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  1. Hearts need to stop Bassey from getting up the field he is just strolling past the Hearts players.
  2. Well yes it did work for you but perhaps if you read the post i was replying too you might understand why i posted that reply about controling the game. And as stan3600 says good luck against the Saints far better for us if Inverness weren't in our league.
  3. What a load of bull. So finishing second in the league was down to luck. Inverness were never at any point in or getting control of the game they were just staying in the game even when it was 11 v 11. Wind getting the blame again i see.
  4. Yes, just because we couldn't find the net yesterday doesn't mean St Johnstone would find it easy against us
  5. Monaco has got nothing on Costa del Licht, we've got yachts in our harbour Monaco can only dream of....and more sun, and better grub. Get it right eh.
  6. keptie


    Well done Ronnie.
  7. keptie


    He is indeed a very complex character,would take a lot of working out Trump not giving up.
  8. keptie


    Feck knows what goes on in Ronnies head half the time but love or loathe him he's a snooker genius.
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