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  1. Amazing that this matches up with the old East Region Juniors minus Tayside. Superleague,Premier and regional divisions. There was nothing wrong with that set up in the Juniors but it was the way it was being administered was the issue, Now we are looking at the same set up in a true pyramid and it would work very well. 2 relegated from Premier, 2 up from first , playoff with third bottom and third top. i wouldnt have 3 regions at Tier 8 but make it 2 leagues, winners promoted and runners up lay off.
  2. Management and Physio 40k a year. For a LL team that's £800 a week. Bonkers
  3. Draw fair result. Decent game on tricky pitch between two good sides . Tranent should of been a couple up 1st half. Penalty was correct call. Red card to Camelon for diving was horrific decision. Camelon keeper flapped at a cross for equaliser. Both teams should finish top 5.
  4. if thats the case there are clubs doing just as well on half that some even less.
  5. Players can sign as non contract professionals. I would say there will be around 5 clubs with a 40k budget.or more. Dont think any would be anymore than 70/80
  6. I would think you would find there is a high percentage of players on non professional contracts. As you say as part of the licence process this would be flagged .
  7. You honestly think there are half the teams in this league with 80k+budget!!!.
  8. Out of interest what do you think would be the player budget for a top half EOS side?
  9. Keirs Park currently playable but all depends on overnight weather . Inspection planned tomorrow morning
  10. Pity the council couldnt help with funding to pay for Hill of Beath or Dundonalds lights like others or maybe they would be higher.
  11. so has probably every other club in EOS league but i dont see any other club making excuses before a game, Im sure your squad is big enough too cope.
  12. did you or did you not shoot me down for saying Fife clubs shouldnt be playing local leagues and travelling to Dundee or Edinburgh shouldnt be an issue,? now you state clubs should be playing more regional. i did say a few years back more ambitious clubs would join a pyramid and the others would fall into local leagues and be basically amateur . i think what we both agree on is the more ambitious clubs from tier 6 and above there isnt an issue with travelling but for tiers 7 and below leagues should be local hence why i think tier 7 should be regional from season 20/21, i dont think there would be a huge appetite from clubs at tier 8 to travel from Tweedmouth to St Andrews if it were to occur.
  13. Im sure if i go back far enough you shot me down for Fife Clubs playing in more local regional leagues.
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