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  1. Sunshine. Lol dearie me. This the arbroath banter ? Just a form of endearment GM. Thought it might make you chill out a bit.
  2. Wet blankets. Arbroath fans seem like charmers. Hopefully we dont get this thread deleted as we already have posts deleted from an Arbroath fan Look it up in the dictionary sunshine, hardly a case for a thread to get deleted.
  3. Think yourselves lucky you came away with anything Arbroath the better team. Dundee players like a dive or two. Great performance from the lichties no failures. Well done the Dundee fans who weren't wet blankets and made it to the game.
  4. Looking forward to this game, can Dundee bounce back from the Queens defeat or will the lichties turn in a winning performance and probably consign McPake to seek new employment.
  5. Nice wee 5 and a half mile run on a cool near wind free Sunday morning, sets you up nicely for the day. Winter months coming up testing your running motivation levels.....😁
  6. Well if your objective was to have people think you are 10 years old or an incredibly sad person job was certainly done. Congratulations champ.
  7. Looks like it,can only assume he's still at primary school.
  8. Not sure who started the first (now deleted thread) but if it was the Caley supporter who done the same with the Caley v United thread after their team got pumped....3-0 GIRFUY Fantastic performance from the lichties 3-0 flattered Caley, totally pumped them.
  9. Good performance, good game to watch and another great 3 points. Deserved win we created plenty chances though Alloa certainly had chances themselves but felt we just edged it. Alloa couldn't handle Bobby he was brilliant but all in all another great team effort.
  10. Well that looks like a really disharmonious group of players...wish people would stop trying to start malicious rumours.
  11. I guess he must be getting something right (where are we in the league}. Some of our supporters are unbelievable.
  12. Ah...but in the Willie Collum book of refereeing a ball hitting someone in the face in the box is a clear pen and surprised he đidn't send him off. Handball in the box though is fine.
  13. At the time I said the goalie should be saving that, it was at his side of the goal but he was nowhere to be seen.
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