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  1. Looking at the forecast it might be a bit breezy.
  2. That's your second rant on here, you clearly don't like DC perhaps you would like Lumsden back and get us back to scrambling about the foot of the bottom division,
  3. After losing that early deflected goal Arbroath pretty much controlled the first half without looking particularly threatening albeit we hit the post and then losing a second on half time was a killer. The second half was just a bore fest, Rovers happy to sit on their lead and we huffed and puffed without looking likely to score although we did at the death but too little too late. Overall not a lot between the teams Rovers took their chances we didn't. Rovers managed Nouble well he had his quietest game for us but can't be great in every game. Not sure about Thompson i know he's been out but he definitely looked suspect was getting beat too easily. Rovers knock it about well no doubt about that.
  4. You asking or telling bud? Either way you're gonna have to change it pronto, Lichties on here gonna get suspicious.
  5. Ermm.....Queens Park?? Explanation please.
  6. Must've been the Derek McInnes influence. Hope he eventually does well at Falkirk.
  7. We played with 10 men up front when legend Sheerin was manager
  8. Nobody's denying that Gayfield can be windy but it wasn't on the Friday night. A very convienent excuse for for the opposition to shout about when their team has been outplayed.
  9. A wind tunnel a 10mph breeze whch if it wasn't being played at Gayfield wouldn't even be mentioned.
  10. Yeah can only get it now on the browser it seems, i liked the app.
  11. Also lost mine saying the "licence has expired" whatever that means for an app.
  12. Just watched back the "highlights" of the game on Killie tv on youtube, now i realise it's Killie tv and there might be a slight bias towards them in the editing of the game but to not show any of the chances Arbroath had in the 1st half is totally bizarre. Maybe they think if we don't show Arbroath hitting the woodwork twice and a goaline clearance they can pretend it didn't happen and that Abroath were never on top. Like i say bizarre.
  13. Yeah would definitely take that scenario if true, looked like it could have been a lot worse.
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