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  1. What a stupid thing to say Arbroath are in the championship because they deserve to be in it...just like Dundee.
  2. keptie


    Big frame from Higgins there, great 4 ball plant to get it started. They boys make it look ridiculously easy.
  3. keptie


    Some comeback in that frame from Bingtao to make it That was quality, the boy has bottle.
  4. He stayed on his feet but that doesn't mean he wasn't fouled, it made him stumble for a few strides so wasn't in control of his run so that's a foul and a penalty.
  5. Commentators thinking every Arbroath challenge is a foul.
  6. Really don't know why he would go down there he was past the defender.
  7. We need to put the ball in the net 4 gilt edged chances today, hopefully find our shooting boots ASAP.
  8. Ugh. If we don't beat this bunch of losers what's the fucking point?
  9. Come on here and have a go at the supporters.
  10. The commentary is fine, they make mistake's now and then but then again they're not professionals.
  11. My wife has just been diagnosed with this - she can barely walk for a day or two after an hours walk. She bought some Asics cushion trainers but just wondering what else you did to get rid of it. Cheers I was doing a lot of calf stretching, rolling the bottom of the foot on a bottle of ice or a spiky ball and probably the most effective massaging the plantar fascia by pulling your toes back so the bottom of you foot is tight and you can feel the fascia band. Tried other things as well but just google "stretches for plantar fasciitis" and see what helps the most but there is no easy quick fix. I haven't got rid of it btw i can still feel it but manageable now. Hope your wife recovers as quickly as possible.
  12. I think he must've forgotten about Falkirk and Dundee🙃
  13. We definitely would be better off with someone manually filming it but i think there was someone there today to help with the camera system and as far as it goes i thought it was pretty good today tbh. Good win today though.
  14. Comfortable victory for Arbroath, looked good. Commentary and coverage was fine.
  15. Actually bought a pair of plantar fasciitis friendly running shoes but have orthopaedic insoles in the rest of my footwear now. I can well understand how your running gait changed trying to compensate for the condition and then causing you more problems. Total pain...literally.
  16. Some going that Hank Scorpio. After being unable to run for 8 months due to plantar fasciitis finally managed a run today that didn't leave my foot in a load of pain, it was only a two and a half miler but that was a huge step forward to getting back into the running regime which I've really missed .It's gonna take a while to get back to running longer distances but just happy to be out running again was beginning to think it was never gonna happen.
  17. A bit disappointing to come away with just a point after dominating the second half and creating chances to bag the winner. A pretty mediocre first half by us and Queens deserved to be ahead at half time but whatever DC said at halt time certainly had an effect. Anyway a point on the board now onwards and upwards...hopefully. As for the coverage give it 6 out of ten it was watchable.
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