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  1. Going to Lewis/Harris via Ullapool and back via Skye at the weekend on the motorbicycle. Forecast not great so waterproofs will be packed.
  2. Wee slippy saying they should have won 3 or 4 nil. What planet does he inhabit? think the pressures getting to him.
  3. This should be renamed 'best derby, starring rejects from just about every other scottish team, in the world'
  4. McGowan has the face of a medieval grave digger and the haircut of a 60's footballer.
  5. There was an identical penalty in the Wolves v Brentford game. Clear penalty and no discussion of grey areas from commentary team or analysis afterwards. Rugby League was mentioned. Porteous shouldn't need to go to ground to get a penalty but if he hadn't no penalty would be given despite him being manhandled and obstructed. Correct call by referee.
  6. Well you would marry Worzel Gummidge, only yourself to blame.
  7. Not going to happen (unless he falls off the bench onto the park)
  8. Whilst the idea of 'getting rid' of the ugly sisters from 'our' league would be most welcome in reality wherever they went their exploits would still be thrust upon us by the sycophantic media whatever league they ended up in. They and their supporters would still be a stain on our society as they would still play their home games in Scotland and embarrass themselves (and us as a nation at every turn) perhaps moreso as the Manchester exploits are continued wherever they visit. I don't like the idea of losing the smaller teams and in fact more should be done to support them. I've long thought an option for a home season ticket should include a bolt on to allow access to a local lower league team's home games with that money going to that club. This would potentially increase the crowds (of supporters who don't travel away) and provide extra income for the club via food/drink sales etc. Maybe need a bit of work but might be worth a trial.
  9. He's a strange wee tramp. Celebrate? There was a telling shot of Nisbet at the final whistle looking like he'd just been told his hamster had died. Still, it plays up to the half wits (many of whom wish he was nowhere near their team).
  10. Thought that was a decent derby, I've endured much much worse. We should be just thankful the best Hearts team in a quarter of a century didn't give us a doing on their own patch.
  11. Good to see Heart's best player being left on his arse by an 80% fit Squirrel.
  12. Fantastic telly in an almost unexplainable way. I love the fact Bob is still shit at fishing (although i'm sure part of that is to wind Whtehouse up) and his unadulterated joy and excitement when he gets a nibble is a delight. I agree it should be on longer as the half hour disappears far too quickly.
  13. But you're not and for that your sister is eternally disappointed/thankful (delete as appropriate)
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