime example of institutional bias the Goalkeeper took the blame for the defeat and never played for Scotland again...he was Frank Haffey of Celtic...it was the infamous 9-3 defeat.
  22. Paul McLaughlin played for Queens Park, Celtic & Thistle
  23. Penrice is marginal but Elliot is clearly playing Telfer onside - I noticed McCarthy having an exchange with him after the goal. However this picture does show how disorganised the side is - there are 8 Thistle players back in their own half but the 2 Morton players were able to cut clean through. Scobbie has moved over from right centre back to the left back position leaving a gap and McGinty is spectating. I don't think either of them are good players but the changes in personnel and formation in central defence don't help.
  24. From Thistle's Title-Winning side in 2012/13, Stuart Bannigan, Sean Welsh, Ross Forbes & James Craigen made the step up to the Premiership the following season and Gary Fraser and Isaac Osborne were also regulars in midfield. Mark Kerr was signed at the beginning of that season as an experienced back-up. Most Thistle fans won't really remember him - he never got near the first Team even as a sub, other than a cup game against Aberdeen when a host of first choice players were out injured. He made a few neat and tidy passes but was way short of Premiership quality . Maybe he's improved a lot in these 5 years... Similarly, Declan McDaid showed some early promise but when he moved on from Firhill a couple of seasons ago, nobody thought we were losing a top talent. He looked a better player on Saturday than Thistle's wingers, Storey and Mutumbo...which is the point really - the calibre of Thistle players has declined markedly in the last two seasons to a point when former players who didn't make the grade are now with a side who are 13 points above us in the League (with a game in hand) It's a critical observation of Thistle not a slight on Ayr - Ryan Edwards, Adam Barton and Martin Woods were relegation standard midfielders...and Mark Kerr would have been too.
  25. A very insipid performance by Thistle - it's early days, but Caldwell's team selections have not been encouraging - inexplicable that Storey and Spittal remain first choices...Mutombo and Storer showed nothing to justify being given a chance...Quitongo and then Coulibaly hopelessly isolated as lone striker. We have been comfortably beaten three times this season by an Ayr side - I never grudge any side from the West of Scotland(apart from the Ugly Sisters) having a bit of success and particularly with West End Boy Ian McCall's involvement but it's a sign of how far we have fallen that Mark Kerr and Declan McDaid who were nowhere near good enough for Thistle three seasons ago are playing for a side that is almost out of sight in the League.
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