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  1. Out on the bike for a 23 miler early this morning in a pretty brutal wind which gave me a few twitchy moments when it was a sidewind, tough going but enjoyed the tail winds immensely getting up to 40 mph. Bought a bike roller for when I can't get out, any good?
  2. Aye I will thanks, we're civilised round these parts. pats head...😆 very good.
  3. We in the east couldn't give a toss about your west coast sectarian bile.
  4. Who the f..k you calling overly sensitive....😁
  5. We've had more civilised threads with Clyde than what's on show in this division.
  6. Conditions looking ok so far not expected to be windy. Would expect Dunfermline to be better than their last visit here and expecting a far tougher game this time but hopefully the Lichties can do it again.
  7. Weather was pretty much the same for this area, like I said amateurish.
  8. No, and what's that got to do with Dundee F.C unable to have a playable pitch after a wee drop of rain. Even Brechin have managed to get their game on. Amateurish.
  9. Junior teams would be embarrassed to have a Mickey Mouse pitch like Dundee F.Cs.
  10. Beautiful day in Dundee just perfect for a game of football...
  11. Just move the game to Gayfield it'll be in perfect nick, Honestly that is a big embarrassment for Dundee.
  12. This thread is doing nothing to disprove the fact Dundee is the drugs capital of Scotland.
  13. It's just banter Ylf.. we love you really x
  14. Keeping the double 'all' in to emphasise the amount of puddle drinking Dundee supporters.
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