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  1. Played for 3 or more Glasgow clubs

    Paul McLaughlin played for Queens Park, Celtic & Thistle
  2. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    Penrice is marginal but Elliot is clearly playing Telfer onside - I noticed McCarthy having an exchange with him after the goal. However this picture does show how disorganised the side is - there are 8 Thistle players back in their own half but the 2 Morton players were able to cut clean through. Scobbie has moved over from right centre back to the left back position leaving a gap and McGinty is spectating. I don't think either of them are good players but the changes in personnel and formation in central defence don't help.
  3. Thistle v Ayr 27/10/18

    From Thistle's Title-Winning side in 2012/13, Stuart Bannigan, Sean Welsh, Ross Forbes & James Craigen made the step up to the Premiership the following season and Gary Fraser and Isaac Osborne were also regulars in midfield. Mark Kerr was signed at the beginning of that season as an experienced back-up. Most Thistle fans won't really remember him - he never got near the first Team even as a sub, other than a cup game against Aberdeen when a host of first choice players were out injured. He made a few neat and tidy passes but was way short of Premiership quality . Maybe he's improved a lot in these 5 years... Similarly, Declan McDaid showed some early promise but when he moved on from Firhill a couple of seasons ago, nobody thought we were losing a top talent. He looked a better player on Saturday than Thistle's wingers, Storey and Mutumbo...which is the point really - the calibre of Thistle players has declined markedly in the last two seasons to a point when former players who didn't make the grade are now with a side who are 13 points above us in the League (with a game in hand) It's a critical observation of Thistle not a slight on Ayr - Ryan Edwards, Adam Barton and Martin Woods were relegation standard midfielders...and Mark Kerr would have been too.
  4. Thistle v Ayr 27/10/18

    A very insipid performance by Thistle - it's early days, but Caldwell's team selections have not been encouraging - inexplicable that Storey and Spittal remain first choices...Mutombo and Storer showed nothing to justify being given a chance...Quitongo and then Coulibaly hopelessly isolated as lone striker. We have been comfortably beaten three times this season by an Ayr side - I never grudge any side from the West of Scotland(apart from the Ugly Sisters) having a bit of success and particularly with West End Boy Ian McCall's involvement but it's a sign of how far we have fallen that Mark Kerr and Declan McDaid who were nowhere near good enough for Thistle three seasons ago are playing for a side that is almost out of sight in the League.
  5. Mo Johnston with Nantes?
  6. Next Partick Thistle manager

    I once referred to Red Monkey as the Chic Charnley of the old PT.net Forum...capable of moments of brilliance but with a high chance of a vicious atrocity...he was always box-office but back then he was a rebel regularly berating the Board and Management and also Thistle fans for accepting mediocrity. He in now like Chic Charnley in his fourth spell at Firhill - he shouldn't have come back. I thought Archie merited to the end of last season and it was to the credit of the Club and Supporters that he was then given a reprieve. In hindsight, it would have been better if he had left then - our first choice defence this season includes Elliot, Keown and McGinty none of whom look to be good enough to be in a promoted team...and we have no other options.
  7. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    Martin Woods was a journeyman midfielder - he actually briefly improved our midfield as we were playing Ryan Edwards and Adam Barton(Version II - not an upgrade) there. Poor though we were, we were ultimately relegated by one goal so it wouldn't have taken much to stay up - muscle man Abdul Osman not lying down pretending to be injured when Dundee scored their crucial equaliser would have done it. Archie's failure to anticipate that the loss of Sean Welsh and the injury history of Osman, Bannigan & Fraser might leave a gap in midfield or to give young McCarthy more of a chance was culpable . He replicated the error this season in recruiting a barely competent back four with no other options. Throughout his time, with the exception of Lyle Taylor, his attempts to sign a decent striker as an alternative to Doolan were dismal - Ade Azeez is the worst finisher I have seen in professional football...but he was better than Myles Storey. There are a lot of positives about Archie's time in charge but he had run his race.
  8. Off The Ball - Is it good?

    Stuart Cosgrove was a very articulate voice at the time of Armageddon...I particularly remember him absolutely savaging Graham Speirs' argument that Scottish Football without the Old Firm would be on par with the Irish League. He seems to have lost his edge recently...I suspect Cosgrove having a young son and St Johnstone winning a Trophy has contributed but he did make a somewhat wistful comment a while ago about being a target when you give an opinion about Scottish Football. I still enjoy listening to Stuart & Tam...it does seem a bit tired but I would really miss it if it wasn't on.
  9. Dundee United v Partick Thistle

    Just to add to this excellent review, a poor Thistle side under Peter Cormack had finished sixth in 1981 before being relegated as mentioned in 1982 - it should have been a warning to us when we finished sixth in 2017. Our highest finish prior to then was in 1977 when we were fifth - Alan Rough & Alan Hansen were in that team but we did take a 5-1 horsing at Firhill from a very good United side. Thistle had been in the top division from 1901 until being relegated in 1969 - the goal which sealed their fate was scored by United winger Davie Wilson who actually trained with Thistle and was in tears. The next time the sides met again at Firhill in 1971, the Thistle fans saw a remarkable hat-trick of headers from Denis McQuade...and the newly won League Cup being paraded at half-time. Both the Paddy Connolly Goal and the Penalty in the play-off game at Tannadice non-decisions were by the same referee, Blind Les Mottram. Other than being hit by a baseball bat, the foul on Thistle's Nicky Henderson could not have been more clear-cut but no penalty was given and United last minute equaliser seconds later had devastating consequences, with years in the wilderness and the Save the Jags Campaign rescuing the Club from oblivion. The difference between the superb Adam Barton of 2017 and the feckless version last season was astonishing - I actually assumed he had personal issues and wanted to return down South so I was surprised when he signed for United. He suffered from the injury and/or attitude hex at Firhill last season which also affected Bannigan, Dumbuya and Osman - fit and on form, they were all top 6 calibre players who contributed almost nothing - Banzo was genuinely injured. Poor as Thistle were, we were only relegated on an inferior goal difference to Hamilton. I was not very impressed by Dundee, Motherwell or St Johnstone last season and they don't seem to have improved. St Mirren and Livingston seem to have problems - I suspect it would have been easier to avoid relegation from the Premier League this season than to get promoted from the Championship.
  10. Nacho Novo survived a heart attack earlier this year. Every Thistle Fan on this thread had nominated the little runt - it started so long ago that we were a Premiership side then. There were a good number of fans of other clubs who also nominated him so my expectation is that he will be the runaway winner. I'm sure the prospect of announcing a former Dens Park hero in the Number 1 position has no connection whatsoever with the slowest count since Jack Dempsey fought Gene Tunney
  11. Early League Predictions

    Liam Lindsay - transferred.; Sean Welsh - career-ending injury; Dumbuya & Osman injured/disaffected; Booth - injured for half the season; Adam Barton - outstanding sweeper/hopeless midfielder were all regulars in the Thistle team that finished 6th but didn't or hardly played last season. Our increased budget was squandered on Salmon & Storey who regularly played in preference to Doolan/Erskine/Lawless. It's an object lesson on the importance of spending your budget wisely.
  12. Partick Thistle 4 Celtic 1 in the League Cup Final of 1971 is the most sensational result in Scottish Football History. Celtic were European Cup Finalists the previous year with several Lisbon Lions, Dalglish, Lou Macari, George Connelly & David Hay in their team - the average age of the Thistle side was about 22. They thrashed the best ever St Johnstone side (Henry Hall, John Connelly, etc) 5-1 in the Quarter final.
  13. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    Th e most depressing thing about this list is that there are probably at least another dozen games over the last few seasons when we have conceded late goals and points where we were in control - two 90th minute goals against the Hibs relegation side, a Balatoni og against Dundee, a penalty against St Mirren, a rebound from a penalty against Kilmarnock, that wee nyaff Sott MacDonald outjumping our defence for Motherwell are just a few that come to mind. It's happened too often.
  14. Jags v Dundee 17/02/18

    That's the man!