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  1. Your top 3 Comedians?

    Jimeoin Bob Mortimer Tom Stade
  2. The New MILF Thread

    How can you tell from that angle?
  3. Hibs vs Hearts

    Wee Lewis Stevenson had more shots on target than Hearts elite strike force. Let that sink in.....................
  4. Hibs vs Hearts

    Troll Hibs fans? Really? If theres anything your trumpet of a manager wishes he could take back over his career those two words would be first on his list. He has been 'trolled' by it ever since. It will be written on his gravestone(probably by a Hibee with a permananet marker!)
  5. Unfunny comedians

    I watched it for longer than I should have thinking that the rambling story of being a vegan and shagging her sisters boyfriend had a punchline, it didn't.
  6. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Sicario 2 (Day of the something or other)6/10 Netflix Really enjoyed the first one and this one started well but I felt lost it's way with the storyline. A few plot twists that didn't really make sense and a poor ending which makes way for a threequel. The poor Mexican Polis must look at this in the same way British Polis look at Line of Duty.
  7. Unfunny comedians

    I caught some of that too. Christ it was brutal.
  8. Motorcycle advice

    Loads of bikes to choose from. I would stay away from the Triumph. my brother had one, not reliable and rot like f**k if not looked after. BMW is nice but expensive for what it is a retro looking posing machine. Get yourself a Honda CB650 or Yamaha MT 07. Both cracking bikes and will do most things you want and have all the gadgets to make your transition into an experienced rider. Then go and get a Ducati Panigale...............
  9. Hibs vs Hearts

    Lot of negativity from the Hearts fans here. It's not always the case that the better in form team triumphs in these derbies and if you win 20 nil and climb above us your trumpet of a manager can claim his natural order is restored.
  10. It's getting hot in here!

    I'm conflicted with climate change. I understand the need for rapid change or we will destroy the earthas we know it. I worry for my children's future and fear we may be beyond the point of no return. My work involves me driving for up to 400 miles in one hit so I cannot go down the 'green' route and I stay in an area where public transport is abysmal so I use of a car for times when Im not working is a necessity. I do what I can, renewable energy supplier, smart meter, recycling etc etc but I know that's not enough. What does irk me is being lectured by members of society who demand 'society' changes immediately despite the majority of them never ever having contributed, financially, to that society and more often than not taken all they can from that very society. I suppose I could give up my job, sell my house and car and go and live in a commune eating lentils for the rest of my days but I fear that would have me wishing for a premature end to the world and, if we all chose to do that the world would have ended years ago.
  11. E-Bikes (specifically mountain bikes)

    Good ebikes are a few quid, if your mountain bike is in good nick(preferably aluminium to handle the stress of the extra weight) why don't you buy a bafang mid drive kit and battery and stick it on? You can get a 750 watt kit for about £600? I've got one that I'll be fitting shortly.
  12. Best Place to Live in Scotland

    Dundee is a shitehole!
  13. Celtic v Aberdeen, Scottish Cup Semi Final

    Thomson is a shocking official however from the highlights I really don't see him getting any of the cards wrong here. Only contentious decision is the penalty for me. Watched it a few times and looks to me like Hayes goes down very easily.
  14. oh don't you worry, I have, nearly three years hence.