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  1. Can't believe Stendel's getting so much stick for his actions so far. He recognises the situation and realises he can't fanny about with the deadwood he has. I heard Berra's interview on sportsound and it was full of contradictions. He started by saying he understands football and 'it is what it is' then proceeded to be angry and annoyed before mentioning he's not going to 'throw the toys out the pram' Too late Christophe. Whether or not Stendel's the answer is too early to say but I don't think he can be criticised for what he has done so far.
  2. On a serious note, she may have a problem. An ex of mine was pretty similar. Got herself into so much debt she took out a secured loan on the house (forged my signature), and I only found out when she tried it again to pay off the first loan with a bigger second one. Luckily house had equity and I was able to get out without serious consequences and to be honest was a blessing in disguise.
  3. Bizarrely Radio one played an instrumental version of 'The Aloof's' One Night Stand on a loop. I think someone at the station had a sense of humour. Possibly Frankie Boyle's most irreverent joke about celebrating her death by 'having a gangbang in a minefield' didn't draw as much criticism as some of his other offerings.
  4. Destroyer (Netflix) Nicole Kidmnan looking like she's had all her plastic surgery reversed. No a fan of hers but this is a decent effort. Was ready to give up after 20 minutes as it's a bit slow and she mumbles a lot but persevered and enjoyed it. 7/10 Paddington 2 (BBC1 Tellybox) Had heard a lot of good things about this but wary of watching children's films when my kids are in their 30's. No worries here, cracking film. 9/10
  5. Good luck with your next appointment when she opens with 'So.....about this rectal examination I'm about to perform...........'
  6. Wife's work night out(early start). I ask do you want me to come get you knowing town will be mental. No says she I wont be late I'll get the bus home. Just got a text asking 'Can you come get me and drop my pal off in Chapelhall' (Which is not even close to being on the way) I tell her not a chance I'll be doing that. Now blanking me. It'll be fun when she eventually gets home.......
  7. Before 7.30 weekdays Chris Hawkins Radio 6 then switch over before tht annoying bint Lauren Laverne comes on. Toggle between Radio Scotland, Absolute 90's til 9.30 then Ken Bruce Radio 2 til 12. Switch over before that annoying bint Jeremy Vine comes on back to 6 music for rest of day and night. Was a far better station when Keaveney was on mornings and Radcliffe and Maconie were in afternoons.
  8. I agree wholeheartedly with this statement, however, I had an Aldi or Lidl frangipan one the other day and it was smashing. 98% frangipan and 2% filling.
  9. Someone in marketing obviously misheard the request for a 'small pube locker'. A cabinet designed to provide evidence retention for historical sexual abuse cases.
  10. Unfortunately for Killie, Burke will be up against a seasoned left back, double cup winning, superstar legend and not a flash in the pan burnt out wonder kid. 2-0 Hibees.
  11. Global Warming, Reality TV and Terry Butcher. In that order.
  12. Naismith's a horrible we c**t. But as a Scotland players he's our horrible wee c**t. As a Hearts player he's just a horrible wee c**t.
  13. Saw the first half of kilmarnock v Livi last week and he was awful. Ponderous on ball and got caought in possession a number of times. Don't know if he improved second half but not the player we need just now.
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