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  1. Dundonald don't have an under 20s. Out of 23 players they had 11 available for the game at Lothian Thistle and had to use 2x under 18s for the bench as trialists .
  2. Now is the time to get people on board who dont have there own clubs self interests as there priority, They want fluidity from the league above but not the leagues below. Get football people from clubs like CCS etc back in who dont worry if there team were to be relegated, there must be 2 relegation/promotion spots from Lowland League going forward. The EOS and WOS Premier leagues are both strong and clubs who do get relegated would probably be better off financially and still retain there licence and access too the Scottish Cup as well as being more competitive for them.
  3. before i will move on as well , i think you need too get your own house in order before slandering other clubs, You must have conveniently forgot about the boxing match outside your committee room an hour before kick of that half the world could see/hear, the fact Dundonald were made too change in a portacabin that wasnt fit for purpose and also told to do team talks in the covered enclosure where exposed live electrical wires are near by whilst the home side got Home and Away dressing rooms , and the threatening behaviour to the referee after the game by someone connected to Camelon whilst collecting corner flags. look forward to the return match where i hope you get a referee and assistants that fit your needs .
  4. If you think Sibanda is on the goal line then keep believing that and if you are the lad Alan Horne i will take every one of your comments with a pinch of salt. regardless of any of the refs decisions Camelon were well beat over the course of 90 mins. youve had a decent start but lose 1 game and every excuse under the sun, take it in the chin and move on.
  5. I really can't take you serious anymore. Your goalkeeper is on the line. A defender a yard in front of him and another defender a yard off the line behind the boy with white boots. Dundonald player is at least 2 yards onside from 3 players.
  6. What pen?? Camelon created 3-4 chances max. Both goals were defensive mistakes. .Dundonald scored 4 and could/should of had 7/8 No matter how you dress it up Dundonald were well worth the win as Camelon supporters have indicated. You've won 4 games on the spin and lost to a better side on the day. Take it on the chin and move on
  7. Camelons 2 goals were a defensive mistake and an OG last kick. How many goals do you think Dundonald could of scored? It's a new Camelon team and they have had a good start but they didn't deserve anything from the game.
  8. Fitbaw all about opinions but the fact Camelon Supporters come out with a fair assessment of the game I will take your comments as a blinkered committee man Stuart.
  9. A really hope there is highlights of the game if that's your opinion. Were you in the boxing ring a mean committee room the whole game??
  10. Fife Journeyman Junior League Starter Gold Members 102 311 posts My Team : Raith Rovers Report post Posted July 4, 2015 (edited) Junior football will no longer exist in its current format in 5 years. More ambitious clubs will join pyramid system and the rest will join amateur leagues Edited July 4, 2015 by Fife Journeyman i wasnt far away!!
  11. Spent 7 days in the Western Isles and first time i have been to that part of the country. Got the ferry from Mallaig to Lochboisdale as was staying in a cottage overlooking the bay to the Eriskay causeway, visited Eriskay and also got the ferry to Barra and drove round Vatersay. Coming home drove through Benbecula and North Uist and got the ferry from Lochmaddy to Uig and drove back through Skye. Will give an honest verdict as not my usual holiday South Uist-/Benbecula and Nort Uist, not much to do bar walking and very flat mostly with little hamlets dotted all over. Did play golf at Askernish which was lovely and different to any course i had played before. Eriskay was a very small island but seemed to be a little busier than the other places mainly due to there being the only pub within miles. Barra- we drove right round Barra and Castlebay was a nice village with more happening for tourists. we went to see the plane land on the beach but landing was aborted due to weather. Vatersay- nothing here but if you drive round to the very south west corner there is a small community that has a hall and cafe etc, the beach there was stunning. Skye i thought was incredible all the way from Uig to Kyle of Lochalsh, Broadford seemed to be the main hub of activity with hotels and eating places/pubs. i enjoyed parts of the holiday but a week was too long and a lot of driving, having 2 teenage daughters with no mobile or wifi signal also a bit of a pain , we only really got a signal in pubs or ferries. next time i may do Skye and onto Lewis and Harris.
  12. its obviously not good news the way this has panned out. I know teams try and play in the highest league they possibly can but take Vale of Leithen for example. They have finished down the bottom end of the LL for a couple of years now, Wouldnt it be better for them to be competitive in the EOS league and maybe attract better players playing in a lot more local matches where they would get better crowds than getting battered every week against a majority of teams who dont bring any crowds. They would still have SFA Membership and licence benefits, i just dont see why playing games v Edinburgh Uni etc would be appealing for them or players they are trying to sign, If they think they can attract better players playing Rangers and Celtic youth teams they are deluded. Everyone was hopeful the LL would evolve quite quickly and stronger teams from the feeder leagues would get in quite quickly over a 4/5 year period and you would have a very strong tier 5 where SPFL league clubs could fall into and it would still be a competitive product, This isnt going to happen in the next 10 years with clubs in self preserve mode Clubs are better staying at Tier 6 with there SFA membership and licence benefits and staying well clear of the Lowland League.
  13. This could be a very close vote going by noises coming from various clubs, i have a feeling its going to come down to which way the following clubs decide to go Gala,Spartans,Gretna,Dalbeattie, V.O.L,
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