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  1. It does seem like there is some truth in the middle, wee fannies being wee fannies and job worths being job worths. Not a great mix.
  2. To be fair if you search on the old P-hub for those playoff games they have a lot more views.
  3. Aaaaaand congrats to Max on 3x WC.
  4. Weirdly I've known Norris as a streamer before I knew him as a driver, he streamed a lot before he made it to F1 and as a fellow gamer have always warmed to him. I have supported McLaren since DC drove for them when I was a kid so it helped he then went onto drive for them. Totally get why he's not everyone's cup of tea though.
  5. I think he is more likely to end up at Merc once Hanilton retires. Horner does seem to rate him though and I believe had went after him before but if he's looking for longevity I think he's more likely to go to merc as they seem to atleast give their drivers time to bed in unlike the redbull merry-go-round.
  6. As a McLaren fan this is fucking depressing. They have gone backwards for the last couple seasons.
  7. Thats a brilliant idea I might just do exactly that.
  8. I've dipped in and out of exactly what you have described for years. The best I felt was when I was actively dieting and lost a bunch of weight, then fell off it and and now worse than I was when I started. It depends on what your working situation is but removing yourself from the room/ office or whatever for 5 minutes when you feel the anxiety building can often help. The fact you are able to snap yourself out if it shows you are obviously aware enough that its not the answer although it does sound like a call to your doc might be in order and get yourself signed off for a short while to regroup.
  9. I remember I was on anti depressants a few years ago and I felt they just made me worse, although I am shockingly bad at taking anything daily. Genuinely felt I was better off them than on them. If you are finding they are working for you though when consistent maybe set a daily alarm to remind you and a monthly reminder on your phone to get your prescription renewed before they run out.
  10. I agree it normally would fall under unfair dismissal however because I have worked there less than 2 years they can pretty much do whatever they want. That's why they were able to go with such weak reasoning, they don't need it to stand up because there is nothing for it to stand up to. I hope not but I don't know, HR said that he would give me a glowing reference for wherever I apply to but I don't know if I trust that, feel like it's their way of keeping me from smearing them.
  11. I'm in two minds about giving more detail as simply put the industry the company is in is a niche one and it wouldn't take too much to work out who I am talking about for anyone familiar with it and its hard to talk about what I did without being specific. The best I could say is I had 2 main roles, one was essentially acting as a call centre and the other was dealing with sales of products that involved having prolonged contact with customers, arranging delivery and coordinating logistics. The first part of the job I hated but the second part I actually enjoyed, there just wasn't enough of it. The position I wanted to move into was one where I would create partnerships with companies within the industry that would be mutually beneficial, I can't really say much more without being industry specific.
  12. To be fair thats pretty much what I had been doing, I had a few discussions with my boss a few months back about the position I wanted to try move towards. He seemed keen on the ideas and examples I gave but hummed and hawed and eventually said there wasnt the money for it at the moment (basically felt like a pat on the head and "f**k off") so I just stopped and resigned myself the the position I was in. Fast forward to about a month ago and was having a chat with the new HR guy and hes asked where I wanted to go and wanted to do in the future, etc. I gave him a short rundown of what I had already discussed with my boss (the company manging director) and he was very enthusiastic about it and said he would try and gently push to make it happen. Basically what I think has gone on is the HR has fucked this up and pushed too hard and its just pissed off the director. I think hes decided hes sick of hearing about it and told HR just to bin me. In the meeting he (HR) couldnt fault my performance of my job, had a single example of me being un co-operative because I forgot to do a favour for someone because I got distracted dong my own job (which came from his wife who also works in the same office) and accused me or having poor product knowledge, which I completely disputed. When Challenging the accusation of poor knowledge he never asked me to provide evidence, I made this point later after he "made his final decision" and he just smirked. The whole thing reeks of "just find a reason to get rid of him". He did end it by saying that I was clearly above the position I was in and obviously frustrated at being stuck doing a brain numbing job, which is all true. However, I was still doing the job, and doing it well. I wasnt happy, but it pays the bills. He even said "you are clearly just turning up to work, doing your job and watching the clock until the end of the day" but f**k me who the hell doesnt when they are stuck in a crap low paying job. It basically felt like he was dipping into the HR bucked of "lists of reasons to fire someone when you dont have one". The thing that fucks me off most about it though is that I clearly cared about the company. I worked in evenings and weekends from home when I wasnt required to or even being paid to on tasks that wernt even my job to do, without being asked. I put the effort in and it was never recognised, not so much as a thank you.
  13. Yeah will take you up on that sometime this week. I have had it looked at before to be fair by a career advisor and they couldnt fault it but its been updated since then and a fresh set of eyes wouldnt hurt.
  14. Well..... I guess writing this this morning was written is the stars as I got the sack this afternoon! Don't know wither to laugh or cry. Its a long winded story but the short version is "Its the end of 6 month probation, you are clearly unhappy with what you are doing, we are not willing to pay you more to do it and we are not willing to create the position you want so its best for all parties if we part ways". Obviously there was a lot more detail to it that that but thats the general gist. Now stressed at being on the hung heap but the upswing is I don't need to go back into that office and stare at walls anymore. Still need to let it process I guess.
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