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  1. That's reason enough to visit. Damn I wish we had been as shit at football as Hearts......................
  2. Just finished this, outstanding, wee lull in season 3 but boy did it pick up again. So many likeable characters its hard to choose who you want to see progress.
  3. Lucky? Never. I don't get the seethe for Hamilton. Yes their ground is tinpot and their pitch is Gen1 astro but you can't fault their effort. Fully deserve to be in the top league instead of the knuckle dragging, Gorgie hoofballers.
  4. Thought the first episode set this up for a cracking series but I'm thinking of chucking it after episode 3. I don't think I've seen a more ridiculous opening scene and it went downhill from there. Does it recover enough after this to make it worthwhile?
  5. You've got that spot on Granny, spot on.
  6. Angry? not a jot, bemused, disappointed, bewildered etc maybe. Wee? I would be considered a Giant( in Dundee).
  7. Discerning? The fact your'e putting Bishop in the same stratosphere as Connolly would tend to refute that.
  8. The funniest comedian, definitely in the UK and quite possibly the world. The fact he is Scottish should be celebrated. Yes, he did change but who wouldn't. What was he meant to do, pack Pamela and the weans into a tenement fkat in the Gorbals? His association with Andrew and Fergie wasn't exactly something to be celebrated but as far as I'm concerned he can associate with who the f**k he wants.People who don't find him funny are weirdos and probably think John Bishop is funny.
  9. Can I turn on notifications for (and only) when Hearts are officially relegated?
  10. I disagree, the Mafia are usually quite competent. I will forgive those levels of incompetence on this one glorious occasion though.
  11. Let them be. I'd rather go to places that selfish c***s don't want to go.
  12. Going by her record odds on she will produce a 'partial' solution, after all under her guidance she has delivered a partial stadium.
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