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  1. A few picks for me would be: Tony Law Adam Riches (high risk of audience participation) Jason Byrne Colin Cloud ( not seen him but has been highly recommended) David O’Doherty Piff the Magic Dragon Josie Long Andrew Maxwell
  2. I was speaking to one of my mates who's a season ticket holder at Pittodrie. When we are playing Aberdeen on 28 November, they are having a retro day which is why it will cost £19.03 for the match. Fans are encouraged to wear retro Aberdeen tops. I thought it would be good fun if our support did likewise. It would be a good excuse to dig out those old favourite tops. I have already discussed this with Jailender and a few other Central Staggies who are up for it so we are definitely planning getting involved.
  3. Cracking day out and a fully deserved victory. Thought Midge had another excellent game and it was a really strong team performance. Please stick with the same team next week Mcintyre. Now is not the time for the tactical tombola. One disappointment was yet again Partick running out of hot food for away fans at half time.
  4. I was at the game yesterday and it has to rank as one of the worst second half performances of the season from County. The first half was a dull affair with a horrendous howler by Reguero which Rooney capitalised on. Saying that, it looked like Aberdeen should have had a penalty although I haven't seen the highlights again. We posed no significant threat all afternoon and yet again the tactics were baffling. Why was Kiss on the left with Woods in the holding role and Palazuelos further forward? I thought Woods had yet again another poor game yet continues to take free kicks and starts every week. I don't understand why he is on the team sheet every week as we have better options. When we were chasing the game why does the manager not make positive attacking changes? I for one have lost all faith in Mcintyre who is tactically inept however I hope he proves me wrong. Relegation looks like a distinct possibly under the current regime. We look totally out of our depth yesterday and like a bunch of individuals trying to play football. Fair play to Aberdeen though. They dominated the game and to be honest a four goal defeat flattered us. The gulf in class between the two sides was unquestionable.
  5. I would take what RCFC News says with a pinch of salt.
  6. Not overly impressed with the choice of signings either. It is clear what parts of the team needed strengthened and we haven't done that.
  7. Yeah that it is odd. Aberdeen have now come out and said the player has no knowledge of County showing any interest in him. http://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/sport/football/the-dons/dons-baffled-after-robson-linked-with-ross-county-job-1.551677
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